We’ve heard some pretty good Zelda fan covers before. Most fan pieces range from dubstep, to dance-electronica, to simple piano pieces. We’ve even heard a Zelda band before and some pretty dedicated artists cover the “Main Theme” from The Legend of Zelda. However, we don’t hear many truly quality Zelda music pieces preformed in the metal/heavy rock genre. Gametal being one of them–he even did an Ocarina of Time song compilation.  Jim Cook did something fantastic here. His first album was made in 2008, and it was pretty good, but the quality was lacking somewhat. He made his newest album over the course of last year and completed it recently.

Check out his album and three of the ten of his tracks after the jump.

Most people tend to cover the original “Gerudo Valley” from Ocarina of Time, but surprisingly he covered the Twilight Princess version in this compilation of covers. He really captures the intense moments of metal, while maintaining that “barren wasteland” feeling. We highly recommend you check out his album even if you are not really a metal fan. At worst you are listening to a remixed Zelda song, and at best its a great metal cover of some of Zelda’s best music from the beloved console games.

Source: Youtube (via GoNintendo)