Affiliate site LegendZelda.Net has partnered with Ocarina maker, STL Ocarina to give away a Legend of Zelda themed ocarina for free. STL Ocarina is very reputable for their high work quality and craftmanship and their Zelda Ocarinas are perfect for any Zelda fan looking to add to their collection.

For details on how to win this free Ocarina, click through into the post!

Entering the contest to win a free 12 hole Tenor Ocarina is easy. To put your entry in simply head on over to this link to join into the contest. In exchange for liking the Hidden Triforce Facebook page you will get an entry into the contest which ends here in a couple of days. The last day of entry is the last day of March so make sure to head over quickly.

The image above is a photograph of the Ocarina you can win.

Source: Contest Link

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  • Midna Fan

    I have one of these ocarinas, and I love it. I've learned Zelda's Lullaby (most of it, it's hard to play all of it if you're aiming for the 100% official version, just because of the note range), the Song of Time, and Rutela's Theme on it, and it's pretty awesome :).

  • Daniel

    I've tried to enter the contest, but I keep receiving an error message from the app within Facebook. Please fix this before the contest ends.

  • link love zeldas

    big zelda fan i want how much do you want it for i can do 20

  • RobertStyx

    I hate when you need to like a page on facebook to enter a contest. I don't have a facebook, nor do I particularly want one, thus, I cannot enter =[

  • Baker1000

    Already have one! Oh well, I guess I could use another.

    Nah I wouldn't deny someone else the chance to win who doesn't have one. Can't enter anyway I'm not on Facebook!

  • Banooru

    go to STL Ocarina's site. They have tons of Ocarina's and an array of Zelda ones for all kinds of players or anyone interested in becoming a player. I think the one in this contest is a LOT more than $20 though.

    They also have helpful resources for Ocarina players, so you should check them out!

  • LegendofMerah

    Glad I'm not the only one. I refuse to get a facebook because I think it's stupid. But anyway, I should hopefully be buying my own soon, saving up my money at the moment.

  • Jg137189

    I had deactivated my Facebook account, but reactivated it just to enter into this contest.

  • Yeah, that link just up and died. Wasn't it supposed to be up till the end of the day?