A companion for the golden Wii remote

Many Zelda fans were disappointed when Nintendo didn’t release a golden nunchuck to go along with the golden Wii remote that came with special copies of Skyward Sword.  True, an official model was made available via Japan’s Club Nintendo, but it has not been put on the market as a mainstream item.  Then along came Reddit user alycenwonderland who painted his normal, white nunchuck to be a companion to the Zelda-themed golden Wii remote.  The finished product can be seen above, and, emblazened with the Hyrulean emblem, it looks more detailed than the official model does!  Hit the jump to compare the two versions side-by-side and decide which one you would rather have for your own Wii.

The official Zelda-themed nunchuck by Nintendo:

This version was official made by Nintendo

The fan-made version by alycenwonderland:

This version can be found on reddit

As a Zelda fan, which of these remotes would you rather have attached to your golden Wii remote–do you prefer the solid gold one made by Nintendo, which would let the design on the Wii remote feature, or do you like this fan-made version, which contains a Hyrulean crest of its own?  Regardless, maybe Nintendo will take notice of such creations and realize that many gamers across the world would like a global release of a golden nunchuck.  Fans can only hope.

Source:  Reddit (via Joystiq)