This design was inspired by Twilight Princess

Green tunic, Master Sword, and maybe some pointy ears:  if you’ve seen one Zelda cosplayer, you’ve seen them all, right?  Wrong.  Cosplay photographer LJinto just released some photos from Otakon 2011, several of which contain Zelda-themed costumes.  However, looking at the image above shows you that these differ from the typical Zelda cosplay.  Rather than going for a traditional Hero of Time motif, the above cosplayer is sporting the Zora tunic from Twilight Princess, complete with special head gear that is only seen on that specific suit.  Read on to see other creative Zelda fans who strive to spice up the world of Hylian cosplaying.

Cosplay on, Twilight Princess fans!

When viewing the full body image, the full scale of this cosplay can be realized.  Not many people can pull off being a pseudo-Zora, you know!

A Skyward Sword family

One of the very first cosplays of Zelda from Skyward Sword, a nice change of pace from the usual Ocarina of Time-inspired design, this princess sports a cute baby Link on her arm!

Cosplaying, bombing, and eating dodongos

The above image shows a cosplayer wearing the Magic Armor from Twilight Princess.  Coupled with a lit bomb, this hero is ready to face Ganondorf in battle (or tackle the large crowds of adoring fans at Otakon).

As seen in Twilight Princess

Most Zelda cosplays are interesting to see, regardless of their quality.  Still, it is refreshing to see Skyward Sword enter the world of cosplay and to have more unique outfits from Twilight Princess seen in place of a traditional green tunic or standard princess set.

Choosing from any Zelda game, which other uncommon cosplays would you be interested in seeing in the future?  A giant goron, a gibdo, or maybe Kotake and Koume–the possibilities are endless.  Let us know what ideas you come up with in the comments below!

Source:  LJinto (via Flickr)