“Ballad of the Goddess”, a song featured throughout Skyward Sword, has been covered by YouTube user yosiejs0 on harp. This song had a rather vital role throughout Skyward Sword, allowing Link to locate the Sacred Flames to power his sword. Hit the jump to view!

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)
  • neos

    this is a nice peice to hear on a harp alone. a little bit more practice just to speed it up, and its going to be really good. on another note why are there different coloured strings. im guesing its so you know what string makes what sound but im not shure?

    • Guil.

      I think the different colours are meant to help knowing what note is where so you don't have to count all the strings all the time to know what string to pluck. The difference on sound comes purely from the length of the string. Piano's keys have a similar system to help since it's a 7 whites + 5 blacks pattern that repeats itself and not just white, black, white, black. They do make a different sound but it's because the string each corresponds to is a different length on a piano too.

      And yes. Great playing with the harp. And even that speed comes through practice the song does have slower versions of it on the soundtrack so it doesn't bother at all that the pace was slow.

  • I think it's very good! indeed a bit more speeding up would make this absolutely perfect.
    On a harp that size and with that many strings it's good to have the major ones coloured, that way it's easier to find certain notes by looking at their placement according to the coloured ones. Think of the dots on guitar tabs 😉

  • Le Deventec

    c'est magnifique!! =) si j'avais une harpe telle que la votre je n'hésiterais pas à joué autant de belle musiques!! =)
    le rythme était un peu lent mais je le trouve personnellement approprié car chacun sa façon d’interpréter.
    je voudrais proposer cette page :