A Nintendo Direct conference has been held for both Japan and Europe over the last couple of hours. There was a bit of information on Kid Icarus: Uprising, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Mario Tennis Open but nothing on the Legend of Zelda. That is… nothing until near the end of the European conference.

Nintendo UK announced that a very special Zelda message will be coming to your Nintendo Letter Box within the next month or so. They said you will receive it via SpotPass so make sure you connect your 3DS to a Wi-Fi location. The message is from Eiji Aonuma himself and his letter was enough to make us jump for joy.

You can check out a screenshot we made of the full image of his message  after the jump.

This is really exciting as it seems not one but two Zelda games are coming in the near future!

In past interviews with Aonuma Zelda on the 3DS has come up as a topic, so it’s likely that the next Zelda game we see will be that one. Nobody’s sure how far in development it might be, but sending out this message now leaves us hoping for a reveal soon, perhaps at E3?

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Source: Nintendo UK