Darksiders is a game series that many gamers and gaming journalists compared to Zelda because of its comparable focus on dungeon exploring. Creative Director for Darksiders, Joe Madureira, is a big fan of the Zelda series but has said in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine that he feels like it’s time for people to stop associating it with Zelda and instead compare it only to itself.

You can watch the interview for yourself after the break.

[If you are unable to view the video, click here to be directed to it.]

Do you think Darksiders should be compared to the Zelda series? Is it a whole completely different genre? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

  • veeronic

    it is definitely its own game, one of the first I bought with my ps3.

  • Rick420

    I had no idea people compared this to zelda anyways lol

  • Chaobreaker

    What was a developer of a non-Nintendo game doing in a Nintendo oriented publication? Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing.

  • bmv

    this is just a stupid comparation, they're both different games and also very good in their own style

  • loubelleadams4

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  • AnonymousDemon

    eeheehee Darksiders and Zelda re very similar in the gameplay and map exploration as well as items… but darksiders is different to zelda in its art style alone though.

    I still call darksiders my legend of zelda on steroids alot of the time but it isnt to be taken as an insult, I fell in love with this game not for its simularities but for the fact that it is a good game all around and is one of my deepest loves in gaming and comic books (is trying so hard to get the elusive comic book)

    Darksiders is very simular but equally differant to zelda… i think that is what set the tone ofr my obsession… Darksiders 2 will be compaired to the first yes but Sir Joe as a gamer people will always find a way to compare the game to whatever successful franchises there are… MY hated comparison is GOD OF WAR I am sorry to all gow fans but this comparison to many other games including darksiders is just…. sigh….

    Joe Madureira, to be compared to zelda is to be compared to a legend and from my POV BOTH games are my greatest addictions…. I have fallen in love with zelda as a child but your style has brought life to a formula that has been used for a long while… I love darksiders and as soon as darksiders 2 comes out you will see me at my game store clamoring for this game like a food deprived dog I love your game THAT much

    I know his is long but i think i got my point accross
    Zelda and Darksiders are very similar but equally different….

  • kanehipolito

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