NFC technology, what is it? In Japan its used everywhere to buy goods such as train tickets and sodas. In reality it can be used to buy anything; the chip can be used to buy anything easily, and quickly. The Japanese have already implemented it in their smartphones. All they have to do when they see something they want to buy is bump their smartphones into the object, and a transaction is instantly made in less than 100 milliseconds. Its an old concept, but an effective one that has been used in Japan for a while now.

Need me to explain further? What does this mean for the Legend of Zelda? Maybe those are some of the questions you still have. Hit the jump to find out more.

Have you heard of a game called Skylanders? This was one of the first games to feature NFC technology though the form of putting figurines on a NFC enabled platform to make the characters come to life inside the game. Not only is concept extremely cool, but it can be used to unlock things within the game as well.  And like I said before, all you need is a chip to have the features be activated so it is used in smartphones a lot.


Besides all of that, the potential it has for video games is much more astounding. Microtransactions can be made quickly and effectively without the need to enter in your credit card information every time. This would not only give Nintendo a leg up on their competitors, Sony and Microsoft, but also it will give Wii U consumers a lot more buying power with the ease of NFC technology.

So what does this mean for the Legend of Zelda? Buying things in the game’s shops such as magic armor, or some kind of life potion could be made if Nintendo wants to get cheap on us, but I can predict something a lot larger in the form of entire dungeons with their own bosses that can be purchased in the world of Hyrule. The transactions would be seamless, Nintendo would be making money, and the next legend of Zelda just got some awesome replay value.

What do you guys think about all of this? It’s a lot to take in I’m sure, but the fans will definitely be able to dictate what they want and don’t want in a Zelda game. We want to hear your opinions and comments.

 Source: PikiGeek