Heart design on rear shoulder

Have you been looking for a way to express your love of Zelda through the clothes that you wear, and yet you’re hoping for something other than the typical T-shirt?  Your time has come, as King of Games has created a Zelda-themed parka, featuring several subtle references to the series all across its surface, rather than one large image of official art on the front.  With a funnel-neck design and coming in either “Bordeaux Red” or “Navy Blue,” this parka would be a simple and elegant edition to any Zelda fan’s wardrobe.  Hit the jump to view what other Zelda sprites are on the parka, as well as to check out the price.

A Link sprite peers out of the pocket

This parka comes in two distinct colors

This parka comes in two distinct colors

With its simple design and subtle references, this parka can double as a Zelda hoodie or just a general sweater for any occasion.  The only downside is the hefty price:  $188 USD.  However, if you have the funds, this would look great next to your other Zelda gear.  You can purchase one of the parkas here, at King of Games.  If you want one, though, you’d better hurry–the red one is almost sold out!

Source:  King of Games (via Tiny Cartridge)