ZU Mailbag

This week we return to our usual format for the ZU Mailbag, hosted this week by me–Bastian–answering such questions as: where are all the female villains, should Link change ethnicity, how was Ganondorf born, and many more!

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  • leliloope

    OMG the background music to this mail bag…SO annoying! =P

    Otherwise I enjoyed it much.

  • Slogan

    One thing about the Gerudos. In OoT, multiple people and gossip stones state that they come to castle town to marry men. So likely, they have children, and the Gerudo takes any of whom that are girls back to Gerudo Valley. Onestly, I thought as Zelda fans more people would know this.

    • TriforceofCourage

      Was gonna say this. Played OOT 3D recently, and the Gerudos definitely just mate with people from Castle Town. I would say maybe the Gerudos only take the females back, but maybe they have some weird genetic magical strangeness going on where they just don't have male children, except once over 100 years. I feel like it would be weird to just every 100 years take one male child back with them, and that doesn't really seem to work with only 1 male being born every 100 years. So, its probably some magical genetics going on there.

  • Capt. Link

    I always thought it was pronounced, "jeh-ROO-doh"

  • Frase

    In Australia M rating criteria "Contains material that may require a mature perspective but is not deemed too strong for younger viewers." so if a storyline referred to these themes it could get a M raitng.

  • If Link was a race in the real world he would be asian.
    Why would people think he is caucasian?
    his voice actor is Japanese

    • LegendofMerah

      I dunno, it might be the blonde hair and blue eyes. But technically he is none of these, he's Hylian. There is no Asia or Europe in Zelda games.

      • YES.
        he said in the video that he is caucasian when he is Hylian.
        What I was saying was that IF he was a race that is not from a Zelda game he would be Asian

        • LegendofMerah

          I totally know what you're saying, but he obviously resembles a caucasian more than asian. No asians have blonde hair or blue eyes (naturally at least). I don't think it's enough of a reason that his voice actor is asian. But anyway, it's not really worth arguing, I just wanted to elaborate on what I meant.

  • !CJ!

    I knew about the garudo girls/hylian men thing.I was gunna point that out till I seen you did slogan. as for the Link ethnicity question…NO. Link is not ment to be you in the game. he is a person liveing in this world, but you get to take him over and use him to explore the world. you get to see things through his eyes. you get inside him and run around in him. but unlike the movie, he's not your avatar. he is simply your Link to this other world.
    or maybe you could think of it like that one movie, the one where gamers were controlling actual people in some war or something, and you only get one go, once your characters dies, he's dead. not comeing back. cause he was a real person. well this is similar, but the person is in another world, with different rules. so he can come back.

  • botynell1
  • botynell1
  • TriforceofCourage

    Majora's mask is debateable on the dungeons. There were lot of things outside of the main dungeons that were dungeonesque. The dungeons themselves were very well made. There was lots to do in that game, a lot more puzzles and cool features like transformations. Skyward sword's dungeons sucked. They were way too short and easy. I almost dreaded going into them, cause it was like oh, i'm about to be bored for like 15-30 minutes, lovely. I just didn't like skyward sword very much. One of my least favorite Zelda titles, but that's my opinion.

  • Slogan

    I argee with the stuff about MM, but I don't think SS was that bad. I mean, sure I hated going into dungeons, but the storyline is great. Ok, it took me less than 10 hours to complete the main quest, but the sidequests are good. I mean, that's 20 hours of stuff. I say it is in the top 8 LoZ games. Multiple game websites gave it 10/10, but it doesn't deserve that. But these are just opinions, so who cares?

  • X_factor

    LOVE the background music! It's not too loud that I couldn't hear you and it just sounds great 🙂

  • ZeldaPlaya

    Keep up the good work, Bastian