NFC technology, what is it? In Japan its used everywhere to buy goods such as train tickets and sodas. In reality it can be used to buy anything; the chip can be used to buy anything easily, and quickly. The Japanese have already implemented it in their smartphones. All they have to do when they see something they want to buy is bump their smartphones into the object, and a transaction is instantly made in less than 100 milliseconds. Its an old concept, but an effective one that has been used in Japan for a while now.

Need me to explain further? What does this mean for the Legend of Zelda? Maybe those are some of the questions you still have. Hit the jump to find out more.

Have you heard of a game called Skylanders? This was one of the first games to feature NFC technology though the form of putting figurines on a NFC enabled platform to make the characters come to life inside the game. Not only is concept extremely cool, but it can be used to unlock things within the game as well.  And like I said before, all you need is a chip to have the features be activated so it is used in smartphones a lot.


Besides all of that, the potential it has for video games is much more astounding. Microtransactions can be made quickly and effectively without the need to enter in your credit card information every time. This would not only give Nintendo a leg up on their competitors, Sony and Microsoft, but also it will give Wii U consumers a lot more buying power with the ease of NFC technology.

So what does this mean for the Legend of Zelda? Buying things in the game’s shops such as magic armor, or some kind of life potion could be made if Nintendo wants to get cheap on us, but I can predict something a lot larger in the form of entire dungeons with their own bosses that can be purchased in the world of Hyrule. The transactions would be seamless, Nintendo would be making money, and the next legend of Zelda just got some awesome replay value.

What do you guys think about all of this? It’s a lot to take in I’m sure, but the fans will definitely be able to dictate what they want and don’t want in a Zelda game. We want to hear your opinions and comments.

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  • Supportedcoffe

    Wii u+Zelda=Messiah

  • veeronic

    I'll be honest, this sounds annoying and just a way to make money.

    • TDave

      Just like Skylanders

      • veeronic


  • Trace

    I hate it. simply as that. Ive always hated games where you have to buy things to advance (or buy things at all). and I think it is a horrible Idea.

    • zerandomguy

      Me too. :

  • !CJ!

    wait, what do you mean? can you explain a bit more? when you said entire dungeons and bosses can be bought in hyrule. what? you mean you buy a dungeon and it will be thrown somewhere into hyrule? or you need to BUY access into a dungeon?
    or do you mean we could use something like the wii shop to buy new content and in a way, upgrade the game? buy the game, beat it in a week or 2. 3 weeks later buy and update and get new stuff to do in the game. something like that? that sounds limiar to buying games you play online. buy the game at a game store, uplaod it into the computer to access it, and over time new stuff is added.

  • !CJ!

    though since it's Zelda, it wouldn't be an MMO of corse. but it would be similar in the way that the people who made the game would be makeing new content that's added into the game like in MMOs as long as you buy the updates.
    if that's what you're saying, then ok. but if not then what exactly? though I wouldn't mind always haveing something new to do, haveing the feeling that I have to constantly keep paying to play my Zelda game even though I'm buying updates doesn't sound like something I'd like. at all.

  • !CJ!

    being such a dedicated Zelda fan, if anysort of Zelda game type thing like updates to an already out game came around, I'd have to get it or it's like missing out on a Zelda game! I GOTTA have ALL the Zelda games and have playd ALL the way through them! I wouldn't have a choice! as long as they keep makein updates I'll HAVE to keep buying them and playing through them. again I'd like always haveing something new to do, but to keep buying and buying for just one game I wouldn't want.
    plus, what would that mean for Zelda games AFTER that? if one Zelda game is always being updated and getting new content, then it's like a forever new Zelda game in a way. would that mean they'd stop makeing new Zelda games? I mean if one game is always new, why have another new game atthe same time right? and if all the work is being put into makeing new stuff for this one game, (as well as a game for mario, kirby, ect.) then how much room is left for work to be done on another new game? especially since when that one comes out, they'd constantly have to work on makeing new content for that game to! nooooo! do not bring Zelda into this tragety to be!

    • GuildedBlood

      think along the lines of PSN or Xbox Live content where you can buy DLC to get a new story added to the campaign. That's what I was considering what could happen. In Link's Awakening there was an extra dungeon if you had the DX version called the Color Dungeon and it changed Link's tunic from green to either red or blue. Red gave you 2x offensive ability while blue gave made it so you take half damage. Think of it more along those lines.

  • Alekoukos

    Yeah sure… its not like 400 and another 60 euros for a machine and a game are a lot of money nowdays, lets not be cheapskates, pay some more for having a hylian shield and a shiny armor… Or another great idea we could even get a loan from IMF and sell our souls so we can download an "extra" dungeon…. i mean what could go wrong?

  • benjamin

    If they start thinking about something similar to map (Or dungeon in this case) packs, it is a good idea. It would also be nice if there was a "Ganon Mode" where you could make your own Dungeon/Mini dungeon(/Area?) and upload it to the internet or download other peoples costum dungeons.

  • Triforce_of_Insanity

    Nintendo will most likely use this for buying VC games and additional channels (or whatever the Wii U will use). I highly doubt they will use it for additional content for games; Nintendo just isn't known for doing that.

    • GuildedBlood

      They aren't known for doing that because their consoles and software aren't, (I hate to say this), "powerful" enough to do it correctly. With the Wii U's controller and console they will be (finally) on par or greater than Xbox Live and PSN services.

      And just like that DLC becomes more readily available.

  • SmashKing101

    This is the way I understand this. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to me, however, I would be really mad if I bought the game for $50 – $60 and find out that I have to spend even more just to move on in game play. If they do this, Nintendo would have to leave the buying idea out of the actual story line. In my opinion, if they decide to put a money type thing they should do it too advance in side quests ONLY.

    • GuildedBlood

      exactly. I don't think Nintendo will screw us over, but additional story lines unrelated to the main quest would be awesome. I don't know how they would do it, but I'm sure the Big N has something under their sleeves.

  • Ocarina11

    NO! We don't need anymore careless spending! Plus if a thief gets their hands on that chip, your money is gone, and perhaps your credit card/account info with it!! Not a good idea, especially for America and Europe, which are now deep in debt and don't afford to be throwing their money into buying extra virtual content after buying a game they absolutely love, and a pricey system with it! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Zelda games, but I don't love the idea of optional downloadable content. Soon enough our video games will become like the hopeless case of Internet games; normal currency and Premium currency (that costs real money).

    • GuildedBlood

      This is something I forgot to mention in my article; NFC chips use a much more secure type of password encoding (SSL). Because the actual data is on the chip as oppose to being online, hackers cannot get into your data nearly as easily as what happened in the PSN's case where a lot of users credit card data was compromised.

  • Craig

    To be honest, having add on content like this for Zelda would be stupid… Zelda is about the gameplay mechanics, sure but it's mainly about the story after that and buying dungeons just wouldn't make sense to the game. I know you want to see new things in Zelda but throwing anything and everything into something nonsensically, is a Sony and Apple move. They all throw pointless and uncomplementary things into consoles or devices just so it's "high-tech". With Nintendo (and this is partly why I love and support them so much), they ensure all the tech put into their consoles works together and suits it and can enhance things to their fullest potential.

  • Me

    To be honest, using NFC for Zelda sounds horrible. For me, Zelda is a type of escape from the outside world, and to have a Zelda game that has links to the outside world would ruin the concept. One of the last things I would want in a Zelda game is to be exploring a new area on the map and be stopped by a random character telling me to purchase the area first.

  • WHY THE HECK SHOULD WE BUY DUNGEONS!?!?!?!?!Maybe make it so you can buy rupees, BUT NOT DUNGEONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rocho

    I think the while idea of thus technology will be applied to pokemon games or yugioh stuff. The pokemon cards will come with some kind of chip that will be recognized by the sistem and through Augmebted reality pokemons will pop out from the cards and card games will become more interactive, they could even sell some zelda trading cards that give you some power ups and maybe masks!

    Maybe they will sell other cards that come with games on them like the FORGOTEN E-READER for GBA! So yeah that could “other” side of this new technology instead of just taking your money for extended gameplay

  • JayMuffin

    I seem to recall either Miyamoto or Aonuma saying that they dislike downloadable content in games like Zelda, because they hate to feel like they're releasing an incomplete game that isn't a full experience of its own. Or something along those lines.

  • The technology is awesome. I hope that's not the route which they try to go, though, as in having us pay for everything in-game with real money. But if they did something as intuitive as the Spyro game then I'm all for it.

  • MeToo

    Well i think its stupid to pay for in game items, but DLC like entire dungeons (with new items inside), maybe even new places to explore to tie in with the new dungeons, and give those new places side quests and i would be sold REPLAYABILITY!!!!!!

  • TTL

    I'd be royally pissed if Nintendo make a line of Zelda figures I could collect and display that would have in-game benefits!

    Oh wait, no I wouldn't. I'd be ecstatic. Because that would be awesome.

  • Soulless Creature

    When I first read this bumping things with the tablet my first thought was yes smahing board but when i read further you buy things with the controller… what's the point of that, I use the controller to play games with not to buy stuff with.

  • LastCenturion

    Using this to buy VC titles and Wii U ware and channels, yes. Buying DLC for extra stuff within games, hell no. I have no problem using this for channels and VC, we do that already with points cards. But if they start doing DLC for money, by leaving things out of the games on purpose (glares at Sony) or any other kind of DLC, I'm going to be pissed off. Using some form of play coins to buy DLC would be ok, and it would also be fine if it's free add-ons, but not for real money for things that should've been in the game in the first place.

  • Rinzler

    sorry, but im not ready to start exchanging my hard earned cash for rupees.

  • TnzSki

    I wholeheartedly disagree with getting 60% of the game when you buy the disk for $50, then having to pay another $30 to get the rest. It's different if it's DLC that they keep working on after the game is released, but they absolutely shouldn't just leave things out so you have to buy them separately from the disk.

  • PurpleNinjaGirl

    And how exactly would this allow for anything different from the DLC that is already available on pretty much every platform out there? A quicker way to open your wallet? Boring.