Don't let the peaceful logo fool you, this contest is intense, like a boss.

While you’re waiting for the Sheikah Hoodie giveaway to be concluded, why not start looking to the next contest?

Design a Boss is a contest that lets you create your own unique Zelda boss. This contest has been hosted on ZU before, but this year is special. This time around we’re designing 2D bosses and the winning design will get implemented into ZU’s fangame Timeless Haven. In other words, this is your chance to create a boss for a fan-made Zelda game and actually play it.

For a complete rundown of the rules, deadline, prizes and discussion, head over to the official thread.

  • occultfan

    There should be something totally new, so bad-ass and nearly invincible that a new weapon needs to be invented for it. Something which requires a hookshot and a bow & arrow combo to defeat.

    and it has to be something that won't die in a pattern like so many bosses require. That would be great to see.


    Guys, this is also a great chance to join the ZU forum and get to know the Zelda community in case you haven't done so. Design a Boss is always about building a good idea, getting to see what others are working on and discuss LoZ-related stuff while the deadline approaches. Also, besides the grand prize, people that place first, second, and third get 'Legend of Zelda merchandise' which can be something like that Sheikah hoodie or a nice t-shirt, so it's also a chance to earn some of that! 😀

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  • hornblower

    i want to see a kind of boss that is a kind of dark wolf or something. and the way you beat it is you must go INTO IT to slash at its heart. like hang in there for the bark then hook shot to its tough. and also i like cheese