James Rolfe, more popularly known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, has recently done an interview with VGA on gaming in general. At one part in the interview, Zelda is briefly discussed, where he revealed his favorite Zelda title.

VGA: In your opinion, what is the best game in the Legend of Zelda series and what makes it stand out from the rest for you?

JR: My favorite is Link to the Past. It was innovative for its time. The story is great. Loved the music. Everything. Just messing around is fun. Throwing bushes, breaking into people’s homes and destroying all their pottery, tossing chickens, dashing into walls. Good stuff.

To read the rest of the interview, you can click here.

Source: VGA

  • Hylian_Knight

    I had no idea he was doing a movie…I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it since I'm not sure what it will offer given what he does in his episodes. However, he has great taste in Zelda games. : )

    • Fizz

      Indeed he does, indeed he does!

  • Fizz

    I always think it says something about A Link to the Past when you can look at a groundbreaking game like Ocarina of Time, and then see how many things it actually borrowed straight from A Link to the Past.

    Sometimes people forget seemingly simple things; this was the first Zelda game to let us jump into water and swim, this was the game that let us pick up signs and throw them, this was the game that introduced the Hookshot, this was the game that let us catch bugs and fairies in bottles, this was the game that let Link throw Bombs for the first time, this was the game that let him reflect magic with his sword, or had Stalfos Knights come back to life, this was the game that introduced Ganon's trident.

    Then there are all those little things you can do that you can't even do in other Zelda games, like running into walls to bounce Link over a pit, or freezing an enemy with the Ice Rod, picking it up and throwing him at another enemy then smashing it with the Magic Hammer to refill your magic, or turn invisible with the Magic Cape, and so on. It really is literally packed with stuff. Heck, it still has the most dungeons of any Zelda game, and two different overworlds to explore to boot. Compare it to the games that game before and came after and it just is probably the biggest jump the series ever had in gameplay elements, and it still holds up against any of them despite all this time. Its the Super Metroid of the Zelda series.

    • MDH

      Actually, freezing and throwing enemies works in Wind Waker too. Everything else is spot-on though.

      • Fizz

        It does? I must try this next time I play it! TWW really followed a lot of ALttP's spirit, I think, being able to pick up enemy weapons, break bridges and stuff like that. Seemingly small things that make a big difference to the overall feel of the game. Skyward Sword had things like the dash mechanic and quick climbing that I hope become staples in any future 3D Zelda, so its not like these things don't exist anymore, there just seems to be less of them.

    • KingDodongo1

      One more teensy tiny thing Alttp introduced: The Master Sword!

      • Fizz

        Oh, there's plenty of BIG things I didn't even begin to mention, for sure! Lake Hylia and Great Fairies originated in ALttP as well, among a ton of other things, like Cuccos.

  • Josh

    This is old news, he also said in one of his videos that after ALTTP, Ocarina is next.

    For me, its the other way around

  • TheMaverickk

    Yeah Ocarina of Time was always sort of a 3D version of Link to the Past in my mind.

    Instead of 7 Sages you had the 7 Maidens… who were actually descendents of the Sages.

    You had the 3 pendents needed in order to pull the Master Sword.

    Not to mention Link to the Past is easily the darkest Zelda game ever. The Lost Woods in Link to the Past is veiled in a layer of mist through the first half of the game. Why has no other Zelda game recreated this atmosphere yet???

    Then when you get to the Dark World the lids blown off… you have a decrepit village full of thieves, not just any thieves though… but monster thieves. The dark world is full of Zelda's most unique monsters, whether evil beings, or humans transformed by the power of the Dark World. You have dungeons where skeletons hang from walls, the monstrous rib cage of a dead monster serve as path ways, and Death Mountain is set against a dark and stormy backdrop.

    There's just no comparison. I loved Ocarina for bringing the Zelda series to 3D properly and expanding the mythos a little more, but it lacked so much style that Link to the Past had.