Yes, the Wii U patents reveal even more stunning uses. Nintendo’s patent shows how to use the controller to manipulate objects in the third dimension.

Hit the jump to see this awesome new technology!

Nintendo has truly outdone themselves with their new technology, or at least their patented idea. This idea takes the Wii U controller and applies it to the third dimension. The animated GIF below demonstrates how this new technology works.

What are some ideas you can think of in which this idea could be used in Zelda? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

  • Rauru


  • Maggio

    Could you imagine… Link being able to have the ability to create something out of nothing to solve puzzle and stuff

    • Disciple of Midna

      My first thought was "What would happen if you drew the Triforce?"

      • Psi

        Maybe i'm missing something, but…i wasn't under the impression you could -create- something. Just manipulate an object already present…?

  • That's going to be annoying if I have to keep the darn thing level the entire time. Hopefully they'll have an option to shut off this tilting feature. Though it is pretty cool.

    • Banooru

      I'm sure they'll make it feel natural in a Zelda Game. Not so sure about other games though…

  • Psi

    This is cool, and all, but it strikes me as the Wii U version of using the Wiimote to turn the boss keys in Skyward Sword so they'll fit into their respective locks. Maybe i'm not seeing the true brilliance and innovation, though i'm certainly not saying this isn't super cool. i just thought the Wiimote was already doing this sort of thing.

    • Banooru

      I think the idea is you can tilt and then also manipulate with a stylus, whereas the key in Skyward Sword you could only tilt.

      I could see the Wii Motion Plus working in a similar way… like if you pushed a button to switch modes, but I'm not sure what would feel more natural. I know the drawing in Skyward Sword didn't work quite as well as a stylus would with drawing. Maybe manipulating items in other ways though…

  • Zelda3607

    All Zeldas combined into 1 epic game!

  • Jeff

    we already did stuff like that in Skyward Sword, putting the weird shaped keys into the boss doors

  • jjb56

    What if you could draw your own objects and/or items for different games, almost like a 3d modeler?

  • That's very interesting, Nintendo has never failed me before im eager to see what they do with the wiiu.