A fake logo for "Project Deluge"

Depending on how long you’ve been following Zelda news on the Internet, you may or may not remember a supposed game known as “Project Deluge,” or “Valley of the Flood.”  Back in 2008, a secret interview between Eiji Aonuma and a mysterious person known only as “Kyle” was leaked on the IGN forums.  In it, Aonuma revealed what he described as the next Zelda title, and, at the time, there was virtually no information present on what was then known as “Zelda Wii.”  As such, this was massive news.  He described a darker, more technologically advanced world in which a well-intentioned but delusional boy took on the persona of the Hero of Time in order to defeat Ganondorf and prevent the world from being flooded by the goddesses.  Sound familiar?

“Valley of the Flood” was described as a prequel to The Wind Waker, revealing the details of what happened when, as stated in The Wind Waker’s introductory sequence, “the hero did not appear.”  Taking place in an apocalyptic Hyrule, the game would have the player act as this would-be Link, only to know that, in the end, the deluge would claim Hyrule, and The Great Sea would drown out the world below.

Of course, this was later confirmed to be a completely false rumor—Eiji Aonuma never gave this interview, and Nintendo was never working on a secret project called “Valley of the Flood.”  Besides, we now have Skyward Sword as our promised Zelda title for the Wii.  However, looking back at the details of the proposed storyline and how fans reacted to it may let us know what direction that the Zelda series should take in the future.

Ganondorf being sealed into The Sacred Realm

“Someday…  When this seal is broken…  That is when I will exterminate your descendants!!”  – Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time

The Great Flood

At the end of Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf is sealed in The Sacred Realm by the sages, and Link is sent back in time.  However, Zelda still carries on in that time stream, now known as “The Adult Timeline.”  According to Hyrule Historia, the following age of history is known as “The Era without a Hero.”  Sometime during this era, Ganondorf is revived, and the Hero of Time—or even a new Link, for that matter—does not appear to stop his torrential rise to power.  The goddesses flood Hyrule, and the world of The Wind Waker is created.  It is during that dark time in which “Valley of the Flood” would supposedly take place.

The Wind Waker's opening legend

“The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them.  …But the hero did not appear.”  – in-game prologue of The Wind Waker

The Interview

In the interview (which, keep in mind, was 100% fake), Aonuma describes the player as feeling a “greater sense of psychological peril,” perhaps even greater than the doomsday scenario seen in Majora’s Mask.  Revealing that his desire to have a more detailed storyline feature in a Zelda game had finally triumphed over Miyamoto’s rule of “simplicity and straightforwardness,” Aonuma asserts that the hero would no longer be mute.  “Because he isn’t Link, right?” Kyle asks.  Aonuma then goes on to describe the story of the game’s playable character.

“…Because the hero is not Link this time, there is much more flexibility in terms of storytelling.  I want to stress the craziness of the hero.  Because this hero is not Link, but he thinks he is Link.”  When the Hero of Time did not appear to slay the revived Ganondorf, this young boy, more physically mature than Link had ever been, convinces himself that he is, in fact, the new Link.  With “black hair and more defined musculature,” the boy becomes obsessed, eventually getting his own green tunic, forging a Master Sword replica, and taking on other Link-like traits.

However, despite his not actually being Link, the boy begins to fight the minions of Ganondorf, and, of course, would have succeeded to some level—after all, what’s the point of playing a Zelda game if you can’t defeat bosses and complete dungeons?  Additionally, his own faltering insanity was said to mirror that of Ganondorf’s.  The banished Gerudo king’s long tenure of imprisonment in The Sacred Realm had apparently made him more erratic and dangerous:  “He’s basically gone mad and the game’s cinematics will sometimes jump to him and show this madness overpower him over the course of the game.”

A drawing of what Link would look like steampunked

Another supposed change to the Zelda series would be to update the time period and general tone.  As stated by the fake Aonuma, “many fans tell me that they’re interested in a steampunk-influenced Zelda, even though the series has always maintained a very medieval foundation.”  However, in keeping with the series’ fantasy roots, a gun, for example, would not be a weapon in the real-world sense, but rather a sort of “deku musket that fires gunpowder-filled deku nuts.”

The large size of the world would also change the tone of the game, bringing about the need for new modes of transportation.  In addition to the pseudo-Link’s horse—“a black one…with these ethereal white spots that illuminate in the dark”—the game would feature an expansive railway system, something that, according to the false Aonuma statement, the Zelda team had wanted to implement into a game since Majora’s Mask (perhaps by coincidence, Spirit Tracks achieved this only one year after this “interview,” in 2009).  The massive overworld would feature dozens of side-quests, mini-dungeons, and would graphically showcase a sense of “realism and consistency… such as believable rivers and brooks and water effects.”

Finally, the main focus of the game, aside from defeating Ganondorf, that is, was to rescue the various peoples of Hyrule and influence them to migrate to the mountains in order to survive the impending flood.  If this were true, it would finally explain the full backstory of how and why some Hyruleans were chosen to be saved and left to form the small island villages seen in The Wind Waker.

Aonuma and Kyle’s discussion concluded with the promise that the interview would not be released until after E3 2008, one month later.  This was a lie, of course, but one of little consequence, since the entire interview itself was a lie.

A mural of The Great Flood's destruction

“This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…”  – in-game prologue of The Wind Waker

Four Years Later

It’s been nearly half a decade since that fake interview was released back in the summer of 2008, and, looking back, some people may ask how anyone could have possibly believed that such an outlandish scenario could have ever been in a Zelda game.  As the saying goes, though, hindsight is 20/20, and many fans did actually believe that this was a true representation of what was to come for Zelda Wii—or, at least, they hoped that it might be in a real Zelda game.  Others claimed that this was a clear sham, asserting that Aonuma would never reveal such detailed information about a future game before its E3 reveal, in addition to the fact that the proposed storyline was far too dark for a Zelda title.

Still, despite “Valley of the Flood’s” radical premise, its inclusion of steampunk elements was praised by optimistic fans, and the idea of an expansive world with units of transportation previously unseen in the Zelda franchise was lauded by many gamers.  Except in minute ways, neither of these elements has since been fully integrated into any new Zelda game.

Ganondorf's appearance in The Wind Waker

What Do You Think?

Were you around when “Valley of the Flood” was first proposed as Zelda Wii?  If so, what was your opinion of it then, and has it changed at all over the past four years?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of “Project Deluge,” which of its elements would you be interested in seeing implemented into a future Zelda game, if any at all?


Hey, listen!View the original “interview” at IGN here.

View one of ZU’s original 2008 posts on this topic (written by Power Shot) here, where you can also examine readers’ comments to see how immensely varied the reactions were.

  • wqerty

    I absolutely wanted to see it happen.

  • Twilit_Dragon

    So the wannabe hero is supposed to be like the obsessive guy in "Phantom Hourglass" who thinks he's the hero? Um… no thanks.

  • NasiDe

    I thought it would have been awesome.

    • Zeldafanatic178

      you have weird tastes! it would have been horrid! thats not the view point of the game!

  • Twilit_Dragon

    Also I love how it shows Hyrule castle with all these tracks and everything but in Windwaker under the water with Hyrule that it shows, it looks the same as in Ocarina Of Time, so time didn't progress that fast. Shows right there it's a fake.

  • Halayuuko

    More technologically advanced? Darker? That would be brilliant! I love it when Hyrule shows that it's developing industreally, makes it seem more realistic that way. I really appreciate the fans that actually want a new breed of Zelda games, and I have to say that I love where he was going with this "Fake project". "“He’s basically gone mad and the game’s cinematics will sometimes jump to him and show this madness overpower him over the course of the game.” << That's really genius.
    It would be the most controversial game but I hope that we one day get an idea as dark as this, with a new-found threat of some of your enemies or thugs using guns. Taking place after Wind Waker. I'd say it'd fit best in the "Failed Timeline". Oh and also, I think, one day, Zelda games should inherit more stealth control. Especially if guns were ever added in any form.

    • zeldafanatic178

      steam punk is terrible for a mideval game! you are a idiot!

  • Tom

    When I first heard of it a few years ago, I was hyped at the idea that Zelda could go down this path. I’d have loved to see this become “Zelda Wii”, although Skyward Sword is more than worthy. Valley of the Flood was actually one reason why I looked forward to “Zelda Wii”, and maybe, although I really doubt it, some ideas from Valley of the Flood could be implemented into other Zelda games.

    • I feel the same way! While I would have LOVED Valley of the Flood to have been a real game, it just…wouldn't have flown with all the young children who play the Zelda series. But, it was gateway hype that got me really excited for Skyward Sword, and, like you said, that game was more than worthy in the end.

  • toyotaobsession

    I'm always interested in seeing new elements added to Zelda games.

    Granted this would probably cause quite a stir. I mean you're messing with the fundamental Zelda formula.

    Having a Zelda game that doesn't have Zelda and Link would probably cause more controversy than Voice Acting.

    That being said I love the MM formula. I certainly think it would help the franchise as a whole branch out and attract new fans. It could give them a chance to try new things that would be too risky to try in a "normal" Zelda game.

    I say bring it on!

  • bradley

    Eiji Aonuma, you need to read this story premise.

  • Angelo Mota

    I remember this, as I follow the series since 2000 when I first played Majora's Mask, barely knowing that there would be starting my passion for the series. I loved it, but I could sense that's not true, anyways, I'm always excited with all the rumors.

  • Rickeyuio

    i say its a good idea, i mean, mabe could is the new link but nobody recognizes it because hyrule is, infact, flooded. Mabe he just risks his life to save a girl he likes and saves everybody while letting himself drown in the flood after weakening ganon. At the end we could see his dead body and floating while we see the triforce of courage glowing on his hand.

  • John

    I'm not crazy about this idea.

    I guess I wasn't paying attention when it happened because this whole concept does not sound familiar to me. Regardless, it's a little to much of a radical change to the series. Don't label me as ultra-conservative, but if something like this were to ever be introduced, it just wouldn't be The Legend of Zelda. It would be something else altogether.

    Granted, I wasn't completely turned off by every aspect of this game. I was actually very intrigued by the dark premise of the game. I think it's a little too dark for such a light-hearted series, but I also happen to be a huge fan of Majora's Mask. I think that another doomsday game like that in which Link can ultimately save the world would be just fine. As cliche as this is, every Zelda game needs a happy ending.

    I have to say that I was also very intrigued by the technology bit. I think that a good balance between this type of technology and the technological advances that we have seen in Spirit Tracks (the train) and Skyward Sword (Beedle's floating shop) would make for a very unique entry in the franchise. Just don't overdo it, or it will lose it's beautiful Legend of Zelda feel that we have all come to know and love.

    Lastly, guns? Out of the question. We're not playing Halo or Call of Duty. The Legend of Zelda will never introduce guns as a form of weaponry. As I stated before, something as radical as this would simply make it not Zelda anymore.

    So anyway, there are my thoughts. Feel free to respond!

    • fiercedeityfan

      What about in TP when in the Snow Mansion, you shot a cannon. That's technically a gun.

      • Darkstar

        Canons were around in the medieval times in real life, so those fit in well.

        • zeldafanatic178


      • zeldafantic178

        not really but that is a highburjortenate cannon that isnt steampunk

    • Edge

      I feel like a musket would have just enough limitations to be a interesting item. Historically, muskets take a long time to reload, and weren't accurate at all. If it were used to stun enemies at a distance, it would be nothing like an FPS. The musket would only be a means to launch Deku nuts at a distance.

      • Casual Vader

        Using a musket to launch a Deku nut at a distance brings up the question: Why couldn't we use our slingshot for that in OoT and MM?

        • CEObrainz

          Maybe the slingshot wouldn't offer the length that the musket could offer. This would make sense however the ammunition would have to be some special nuts as normal deku nuts would probably or something.

    • zeldafanatic178

      i agree totally we share minds! you put me to words thank you!

  • Adriana

    I'd hate it. And I love every Zelda game. Zelda is supposed to not be modernized.

    • zeldafanatic178

      I must agree with you, zelda rocks and steampunk sucks! like eggs and bat feces! hey dont mix well but i like the elements in sws ph and st!

  • Mack

    I wouldn't mind this at all, but I think it's too much. It's a good idea for a future game but the "futuristic" element should be toned down BIG TIME.

  • MoonLitSky

    I definately wanted to see it happen, and i honestly still do. the only thing i actually really dislike is the deku gun but i would deal. I've seen a few people say that they knew it wouldnt happen because link wouldnt be in it, but if you think about it, it would make sense as to why the series is, after all, called the legend of ZELDA. that technically means that although he is in every game, we don't need link in the game to be able to call it a zelda game.

  • Danny

    I think Aonuma should take some advice with this concept. As I've aged I've longed for a more complex story from Zelda. I think a lot of fans would like to see this change in the game. I was honestly bored in the stories of Skyward Sword. Not complex enough for me. There was a lot there but the story became very cliche at times.

  • I have never heard of it, but the simple fact that he wsasn't the hero [but think's he is] Is the thing I wouldv'e liked to see. Most of all because I know he would fail [Beacuse he isn't the Hero fo time] and the land would be flooded seeing how The Wind Waker was all made and seeing little references to future zelda games like seeing how the Deku sprout from the OoT got so big and old so quick and how did he get over the flooded land, thing that Skyward Sword failed in.

  • Peter

    Someone who wants to be like Link…oh–oh no–no–anything but–


    But a game during that period actually sounds like a cool idea.

  • Mysterio

    Maybe Zelda could try and stop Ganon too in a game during this period.

  • Darkstar

    The idea of having a different hero other than Link is a good concept. I wouldn't mind seeing a different person replace the hero in a reinassance-era game (since Wind Waker was portrayed in an era close to that) perhaps with muskateers since they still use swords.The fancy style of that era fits well in a Zelda game and it's not in modern times.

    Link could be subtley hinted upon at time throughout the game and perhaps even make a ghostly cameo like in TP (but more recognizable) Just a thought.

  • Edge

    I'm all aboard; firstly because I love steampunk (Final Fantasy VI is among my favorite games). The story would be original, and it would give fans of the Zelda formula looking for something more a breath of fresh air (assuming they've already played Okami and Alundra, and other games that follow said formula). I guess if they were to do it, they'd have to release it as a spinoff to avoid fan outcry, or to keep the series in the Family appropriate range. So long as the steampunk is more FFVI than FFVII, I think it won't be too modern.

    • zeldafanatic178

      you are an idiot and you need to die in the twilight ream by being tortured by MIdna! you fool you trator you blasphemer! you turned against the true concept of the game! your brain is evil!

  • Saria

    When I first saw Valley of the Flood, it did not sit right with me at all, and it still doesn't to this day. First and foremost, I don't really care about steampunk at all, and it's not really something Zelda fully needs. It can have some steampunk elements, but a whole game featuring it would not be Zelda. Steampunk is wholly overrated. It doesn't need to be injected into everything.

    The whole thing with the main character being a black haired Link wannabe, speaking, and wielding something similar to a gun leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's nothing but bad fanfiction. I do like the aspect of the greater sense of peril and guiding the citizens to safety, but other than that, seeing the idea brought back into the limelight was not a good way for me to start the day.

    My basic reaction was "NOT THIS AGAIN!" If something like this, god forbid, does get made into a Zelda game, I will quit the series. May this idea vanish with Hyrule. I will probably get jumped on for having this negative opinion, but I care about the state of the Zelda series. I'm fine with experimentation like in Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword, but this is too much for my tastes.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I was around for it, and yes I would love to see Zelda try something more dark and serious like that

  • Christopher

    haha It's been soooo long since I saw this! I also wanted this to happen really bad! I remember even posting about it on myspace (back then) haha but wait… wasn't there another zelda tittle around that time as well… If I remember correctly it was an april fools joke but this one was a video with the concept art of the game and it was also link in the future (it showed motorcicles kinda like Final Fantasy) I remember I Fell for that one as well until I saw a coca cola logo in a village -_- but it also had a GREAT perspective on what a future Zelda could look like 🙂

    • Christopher

      Here's the link to the video I'm talking about. and now that I look back at it I don't know how I actually fell for it hahaha

      • IGN is notorious for its April Fool's jokes, but "Valley of the Flood" was a real rumor, not just meant to be a joke. It was also posted on the forums, not but IGN itself. There's lots of fan-made fakes like that out there, so be wary!

  • Tyler

    I don't know……I don't want Zelda to go to far into the technological. I like the old fashioned stuff.

  • Feline Witch

    I remember coming up with a similar idea several years ago (minus the whole delusional wannabe Link thing and the steampunk) because I think setting a game before the Great Flood would have been a great idea, where Link fails to save Hyrule (but manages to convince a lot of people to take refuge on the mountains). It's nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is a good idea. I think Hyrule having an industrial revolution would be a great idea for a future game, and see how everyone adapts (the Gorons could become steamship and locomotive engineers, and the Gerudo could become trainrobbers for example.)

    • Medli

      I love to draw Zelda manga, and I thought of this idea a long time ago too. But I decided not to do it because there would be absolutely no way to win. But it would be nothing like this, all futurelike and stuff. 😛 I don't like this idea AT ALL.

  • Brewer

    I would love if Elements, I think is enemies used muskets it would be awesome. The not link is an interesting Idea to say the least. Finally Steam punk would be awesome.

  • weevil17

    I said Holy crap if that actually happens i will kill myself

  • HeldigMelk

    I think that would have been the perfect plot to play as Zelda for once. She's already proven she can kick some but as a pirate, a ninja and posessing phantoms (not to mention she had a sword in TP). I think that would've worked better than the boy in the fake interview…. I'm also not very fond of the steampunk theme, I would've missed good old Hyrule XD, although I am a fan of steampunk things.

  • Kelsey Nore

    I was actually trying to write a story that would take place during this time period.

  • TnzSki

    I really wish we could have a Zelda game with a more expansive narrative. A darker and more detailed story coupled with Zelda's naturally enthralling gameplay would be able to create a truly magical experience. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening anytime in the near future.

  • Ah yes, I remember the Valley of the Flood thing… And I also remember that even though I read the whole thing back then, I seemed to neither believe nor disbelieve it. I remember reading it and thinking, "this is pretty cool" but at the same time also thinking, "this might very well be fake." So I didn't really put too much thought into it. And for a good long time I completely forgot about it up until recently when I saw an article that was looking back on video game rumors. XD

    Anyways, just as back then I really didn't have any opinion on the rumor, I really have no opinion on what future Zelda games should implement. I would be lying if I said I don't like the idea of another dark, Majora's Mask-esque game, but other than that, not terribly picky here…

  • Robert

    It caught my interest, but the post I read about it made it sound like the Link in this game had totally gone off the deep end. That's what made me shy away from the idea, I'm not interested in playing as a guy who's gone bat **** crazy. If it were more along the lines of him, say, wanting to do good and picking up on some reasonable events that would lead him to logically believe he is in fact the descendant of the legendary hero, then I would be all for that. Especially if they pulled it off like in the proposed image of steampunk Link above. I think it'd be even more interesting if, during his travels, he happened upon the Master Sword and attempted to draw it, but failed. Sure it would make him question his faith and judgement, but it would be a pretty powerful story element if he elected to continue his quest without having the legendary blade in his arsenal.

    • "I think it'd be even more interesting if, during his travels, he happened upon the Master Sword and attempted to draw it, but failed. Sure it would make him question his faith and judgement, but it would be a pretty powerful story element if he elected to continue his quest without having the legendary blade in his arsenal."

      Wow, that's a powerful piece of story right there, Robert. If this were in Valley of the Flood, then I'd want to play it, for no reason other than to feel/see the emotional response that resulted from it. Fantastic idea.

  • Rakshael

    I think this would make an incredible spin-off game. Without the steampunk, however, as in WW there were no signs of advancement.

    However, someone who doesn't necessarily have to be mad, he could be in his right mind, just taking responsibility for his people's fate, could fight to convince the people to retreat to the mountains, delaying Ganondorf as best he can in the process. Without any divine aid save the items he procures and his own mettle, he gets a few villages to relocate, stops Ganon's progress as long as he can, and then for a final battle, buys time for King Alfonses Hyrule to seal Hyrule castle in time. He fights Ganon while the sea comes crashing in, ala WW, and after fighting for a substantial period of time, loses his life in heroic and self-sacrificial manner.

    I think that would be an incredible spin-off game. A nice change from Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.

    • Robert

      To be fair though, all of the islands in WW are the tops of mountains from the previous kingdom, not the safest place to store highly advanced machinery, and if you hear that you need to seek refuge on the mountaintops because of a coming deluge, you're probably planning on bringing your family and essentials, not whatever makes life easier.

      And also, much of the countryside of Hyrule is inaccessible when you venture beneath the waves. We didn't see it, I'll grant you that, but it's just as possible that some of the more technologically advanced parts of their country lay out away from the castle. Again in fairness, one would think that the castle itself would feature some of these advances if they existed, so who knows?

  • Bink

    I agree with a lot of the posts here, but adding guns would be a little extreme. The industrial development ideas are brilliant, but it's a sword and shield game. Modernisation would take away the charm that those weapons give the player. Link is a soldier, a worrier, he's a crucial part of Zelda that is changed over and over.. But to change the weaponry to a gun would be a whole other level to changing his clothes and look.

  • Chazmeister

    I think it would have been a nice game before the wind waker, only becuase its alot like majora's mask. Becase Ganondorf Would not have been able to be defeated, it would have not of really mattered if the game was ever created or not. BUT, i think it would be a nice addition to the zelda collection, also hearing somewhat of what "Link" would be saying is interesting in my book

  • Kiran

    This idea was (and still is to some degree) a lot more innovative, interesting and original than most of the new zelda releases that have come out. I'm sure there are going to be some people who completely disagree with me, but surely, there must be some people who agree? XD

    • Regardless of whether or not one likes it, you're right–they cannot deny that it IS innovative for the Zelda series, story-wise. (:

  • rhiannon

    i want to see a darker zelda as a sequal to twilight princess!

  • Dempsey


  • Thann(ondorf)

    The game play aspect that comes to mind when convincing people to take refuge in the mountains reminds me of the whole gathering followers in Fable #. Which was so annoying to me. But a smaller scale more zelda-ish would be interesting.

    • That does remind me of Fable III, as well! ^_^ That was my least favorite Fable, but I'm positive that Nintendo would pull off gathering followers MUCH better than Lionhead did.

  • Faith

    I would love to see a deeper and darker Zelda game. Twilight Princess was one of my favorites and the idea of a more complex storyline is VERY appealing. Not to mention, I love apocalyptic games. I think Zelda games already have a pretty wide range of "light-heartedness" (I mean, just look at Wind Waker compared to Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask) Adding some steampunk elements to the game (minus the guns… I mean- cross bows and arrows are enough. Plus magic.) The only issue I have with this would be that, if Nintendo were to actually do it- I'd want them to go all out for originality and not to hold anything back with the dark storyline. I'm afraid this wonderfully designed storyline would, in the hands of Nintendo, come out too simple and kid-friendly and be ultimately lost. In which case, if they weren't going to do it right, I'd rather them not do it at all. Better just to leave it to the fanfiction writers. Overall, though, this is DEFINITELY something I'd like to see. The main hero sounds fascinating, the complexity of this proposed plot makes it seem more captivating, and the setting could potentially be awesome. (I almost wonder, though, if me wanting a more mature Zelda game is just a result of my growing up. It feels like I'm craving the equivalent of the Harry Potter books- I want the Zelda games to grow up with me and become more and more elaborate- but not just graphically).

    And those are my thoughts…

  • Jeremiah

    Okay I would not have liked that game at all! I'm a fan of medieval warfare, and that is one of the main reasons why I like Zelda. I would seriously be disappointed if a new Zelda game was released and there were guns and cars. If anyone is a true Zelda fan then I think they would agree with me and would not want any Zelda game to be modernized. Who here agrees with me and thinks that Zelda games should stay in their medieval setting and that your means of transportation is Epona?!

  • Adam

    Obviously if everything went the way the fake interview said it would go, Valley of the Flood would suck and would completely go against all the constant concepts of Zelda. But, say we keep it as medieval as it is. We leave Hyrule Castle alone and have it be like crossbows and stuff like that, although the deku musket would be the most advanced in weaponry I would want it to go. I think the rest of it is great, so long as this wannabe Link actually has blonde hair and look kinda like Link. The whole darkness to it honestly makes me want to see it come out, so I really hope that they take previous scenes into consideration and actually make this game a reality.

  • Dyllon

    This narrative wouldn't allow for any sense of player accomplishment. Darker stories where the hero fails work fine for movies, novels, comics, and other mediums, but they don't work well in video games most of the time.

    The "proposal" read like average fan fiction back when I first saw it, and time has done it no favors.

    1st of all no link thts like a lolipop with the actual candy
    2nd of all GUNS what the hell were these people thinking sword and bows and slingshots are alright BUT GUNS thts like taking a 3 yr old to college and this isnt is isnt call of duty or halo tht is it

  • Unknown…

    It be nice if they actually make this game. Even though the main character in this game is not Link, at least show us the relationship or connection between that character and the actual Link.

  • FidgetyChaos

    This would make so much sense, but that "Mysterious Hero" Would Actually be Mido from OoT. He decided to tough it out and leave the forest, risked his life and possibly even failed. Hence the Kokiri may have been cursed before the flood which is why the Kokiri are the descendants of the Korok. After Mido unsuccessfully fought Ganon and Lost the battle. This may be the reason there is a town named Modoro Swamp, the only town in LoZ:TAoL to not be named after a sage. Just my idea of what could have happened :p

    • FidgetyChaos

      Midoro* Sorry half asleep xD

  • brian torres

    At first i thought it would be a zelda game and it said link will not be in the game so i thought i wouldent want to buy the game and when i found out it was fake i thanked god because what type of zelda game doesent have link in it

  • jonathan

    i really wanted to see it because i have almost played every zelda game ev en the skyward sword . i need a new Ledgen of Zelda game to come out .

  • BMV

    Gosh, I wish this was real. I'd LOVE to have a crazy hero, the sense of defeat would be new and scary and exciting, and the steampunk theme would be a welcome change. I wish so much this was real…Even when I first heard it in 2008 I REALLY wanted it…

  • zeldafanatic178

    thats a bad idea I said years ago, but phantom hourglass and spirit tracks were fun, although it was quite to steamy and punky

  • zeldafanatic178

    feline witch has a great idea, but you cant just say it and it happen you must do it yourself! most skip opportunity because it wheres overalls and looks like work!

  • Berklee

    I would like to know what happened between ocarina of time and wind waker because I have played and beaten both. Somethings don’t make sense in wind waker like how did the deku tree get above hyrule? In ocarina of time the seed was placed in a valley not on a hill.
    I think that having a character other than link would be a great idea but I don’t think it is ever going to happen. What I think would be cool is if you character was Gannondarf and it would also explain why he was evil he could think he was the hero and could search for the powers that the hero had like the triforce of courage and end up with the triforce of power and as you were Gannondarf you could fight I minor enemy like vatti or zent only to become greedy on power and have to be fought by link in a different game
    I understand why “Kyle” made up the interview he just wanted to share his ideas. I can relate but I would never trick people into thinking it is real when it isn’t but if things go the way I hope I will figure out a way to share my ideas maybe even get a job there. It may be wishful thinking but I can dream right?

  • Nina

    That actually sounds like it would be very interesting. I would love to see such thing, and I like the idea of it. I LOVE steampunk and I wouldn't have any problems with some crazy new main character. But then it really won't be Zelda-ish.

  • Shelby

    I don't want any parts of this in a Zelda game. No alternate protagonist, no steampunk- just stick with tradition.
    Changing a game this much is how you lose loyal fans.

    I've been a Zelda fan since I first held a controller when I was two. A game like this would completely ruin the Zelda series for me.

  • Satoru Iwata asked Aonuma-san and Fujibayashi-san if they could complete a brand new Zelda game for the Wii U in a time span of 3 years. Click the jump to read on!

  • Mandy Blevins

    This seems really exciting and I simply cannot wait for it to happen. An all new theme, and graphics makes it beautiful. Since they are making the game play like Majora’s Mask but more faster, makes me want this game to come sooner than later. I will be waiting for this game. I gagged and went straight to the internet to find more about this game. I may be a fan but I really hope that the graphics and fighting gameplay is really fun like Skyward Sword. I am looking forward to this.

    • LoQestra

      Except… This is not happening..

  • That fan made artwork makes me want to play this game so bad.