Those who have played Skyward Sword would know all about the Silent Realm. It’s a scary, dark place where Link is given the opportunity to be tested by collecting tears to reclaim his soul. Zelda website Link’s Hideaway have decided to do a speed run through the Faron Woods Silent Realm area and have clocked in at 2 minutes and 39 seconds. You can see for yourself how they did it after the jump.

Can you do any better? Let us know how quick you are in the comments!

Source: Link’s Hideaway

  • occultfan

    nice work here.


    challenge accepted.

  • Ashmic

    when i did the first silent realm i almost pissed my pants when the guardians came after u

    i thought there was only 1-2 guardians, and the silent hill ish music
    omg scary as hell

  • The Silent Realms give me nightmares…and daymares.

    • occultfan

      the silent realms 'alarm' sound invented a whole new 'time of our lives' for 'mares'. now there's a time of day that exists that is neither day nor night, but simply a 'mare' time. oh the inhumanity.

  • Twister92

    Can you imagine doing the Tears of Light quests in TP, with the guardians haunting the twilit areas?

    • kirszner


    • TheMaverickk

      Except that they didn't….. and plus the Twilit areas were all well lit and golden glowed. They weren't moody or atmospheric.

  • theunabletable

    ZFG got a faster time:

    Should post that instead of this one that's like 30 seconds slower lol

  • I thought The Silent Realms were fine and not scary….that is when you are not being chased by the guardians šŸ˜€

  • Guil.

    I love the SIlent Realms. So peaceful and serene, until you get the alarm but you can avoid them pretty easily. And after you get all the tears you don't have a time limit on the guardians so you can just stay there and watch them as long as you avoid the lantern ghosts. I should try to get the Farore's silent realm under 3 minutes but haven't got around to it yet for some reason. Got the Hylian shield twice but for some reason not the Silent Realm challenges. Tried once but stalled so got 5.05 monutes on it.

  • Hack

    Hi everyone! My time at this Silent Realm is 2:15 and there is this guy who have clocked 2:03;73… Watch it here: If the guys at Link´s Hideaway follow the patern in the video, that time (2:39) can be easily beaten.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    I HATE that part of the game. That is really impressive.

  • Amber Relic

    I was so damn happy when I completed the third realm.
    Then Fi goes "OH, the Triforce's clue is hidden within this huge silent realm that's a combination of all three. Have fun."

    My face: O____________o
    Oh, God no.