Skull Kid Model

Ever wanted to know how some of the Zelda characters would look in greater detail?

A user on YouTube by the name of B1ightTakesA11 has created some impressive 3D models, including one of the Skull Kid and Tingle from Majora’s Mask using Maya (a 3D modeling and animation program).

View the model in 3D after the jump!

Check out his YouTube channel for his Tingle work-in-progress as well as his three heart Ocarina of Time defeat of Ganon!

Source: YouTube

  • very nice!

  • Whilhorst

    That was amazing! Perfectly fitting the Majora’s mask feel! Maybe a great model for MM3D?

    • Nargacuga

      That would be good if it didn't have so many polygons.

  • Coldkick

    Hire him for a Majora’s Mask sequel or updated version of the game Nintendo! This guy has talent!

  • I loved how the artist peeled away the mask so we could see the Skull Kid's face and then with the Skull Mask. Truly stunning details, the artist should be very proud!

  • Hylian_Knight

    Mind = Blown!

  • lulles


  • Mau

    SERIOUSLY! Nintendo MUST HIRE this guys. Unfortunatly thats very unlikely to happen snce most of their famous franchise developers are japanese

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Holy hell that was awesome

  • HeroOfTime2005

    This is a great start, but I feel that the textures are too flat for such a great character. Looks like it needs a bump or normal map. Which reminds me, no spec?! Push it further, make that cloth feel like cloth. The lighting is great though, very simple, although I could do without the crazy spin. I know why you did it, but as a 3D artist, it might cause negative effects when professionals view it. Other than that keep it up!

  • guest

    great work and the music matches it perfectly

  • Craig

    It's an amazing piece of work… Only problem is, the Skull Kid isn't the same Size as Adult Link, he's a tiny thing.

  • very nice!


    This is beautiful!