Link and his faithful friend

YouTube user and violinist  mklachu has been doing violin covers for months, and this time around she’s tackled “Crimson Loftwing” from Skyward Sword.  In the style of recording multiple videos and then combining them to create one complete arrangement, her take on this popular Zelda tune is a must-hear for anyone who’s played Skyward Sword–or even anyone who hasn’t!  Hit the jump to hear both the original version and mklachu’s arrangement on violin.


Head on over to mklachu’s YouTube page to find more violin covers (you’ll even find some more Zelda arrangements!), and click here to find Zelda Universe’s download of the entire Skyward Sword soundtrack.

What did you think:  of all the Zelda arrangements out there, how did this latest one compare?

Source:  YouTube
  • Rakshael


  • !CJ!

    this is amazing! it's hard to think that one person can play the whole song like this, and all of it on one instrument even! though I'm sure it's also hard to know how to play and be good at playing multiple instruments.

  • jaruiz946

    Oh my god, this makes me wanna play Skyward once again!