An extremely rare Nintendo GameCube prototype controller with a Legend of Zelda design has just been sold on eBay for US$2,500 after originally being put up for US$6,000. Nintendo and NubyTech had originally licensed this product back when Twilight Princess was about to be released and the controller was planned to be part of a pre-order bundle. Unfortunately, demand for the controller was very low so the idea was scrapped and only two are known to be remaining.

The controller would have originally come in this special Zelda designed box too which may seem big but the art style looks very well detailed. According to NubyTech, the product was very expensive to make and was also a reason as to why the project didn’t turn into a reality.

You can click here to see more screenshots of this rare memorabillia and the box it comes in.

What do you think of this prototype Zelda controller? Would you have wanted one if it had been up for pre-order? Do you like its design? Let us know in the comments now.

Source: GameSniped (via GoNintendo)

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  • The design of the controller is nice although I wonder how comfortable it would be?

  • Kate

    Pretty….I would have totally wanted that…..for a reasonable price

  • TriforceofCourage

    The right side handle thing looks uncomfy, but this controller looks freaking epic. I would totally have bought it if it was like, 10 bucks, cause I'm poor lol.

  • TheMaverickk

    I actually think the controller was really… really ugly. I would never play with something that looks that cumbersome. There's a leather strapping on just the right side, so it would feel unbalanced, the shield looks tacky, and the actual colour is army/pea green.

    It's ugly, I'd never pay $2500… it may be a Zelda collectable, but I like my Zelda collectables to be visually appealing.

    • Banooru

      I agree. I wouldn't just want a Zelda product cause a "Zelda" label and some strap thing was slapped on the side. I'm glad they scrapped an idea like this. They should have just gone with something more subtle and cheaper to make so more of us could have actually had a Zelda GC controller.

      The box does look kinda cool though. : )

  • bnn

    The controller should have been from a Nintendo brand. Yeah I agree it's ugly.

  • shawty

    Would much rather have that box/book deal than that ugly controller. Even though the controller would be the only thing in it… so what.

  • Sherelt

    I would have wanted the controller…. And I thought they were going to create an art-book for the 25th anniversary…. I want my Link-art-book. =(

  • Missy

    I do enjoy gaudy items, but.. that's a little too tacky for my tastes.

  • ZeldaPlaya

    its kinda ugly but pretty cool that it exits lol

  • rjdthomson

    photos aren't screenshots, silly! hahaha

  • LGW

    Amazing! I would have wanted one of those.

    And those of you who said that it would be uncomfortable — are you for real? I thought it was OBVIOUS that you can remove the leather from the right handle when you want to play. It's not rocket science, people.

  • Red Bear LuX

    To be honest I think it's pretty ugly. I probably would of gotten one anyway though. -_-

  • badwolf16

    Love it, as bulky as it is.

  • carty

    I dont really like it. and at the time i probably would have gone for the pre-order for the controller but i would now just to add it to my zelda collection. But maybe it would have looked abit better if it was mass produced.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    This is awesome, I want it, love the look of the box and controller

  • Ashmic

    it's cool but i'd get pissed when holding it, looks like it would interfere with gameplay

  • TTL

    Really, what makes that piece cool is that it's a prototype and unreleased. If it had been put into production and was fairly common I doubt I would have been too interested in it.

    Now, it's cool for the history. Still, I prefer my Nubysoft Mega Man X GameCube controller. ;D

  • Zelda3607

    I'll buy it when I become a millionaire…… some how…..Man why does It have to be SO much people aren't made out of $! Thumbs up if you wish you could get it.

    • Zelda3607

      no body gets my sarcasm of being a millionaire? or do people think that the controller so cheap anybody could get it without a dent in there savings?

      • LoZplayer

        i get the sarcasm, and it would take YEARS to save up enough money of that thing!

        • Zelda3607

          Thank you!Somebody who gets my point! Apparently People don't want the controller because they thumbed down. I would say Ganon was doing this but there are Links all over the internet.(I know its a bad joke.)

          • Lozplayer

            Yeah, there are many Links all over the internet. And i should know because I'm one of them. But maybe, just maybe, there are Ganons out there trying to end all the Links. (man, i have a weird imagination)

          • Zelda3607

            lol it's creative! Who knows maybe Bowser is in on it too because Link and Mario are from the same creator…..oh wait would that mean Ganondorf and Bowser are stalking Shigeru Miyamoto!?(Thats a messed up and funny thought.

          • LoZplayer

            yeah, thats was messed up and funny. Wait……what if what your saying is true!? Then Zelda and Mario fans would have to work together, and we all know how that ends up……

          • Zelda3607

            I'm a Mario and Zelda fan actually. Also if all Mario and Zelda fans teamed up we'd beat the crap out of Ganondorf and Bowser. Hey maybe the person who bought the remote will through it at Ganondorf and cause Mario and Link to come to our world!

          • LoZplayer

            That would be the coolest thing EVER!!!!! But some Mario players have a HUGE grudge against Zelda, and I know because i got stuck in that situation. Yeah, but Link and Mario coming to our world would be awesome!

          • Zelda3607

            do you have an account on the ZU forums?

          • LoZplayer

            I dont think i do, could you tell me what it is?

          • Zelda3607

            When you go to the forms (roll the arrow on the social tab.) and you can see the sign in on the upper right corner if you dont have one you can register for free.Its pretty cool ZU is basically the only reason i use the computer….

          • LoZplayer

            OK, I'll make one then. also ZU is 1 of 2 reasons why I go on my computer.

          • LoZplayer

            made one.

  • LoZplayer

    oh……………………….goddesses……………6,000 DOLLARS, AND IT WAS ON E-BAY?!?!?!?!?!?
    IT SHOULD'VE AT LEAST BEEN 600 $……………. man that thing is WWAAYY over priced

  • KraTr

    Whoever doesn't want this is stupid as fuck…

  • Miguel Garcia

    It says here on this page that only two exist…and one that is owned already…but what of the other?

  • Juan Moreira

    I designed the controller. The other existing one is owned by the project manager.

    • DigitalBlawks


  • Juan Moreira