With all the other news about the Wii U, there is currently a rumor reporting that the Wii U is to have more than 1 GB of RAM. This is among other rumors surfacing about the Wii U console.
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The actual quote from the supposed “inside source” is that the RAM should be “quite¬†surprising, though less than 8 GB.”

By comparison, the Xbox 360 has only 512 MB RAM (about half a GB) and the PlayStation 3 has 256 MB RAM, thus the Wii U would be twice as powerful as the most powerful current system.

With higher RAM, the system will be able to play games faster and may even be able to work like a computer (which, if it does run like a computer, would most likely run on a LINUX/Nintendo OS like the Wii). Of course, this is all speculation based on an unconfirmed rumor, so none of it can be take at face value.

Do you think it would be implemented or is it just a rumor? Leave a comment voicing your opinion.

Source: GoNintendo

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  • xXLil MikeyXx

    1 GB?! Really Nintendo?! I would of said 2 GB, but it is still cool that it has that much memory.

  • Craig

    1GB is double that of any current console… I'd say that's more than enough for now. Some people are never happy with anything *cough*Lil Mikey*cough*

  • Link2203

    More ram = larger more detailed environments, less streaming from the disc and better multitasking.

    • Spustatu

      And when you're sending video to more than one display, a little extra RAM isn't going to hurt, either.

  • ZoraMikau

    All I can think is, "it sounds to good to be true." I think I would be over 600 MB's but maybe not that much. Maybe Nintendo isn't going to go with the easiest way out this time and really work on the software, even if it may be more expensive….

  • Disciple of Midna

    Ooh, ambitious! Trying to beat Sony and Microsoft to the punch, eh? Maybe this could be an attempt to "win back" the hardcore gamers?

    • Banooru

      I see alot of opportunities with families and casual gamers as well; think about what you could do with the tablet and motion controls. Nintendo could revolutionize the entertainment industry, not just gaming.

  • If this is true it's quite exciting, I can only imagine what they'd be able to do with the Wii U.

  • Peter

    Article said: Another day, another Wii U rumour…

    – Will have more than 1 GB RAM
    – based on Rev4 dev kit frame
    – amount of RAM is 'quite surprising', but less than 8 GB

    your title says: RUMOR: Wii U supposed to have 1GB RAM

  • 1995hacker

    4GB RAM Plz n00bs

  • theawesome

    1gb is a lot but I would rather have 2 gb.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      I'd rather have 50. But that's not going to happen.

  • djrasmu

    512mb isn't just "about" half a gig; it is exactly half. Also, even though "powerful" is a vague term when it comes to computing, RAM is not typically considered a meaningful indicator of "power", especially not in any comparative proportional sense.

    • ijuin

      Quite. RAM is mainly important when there isn't enough of it–i.e. when the device is forced to keep reading stuff from the disk over and over because it can't hold it all in the RAM, or when video frame rate suffers because of lack of space in RAM. Having "twice as much as you need" would give only a slight improvement in performance over having "exactly as much as you need". CPU and GPU throughput are much more accurate indicators of total processing power.

      • djrasmu

        Actually, when it comes to video games, you wouldn't see any improvement if you have more ram than you need. That's not really the case with PCs because they have sophisticated memory management that can always incorporate more (up to addressing limits). Individual programs have much more memory management responsibility on consoles than PC software. Developers must stay within the constraints of the system. As you pointed out, much of the memory demands in video games are directly related to video processing, so the memory on the GPU tends to play a much larger role with regard to performance than the system memory.

  • lootic

    The Gamecube could run linux just fine.

  • RAM

    The PS3 has the same amount of RAM as the 360. But the PS3 has it's RAM in 2 banks, 256MB for system, 256MB for video, while the 360 has it all in one bank that can be used for everything (advantage = 360). And the PS3's RAM is much faster than the 360's RAM (advantage PS3). Even when just looking at RAM there are many aspects that can affect overall performance.

    We won't really know what the Wii-U is capable of until we see the thing running in it's final form. That being said. I know I've enjoyed many Wii games even though it's by far, the "weakest" of the current systems. And I just bought a 3DS this month, but I'm actually playing some GameBoy color games (on a real GBC and not virtual console) instead of 3DS games (I'm working on a large backlog right now, I'll play my DS/3DS games once I catch up)
    I can't wait to see a high definition Zelda (though I'd actually need to get an HDTV first for that to really matter.), but hardware capabilities are a fairly small section of the puzzle when we think about what makes a game enjoyable, esp. if it's a game made by Nintendo.