A companion for the golden Wii remote

Many Zelda fans were disappointed when Nintendo didn’t release a golden nunchuck to go along with the golden Wii remote that came with special copies of Skyward Sword.  True, an official model was made available via Japan’s Club Nintendo, but it has not been put on the market as a mainstream item.  Then along came Reddit user alycenwonderland who painted his normal, white nunchuck to be a companion to the Zelda-themed golden Wii remote.  The finished product can be seen above, and, emblazened with the Hyrulean emblem, it looks more detailed than the official model does!  Hit the jump to compare the two versions side-by-side and decide which one you would rather have for your own Wii.

The official Zelda-themed nunchuck by Nintendo:

This version was official made by Nintendo

The fan-made version by alycenwonderland:

This version can be found on reddit

As a Zelda fan, which of these remotes would you rather have attached to your golden Wii remote–do you prefer the solid gold one made by Nintendo, which would let the design on the Wii remote feature, or do you like this fan-made version, which contains a Hyrulean crest of its own?  Regardless, maybe Nintendo will take notice of such creations and realize that many gamers across the world would like a global release of a golden nunchuck.  Fans can only hope.

Source:  Reddit (via Joystiq)
  • RobertStyx

    I think I prefer the official one myself. The gold colour on it is the same as the one used on the remote, and the Hylian crest on the fan made one is a tad too large IMO.

  • Keimori

    The Fan made one of course, that emblem is gorgeous!!

  • I'd rather have the golden one without the emblem, for three reasons:

    1. I want it to match my golden Classic Controller Pro.
    2. Could you imagine all the grime that would get into the emblem?
    3. I'd go crazy with having the feeling of all those indents and bumps from the inconsistency of it not being smoothly leveled.

    I mean, it's great to look at, but for my gaming purposes it would be more impractical than the straight up gold one.

    • Ah, good points! I only considered appearance, not utility! :3

  • Hyrule Castle Resident

    Why not both?

  • I'd want the cord to be golden also for either of them.

    • Keimori

      I duno, to me the white cord matches the white in the emblem a and the white in the wii-motes design.

      • jjb56

        What if it was a wireless nunchuck so you could swing your sword more freely?

        • zerandomguy

          and not randomly do a spin attack

          • Banooru

            Yeah! I always have to worry about breakig the nunchuck when I really get into fighting baddies!

  • Darkstar

    If the fan made one was the same golden shade as the official nintendo one, then i'd get it. But the Hylian crest looks better on the wii mote.

  • Zachattack8888

    If the crest were just a wii bit smaller (Oh ho ho, Look what I did there. xD ) then I would totally want that one but I think I'd rather have the official Nintendo one. Plus I'd want the gold to match. The fan made one is still very pretty though!

    • "Wii bit smaller?"

      I c wat u did thar. 😉

      • Zachattack8888


  • I would buy one of those in a second. Looks better than the official one in my opinion, wanna trade.

  • Bobby

    Nintendo should make official special golden wii's just like the red ones for mario. That would look cool!!!

  • aeolus

    I honestly prefer the solid gold. The Wii remote already has the emblem on it, it would seem weird to have it on the nunchuk too. And I like that the official one is gold where the cord comes out at the bottom, it looks more… official. Also, the color is better. The other one IS nice though.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    They both look good, but the fan one has more creativity with it, plus I don't think the indents would bother me, but if it doesn't feel smooth, then I'd have to go with the official, too bad you can't tell how it feels with just a picture

  • Ashmic

    better than nintendo

  • Error

    This is a great idea but I prefer the official one. Sadly, as a US Club Nintendo member I may never see an official one. This does look great, but the logo is too big for my taste.

  • AwesomeMojLuvsZelda

    Oh, I wish I had this… >.<

  • It really doesn't matter to me whether or not the gold color matches… This is awesome.

    • occultfan

      I agree. I'd like either, but I'd like it best if it were released as an 'official' Nintendo item, in whatever case this goes forward. I've been collecting the promos since Ocarina came out. When Windwaker was released, I didn't have a Gamecube, so I asked a sales clerk at a store if they had any I could buy separately, I'm referring to the Master Quest.

      I wouldn't but a Gamecube for a while, finally getting one once the Special Edition Zelda bundle was released, so the Master Quest (which I did buy for $10 that day) was just sitting in my closet until the time when I could play it. Poor Master Quest 😀

  • I would like the official one better because it matches the Wii Remote, and the other one doesn't seem smooth. I like how the fan-made one looks, but I think overall the official is the one for me. SO… RELEASE IT, NOA CLUB NINTENDO!

  • Pseudo

    so none of you would want it to be the color of the shield with the blue and the red?