If you have played both the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the and Majora’s Mask then you may know that Nintendo used mostly the same model type for our hero, Link. Yet there are some interesting differences added to the Link in Majora’s Mask which provide some small but needed detail to him.

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Link’s still got that infamous ’90s hairdo although it appears more detailed in Majora’s Mask. He has a nicely fitted strap for his sword which was missing in Ocarina of Time, and his ears and boots are better shaped.

Even those mountain-dwelling Gorons have had a revamp in detail.

So even though the two games may share mostly the same design, Nintendo made sure they put new details in place.

Had you noticed these differences already? Do you think the extra detail was worth it? Let us know by jumping to the comments!

Source: GoNintendo

  • Siaarn

    I thought everyone would have noticed this already, maybe I played MM a bit too much, I used to have fun picking out the differences. I always thought it was funny how they made Goron lips so much pinker, they looked goofy, in a cute way.

    • Siaarn

      Oh, and maybe it's just me, but I thought Link looked slightly older in MM, I wonder if that's what they were going for.

      • Timothy88

        I never noticed but I haven't played Majora's Mask or taken much notice to it so I wouldn't have had a good look. Most interesting is the strap though! Also very surprised by the difference in the Gorons!

      • MDH

        He is. He looks noticeably taller.

  • aaron

    in oot he is 10-17, in mm he is 14

    • Guest

      He's 9 and 16 in OoT, and judging by Epona's size and knowing how horses grow MM is roughly a year later, so he'd be about 10 or 11. Young horses can be ridden by small riders after they're a year old, but since they will do most of their growing in the first year, and Epona is not yet the size of an adult horse, MM also can't be /more/ than about a year a later. And Link himself hasn't grown at all.

      • somecrazyguy

        um… no, he is 10 and 17 in oot. where do you get the 9 and 16? and if you look at the pic closely, link in MM looks a slight bit taller. i would not say he is 14, but he is prolly 12 or 11, and not 10 as in oot.

    • Larwaa

      I vaguely remember reading that he's 10 and 17 too, but could never confirm it. And I also remember reading that MM takes place a few months after OoT. I believe it was in a flier of sorts, when the game was fairly new or not yet in the shelves.

    • maniozelda

      No in OOT he is 12-19
      I also thought hes 10-17 once, not sure why.
      So how would you know the age of link in majoras mask?

  • Angelo Mota

    For me, Majora's Mask is waaaay superior.

    • heroofmasks

      well for me there equal 1 has something the doesnt have

  • Marandahir

    There are a lot of other changes – most notably to me, the BOTTLES. I hated how bottles were in Ocarina. You can actually see what's inside of them in Majora's Mask!

    But I was always confused about the Kokiri Sword's vast change in design.

  • petitchat03

    I think link is supposed to look older in MM. I just hope they rerelease it for 3DS, i'm dying to replay that game.

  • David

    Link has very subtle age differences. Shield he uses at the start also doesn't really resemble the Hylian's shield, and the game calls it the "hero's shield". The kokiri sword has been revamped.

    I've always had a theory about Link's changes: after returning to Hyrule, he gets some more training done and his kokiri sword gets sharpened. He also gets a new shield. After a couple years of training, he goes to the lost woods with epona and searches for Navi. Then the Skull Kid appears, wearing a mysterious mask, kidnaps his horse and robs his ocarina, then he… okay went over-board then.

  • Zarco

    I <3 MM… I'm happy they made the revamps but I really want a MM 3D. If it took them about a year to make the original, how long could it take to remake it with OoT 3D's engine and everything?

  • Dionne Ortiz

    I love Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask 🙂

    • I couldn't have said it better myself! ^_^ /same here

    • Cameron

      Yay! I love them practically equally as well.

      • Prada

        they are pretty equal-all taken into consideration

  • Karn FullTrapper

    No matter what you say they deffinately had the same frame work for both games. To me, it seemed like they didn't expect OOT to become as big as it is, and ended up thinking we should make a sequel as quickly as possible. MM is my favourite Zelda game and no doubt will be for the rest of my life, but to be honest who actually cared about them using the same frame work as OOT? If anything it adds to the games because it feels that you are the same link from OOT venturing into MM.

  • Alessandra

    I noticed the difference right away when I played these two years ago on the original N64 and then again on the Wii, to me, Link in Majora's Mask seems abit older than he is in Ocarina of Time and his bangs aren't as long as they used to be in Ocarina of Time (in game only) but I still love these two games 🙂

  • fool

    I also noticed that the Zoras looked different in Majora's mask from Ocarina of Time too. Did anyone else notice that? ….haha 😛

  • Hylian_Knight

    I was just happy they remembered the damn shoulder/sword strap! No more velcro sword YAY!

  • sabby64

    >_> … <_< …

    I never noticed any differences >.< And MM is my favorite Zelda game. Shame on me!

  • I noticed the difference in link's face in Majora's Mask.

  • Joe

    I knew the differences as soon as I had to buy an expansion back to play it.

  • Feline Witch

    And yet the poor thing still ends up as the Hero's Shade in the end. Out of all the Links, this one is in the most need of a hug.

  • zeldaguru4life

    I think it means that some time has passed between the two adventures.. Link even got a bit taller <3 I feel bad that he turned into the Hero's Shade tho.. but at least he got to pass down his secrets and get that all off his chest <3

    • LinkSwing

      He didn't turn into the Hero's Shade, but just appeared like that as a spirit to Twilight Princess Link. It's not like he became a Stalfos, just died in regret.

      • heroofmasks

        thank you most people think he became a stalfos by getting lost in the lost woods really only adults do z target a skullkid and it says kids who get lost turn into skull kids he woulda gotten turned into a skull kid

  • Faith

    That's funny, you'd think after how many times I played these games, I would have noticed some difference. Interesting. I want to see some more.

  • Cereal Bawks

    Am I the only one who thinks the Gorons in OoT look better? The big pink lips on the Gorons in MM look kinda weird.

    • aeolus

      I like the OoT Gorons better. I hate the pinkish lips. But they may (supposedly) be pinker due to the cold or something

  • LinkSwing

    The funny thing is, one of Ocarina of Time's criticisms was the fact that it didn't show the N64's potential with graphics. Since it was such a big game, they didn't put in all the detail that they could have. However, when Majora's Mask came out, they had enough space to add more graphics.

    Funny, though, since I only played OoT 3D, when I played MM, I was impressed with the graphics. There was just something about them that I could tell.

  • Mahboi

    What I noticed when playing MM (and this is likely the answer to the above comment) was that the colors were more defined and vibrant than in OOT.

  • batursi

    PFF…FINALLY! Am I the only person who noticed this a long time ago???

  • HyruleWeirdo

    Umm… Yes I did notice. That's a 12 year old game.

  • Brandon

    I noticed since the first time I played those games. It was a simple matter of refining what they already had, and it shows in small places throughout the game.

  • Both games were and still are great. Majora's Mask is a little better in my opinion.

  • SirLinkus

    Even Links face makes him look older then in OoT.

  • heroofmasks

    i still say take both games and fuse what one has the other doesnt and that make 1 awsome game oot has a longer story and little sidequests while mm has a short story and loads of side quest make a game with both a long story and loads of side quests and youll have a awsome zelda game

  • Natural Harmonia

    Yes, I think it was worth it. MM Link looks better than Oot Link.