Club Nintendo's Zelda poster set

In order to aid Zelda fans in their celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary, Club Nintendo released a limited edition set of two Skyward Sword posters and one 25th anniversary poster, as seen above.  Fans were able to purchase this commemorative collection of Zelda posters for only 400 coins, but, as of now, the set is officially sold out.  All already existing orders that have not yet been received are now on back order, and should be fulfilled by late January.  Read on to view details about the posters and to see if you might still be able to get your hands on them.

Shipped together as a set in a poster tube, each poster measures 22 in. by 28 in. with “special printing effect.”  However, Club Nintendo stressed that this was a limited edition set.  As of now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a re-release any time soon.


Judging by how quickly they sold out, perhaps Club Nintendo might be persuaded to put another hot item like this back on the market.  Were you able to snag a set of these posters before they were sold out?  If not, what types of Zelda merchandise would you like to see through Club Nintendo in the future?

Source:  Club Nintendo (via GoNintendo)
  • Victini—I mean, victory—is mine! Ironically, I haven't opened the poster tube yet. And I waited over a month after ordering the posters before they came (7-15 days? ha!). I should probably do that before someone breaks into my house and steals them in perfect condition.

    • Zachattack8888

      Where did you say you lived? ;D

  • Zachattack8888

    Shoot! I didn't see that those we're limited edition!! >.<
    I really wanted those but I was saving up my points for something else! D:
    I really hope they put these back up because I want them even more now that I can't have them! xD

  • occultfan

    I saw in an e-mail from Club Nintendo that these were up, and since I save coins for this very kind of situation, that day I knew what to do.


    From my e-mail opens Chrome, and blah blah blah, accept terms, blah blah blah…. time passes… blah blah blah…

    now I'm looking for some inexpensive (but safe, sturdy) frames to frame these suckers in.

    My best wishes to those who seek these out. I truly hope you can find them too, if you want them. They look (and feel!) great. 🙂

    • Is that to what the "special printing effect" refers, the way that the posters feel? I was curious as to whether they were glossy, fabric-y, et cetera… ^_^

      • occultfan

        Right – that's the first thing I could think of. I have them tucked away, I'll get around to checking later, but I believe they two Skyward Sword or perhaps it is the 25th Anniversary, but one or two are printed differently, on different paper than the the other one or two. One or two (you get how this is going) is 'regular', 'glossy', and the pulpy, special feel is on one or the others.

        They are all great to look at, and there is a foil-stamp for the '25th' on the anniversary poster. Hope you can get your paws on 'em. They're super-cool. :3

        • One of the Skyward Sword posters is printed on a different kind of paper.
          I own them

          • occultfan

            ah, thanks – you've saved me some time in getting to them.

            and 'BigKeyChest', I love your user-name here. Its a great choice.

            Immediately I think of the Water Temple in Majora's Mask, the large boss key chest behind the grating after defeating… who was it… the second round with Gekko (this time sporting his gloppy armor of Mad Jelly).

        • Ah, okay, thanks! Grr, but this only makes me want them even more…^.^

          • occultfan

            good luck, Doctor. 🙂

  • Sakume

    I got mine a couple weeks ago. Decided to order juuust in case. I'm going to have a zelda cave someday. x3

  • 1996isover

    DAMMIT! I never got them! And I'm a huge Zelda fan! I almost had enough! I was gonna get a game today so that I could get one! And now this?! They better go back in stock. Oh well…

  • I got mine early January so I am lucky I guess.
    Sorry to the people who didn't get a chance to get them.

  • ChainofTermina

    I like the middle one.

  • Carlos S

    I'M SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF!! I have f*cking 1000 points in club nintendo but I didn't know it this was limited edition!!! WHY NINTENDO WHY??! I was waiting to open a because I live in a friggin foreign country!!! PLEASE PUT IT BAAAACK PLEAAAAAAAASE

  • LastCenturion

    Thank God I ordered the posters back in December. I bet they'll probably be delivered to me around the 28th – 30th. 😀

    (BTW, I am Doctor Who?)

  • Poyzun

    Im glad I got my set early January 🙂 still on the wait for them, totally worth it though! 😀

  • JESS

    ugh so mad…. saw them and didn't have enough coins so i had to go get a game to get the extra coins….. then finally got enough and THEY WERE SOLD OUT!!!

  • AbysmalZero

    Well, that explains why mine haven't shown up yet! ^^ So glad I got them!

  • chris

    i ordered mine december 20 something havent got them yet but it says order accepted just waiting on them.

  • TheGreenDoctor

    Yeah boy, I ordered them like a week ago, just in time! Haven't gotten them yet, but they should arrive soon. I'm also gonna order the Shieka Hoodie from 15 BIT GAMER.

    • Poyzun

      im going to get the shieka hoodie too! 😀 debating getting those composet notes too..

  • Niwit_Speed

    I would've totally gotten these if i hadn't faked my address with Club Nintendo.

  • hpfan124

    I got them as soon as the email arrived! They are absolutely beautiful!!!

    • hpfan124

      And by I got them I mean I ordered them. And they arrived at my house about 4 days after.

  • Lilly

    lol I got mine before Christmas, luckily I hadn't spent my points since that OTHER Zelda poster set XD

  • Sam

    Oh my god I ordered these only a couple days before they went out of stock but mine are on back order so…….. 😛

  • I ordered the set about a week ago and the posters just came today. One issue…they are different posters than the ones I ordered. I got a tp one, a ph one, and smaller history of link one (really cool). Anyone know what gives?

    • Sakume

      Unfortunately it sounds like you ordered the steadily available poster set. Either that or they made a mistake and sent you the wrong set. I suggest you contact Nintendo as soon as possible.