Hello, Universe! I am Rusty, and I’m pleased to be bringing you another Music Monday! Today, I offer you two of my favourite Zelda remixes, from one of my all time favourite Zelda games! Spirit Tracks is, I believe, one of the best Zelda games. That is an unpopular opinion, but while I’m at it, I’ll say I love The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass too, just so everything is out there. Anyway, Spirit Tracks is an interesting game, the art is good, the game is fun, and the music is fantastic.

The first remix is an 8-bit version of the battle with the Demon Train, and like most 8-bit music, it is really catchy, and fun to listen to. I am a fan of good old 8-bit music, being brought up with the Gameboy Color. And I’ve got to say, that this is one of my favourite 8-bit Zelda remixes on YouTube! To hear that, and an equally wonderful remix of Byrne’s Theme, hit the jump! 

Like I said, it is a great 8-bit remix! The next remix is really cool too, and it’s made by a guy who has several other Zelda remixes, and you should check him out!


  • Angelo Mota

    Dispite os some critics, I like Spirit Tracks a lot. The little dungeons with the Phantoms is sometimes repetitive, but the game is beautiful and a lot of fun.

  • I love Spirit Tracks too. It's my favorite Zelda handheld, and it's main theme is GORGEOUS! ^_^

    That remix of Byrne's theme…wow. It makes it even more emotive than the original…

    • Yayz~! Spirit Tracks FTW!

      I know! I thought that was fantastic! The guitar worked so well in it :3

  • Spirit Tracks may be my favorite handheld Zelda too. Wonderful game. It's truly a classic.

  • TheMaverickk

    Spirit Tracks is without a doubt my favorite of the Zelda DS titles.

    Phantom Hourglass was a very disappointing game …. not because of the controls… the overhead touch screen style of the game was actually really great.

    Where the game fell a part was that it was extremely easy, had a very weak story, and the worst Zelda soundtrack to date (the over world re-use of the Wind Waker sailing theme was the only good song really). The game borrowed too much from Wind Waker to really even have it's own style.

    This is where Spirit Tracks fixed everything. You have a relatively challenging Zelda title, one of the best Zelda soundtracks (especially for a handheld Zelda game) and then a story that is unique and refreshing while still connecting with the Wind Waker.

    In many ways I'd recommend that story wise people who played Wind Waker jump straight to Spirit Tracks. There isn't a single thing that happens in Phantom Hourglass that is even referenced in Spirit Tracks… but Wind Waker is still referenced in the game.

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