Ever wondered what Skyward Sword disks look like before they are packaged inside its white, shiny Wii case? Its simple, they keep them stacked on disk racks, put them in and then send them out to our local video game stores.

You can also see that the 25th Anniversary CDs are stacked with the Skyward Sword disks as well. Also notice how the packager’s thumb is not covered by the latex glove. But wait…why?

What would you do with a stack of Skyward Sword disks?

Source: Kotaku
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  • Disciple of Midna

    No disrespect to the game, but when I look at a stack of discs like that, all I can think is "I could be the disc ninja!" *throws one like a shuriken*

    • Timothy88

      I was thinking about that too. Let's have disk wars!!!! Like in Tron: Legacy!

  • Andy

    before that i would get my empty disk cases out and give all my wii friends a copy lol

  • Anomynous

    I would probably make zelda art with that many discs. 😀

    • zerandomguy

      A hylian crest (music disks) with the sky and clouds around it (game disks)

  • Jason

    There's at least 100, if not 150, discs on each of those four racks. When you figure each game retails for about $50, that's $20,000 to $30,000 worth of Skyward Sword just there alone! That's what amazes me the most about this photo.

    • 6509

      that's over $9,000…

      • lootic

        Not sure if my sarcasm detector is working or not but:
        4*100*50 = 400*50 = 20 000
        4*150*50 = 600*50 = 30 000

        Assuming Jasons statements are correct it would indeed be between $20k and $30k.

  • TheRolesWePlay

    I'd put them in cases and decorate a room with them. Just imagine having a room of Zelda memorabilia and instead of having wallpaper you have Skyward Sword as you wallpaper. That would be awesome :3

  • Guess this means they won't be running out of SS discs or Symphony CDs anytime soon, so they'll be able to continue the Anniversary somewhat.

  • Cio

    ill just sell them 30 ea

  • Mark

    I work at sony so I handke disk like these all the time. And yes a usual spindle has around 150 disk. The reason her glove is ripped is because those gloves rip so easy its unbelievable. I also dont have any idea how she got this picture but if they found out about then she will get fired and possibly sued. At sony they have airport security so therr is no way to smuggle things out

    • i figured theres no thumb on the glove because you get a grip on the top of discs, which makes it easier to go through them quicker.

  • That's a lot of copies of Skyward Sword.
    but all I need is 1

  • Smurph216

    I need one of those – mine has stopped working! The game freezes up after about 3 mins of play. I purchased the Wii lens cleaning kit and cleaned my Wii but it is still doing it. And every other game works just fine!

    • Snowy


    • Snowy

      Darn phone!

      Try down loading the Zelda channel to see if it can repair your game file – the channel is there to repair a known game glitch and it might help in your situation. Or remove your save data from the Wii & start again. Drastic I know but it might work. 🙂

  • DidierFire

    i'd play em all!! 😀

  • Smurph216

    Thanks Snowy – I'll try that!!

  • Smurph216

    Removed save data from the Wii and went to start again – didn't get past putting my name in when it froze!! I want to try the disc in another Wii system – will do that next. Thanks though!

  • Craig

    The thumb goes on top of the disc, while the rest is held underneath.