Forum member Future has recently started a new YouTube account under the name of Futurised. This channel will feature Let’s Play videos, along with game review videos, and other various creative things related to video games. Just yesterday, he created a fantastic Zelda-related video; an animation of a poem he wrote. Narrated by him, it is done quite nicely with a decidedly humorous bent.

Hit the jump to view the video!

Source: YouTube


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  • theDozBate

    that was rather good

  • HylianWarrior

    lol yeah. Is it referring to oot when link was sleeping for 7 years? Because that would make sense up until the end…

  • Me

    Heroes gotta sleep to ya know.

  • Craig

    His Greek sounding accent bugs me… Would have preferred if he got someone else to read it or he said it normally.

    • Cody

      Sometimes people live in places that aren't America. There is no single standard of "normally".

      • Sophia

        ^ THIS! Srsly what is up with the Xenophobia I tend to see nowadays? It's really backwards.

      • Sophia

        Also can I use this as a sig, if you don't mind? This is the best response I've heard for comments like these.

  • It really makes me think of how Link only saves Hyrule AFTER the damage has been done.

  • Zai

    Don't you mean only in Ocarina of Time? (and Skyward Sword)

    • Take a look at the games where Link sleeps at the start – Alttp, LA, OOT, OOS, TWW, TMC, PH, ST, SS – he sleeps in all of them (either in a bed or in the sea) in the I show footage of all of those. Thanks guys for the comments 😀

  • TnzSki

    Humorous and depressing! I approve.

  • Lilly

    Cracked me up. I just recently noticed Link is ALWAYS snoozing at the beginning of the games XD

  • lol, this is why I love Link so much: he sleeps just as much as I do when not on quests and such!

  • rocksor

    i wonder if malon took her chance and joined him in the bed

    • rocksor

      ,all those other girls… gee link get a grip