Retronauts, a group of writers from 1UP  have recently written an article about the A Link to the Past discussing they feel the game is truly better than all its sequels. The article itself goes on about the change from 2D games to 3D games and talk about how the game is better than all its successors.

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The author  says about fan-favorite Ocarina of Time that it is:

A Link to the Past, reworked into the shape of a grand polygonal epic. And it is grand indeed — a groundbreaking work that defined the shape of games to come. And yet, brilliant as it is, I find far more satisfaction in the more modest rendition of those same concepts as they’re seen in A Link to the Past.”

The article goes on to point to the formula begun with this third Zelda game, saying: “The Zelda formula — which is to say, the structure and relationship between progression, puzzles, and items introduced and perfected in one fell swoop with A Link to the Past — has become so common, so rote that it can be hard to imagine a time in which it felt revolutionary.” But the fact that A Link to the Past created the true experience of a Zelda game and it was so closely held onto that it was hard to let go, until Skyward Sword that is, speaks leagues about the game itself. Its much more than a simple adventure, it was so great that every future Zelda game followed it.

So where do you hold A Link to the Past on your ranking of Zelda games? How does it compare with the revolutionary Ocarina of Time or with Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: 1up