The ninja of all hoodies

The Sheikah:  they’re perhaps the most mysterious out of all of the peoples of Hyrule, and definitely a fan-favorite for over ten years.  Now you can take a little piece of the “shadow folk” with you wherever you go, because 15 Bit Gamer now has a Sheikah hoodie, seen above, for sale.  Sporting the tear drop eye emblem as seen most prevalently in Ocarina of Time (and also seen in many of the following games), this hoodie can be purchased for a cool $54.00 USD.  Read on to see more photos and find a purchasing link.

Sleeve of the Sheikah

A classic Zelda reference

This hoodie is incredibly detailed, and even comes with a button containing that classic phrase from Ocarina of Time, “23 is # 1.”  For $54.00 USD, it certainly appears to be worth the cost if you have the extra funds.  Head on over to 15 Bit Gamer to buy this amazing “wisdon hoodie” for yourself, where you can also find a few other Zelda-related products.

HEY, LISTEN!!!Hey, listen!  Be on the lookout for other posts related to this product in the future–Zelda Universe just might have a contest coming up soon with this hoodie as a prize!

Source:  15 Bit Gamer
  • Wheatley

    I would soooooooooo buy this sweater if I had the money.

  • Aberrant Bliss




  • Be right back – buying this so that I can have some ninja getup to wear while vandalizing my neighbor's yard.

    Not really. Wish it wasn't so costly.

  • Zachattack8888

    Oh man… That's beautiful…
    I need to find $55….
    *Goes to cut the grass around town and smash any pots in the vicinity*

    • You have just made me so happy. ^_^

      • Zachattack8888

        Yay! I'm glad I could do so! :3

    • Doctor Who?

      lol. That's a great idea, but I think I'll just sell bugs and fish at the Curiosity Shop (people get mad when you break their pots). Maybe I'll buy a new rupee wallet too! 😀

      • Zachattack8888

        You know what? That sounds like a much better plan than mine. >.<
        GGood thing I've got bugs in all of my bottles! To the curiosity shop! And AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Why does it have to be so expensive ;_;
    I would easily pass up a few meals to save up for this, but even that wouldn't be enough.
    It's so awesome

  • angelicsentinel

    Just bought. I"ll feel guilty about it later. =3

  • Edge

    Good to know that I'm not the only one who still says 23 is #1…

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