We’ve read the Miyamoto quote about Retro being a good fit for Zelda someday in the future, and we’ve seen Nintendo partner up with Grezzo for Ocarina of Time 3D and Monolith Soft (Xenoblade Chronicles) for Skyward Sword, not to mention the many collaborations with Capcom for handheld Zeldas.

So when IGN recently sat down with Eiji Aonuma and asked what his thoughts are on collaborating with Retro or another developer on Zelda as it moves into the Wii U era, the producer’s comments–while not surprising–sound much more definitive.

“Nintendo’s developers will continue to work on a number of different titles, and I think that we will have to rely on outside companies for graphics and other elements that require massive resources.”

Mr. Aonuma went on to say:

 “I’m satisfied when the cooperation between Nintendo and other companies becomes something meaningful for both parties.”

So rather than handing off the entire game to Retro or some other such studio, it seems like Mr. Aonuma would like to keep Zelda firmly within the hands of Nintendo, but merely hand off some of the aspects (graphics, as he mentioned) to various developers.

Do you think this is a wise approach? Or should Nintendo–like they did recently with Metroid–and off the entire game to a third party developer to get a completely fresh take on the franchise? Let us know in the comments.

Source: IGN

  • Jim

    Capcom developed Minish Cap and the Oracle series, and they turned out quite well. In the hands of a talented developer, I think we could see more great third-party Zelda games.

    • Don't forget Four Swords!

      • prada

        He didn't–Four swords wasn't that brilliant

  • Medic

    I'd like to see Valve make a Zelda game.

    • falconfetus8

      Ditto. I recently got done with Portal 2, and the way they manage to put *you* inside the cutscenes is unlike anything I've ever experienced with Nintendo. Surely Valve would be able to help Nintendo make the game that much more immersive.

  • Jeff

    Retro, Zelda needs to be "metroid primed" so to speak

  • Schonberg

    Anyone remember when they did this with Phillips?

    Of course you do.

  • Woohoo

    I'd like to have one of those cables that connect my DS/3DS to the TV. So that way everyone can watch me play. >:D hahaha! And sometimes it get's cramped if like 5 people are trying to see, soooooo…..

    • benjamin

      Where can you get those?

  • Woohoo

    Oh, and collaborating for graphics would be cool (to stay on topic w/ the article).
    > >
    < <

  • Amanda

    They really do need help in the graphics department… And the games just need more content, it seems like every game after wind waker was seriously lacking in content!

  • JC

    I think they should keep a hold on it for but let 3rd parties help for 3 reasons:1)They decided to make the whole series linked in some way or another to each other,and a 3rd party could butcher their original plans for the Zelda Universe,2) A 3rd party may change the series for the worst,I say may because sometimes 3rd parties make series better,but Nintendo has had and developed the series for 25 years and they are taking it in a good direction,deeper story and etc. 3)Letting 3rd parties handle the less important things like graphics sounds like a great way to get them involved with the series and maybe eventually let them take it but let them start small like Nintendo did with Capcom. It might just be my love of zelda since I was 3 (20 now) that makes me biased but you asked for what I think. Zelda Forever!!

    • JC.

      Oh and someone mentioned Phillips,those games should never be mentioned,but they are perfect examples of what I mean.

  • I would love to see zelda handed off to retro. I think they would do a great job with the series

  • ijuinkun

    The ones done with Capcom came out well, but I believe Aonuma should still retain control over what will be “canon” story-wise–we really don’t want to see something that is Zelda in name only, the way the CD-I stuff was.

  • Hero of Seasons

    I completely agree that the Zelda franchise should be worked on by other capable companies. Zelda is in need of a new spin on the series. Of course Nintendo will handle the quality assurance through the project. I'd be excited to see Capcom return to Zelda, or even see Retro Studios try their hand at a portable Zelda. At the end of they day, it does look like Nintendo is going to collaberate with other companies on future Zelda titles and I think that gives us a reason to be excited and look forward to the newest game in the series again and again.

  • laura

    i hope it’s square enix