Retronauts, a group of writers from 1UP  have recently written an article about the A Link to the Past discussing they feel the game is truly better than all its sequels. The article itself goes on about the change from 2D games to 3D games and talk about how the game is better than all its successors.

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The author  says about fan-favorite Ocarina of Time that it is:

A Link to the Past, reworked into the shape of a grand polygonal epic. And it is grand indeed — a groundbreaking work that defined the shape of games to come. And yet, brilliant as it is, I find far more satisfaction in the more modest rendition of those same concepts as they’re seen in A Link to the Past.”

The article goes on to point to the formula begun with this third Zelda game, saying: “The Zelda formula — which is to say, the structure and relationship between progression, puzzles, and items introduced and perfected in one fell swoop with A Link to the Past — has become so common, so rote that it can be hard to imagine a time in which it felt revolutionary.” But the fact that A Link to the Past created the true experience of a Zelda game and it was so closely held onto that it was hard to let go, until Skyward Sword that is, speaks leagues about the game itself. Its much more than a simple adventure, it was so great that every future Zelda game followed it.

So where do you hold A Link to the Past on your ranking of Zelda games? How does it compare with the revolutionary Ocarina of Time or with Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: 1up
  • Benny

    My favourite Zelda iteration.

  • ALttP compares to Skyward Sword because both include the Dashing ability and bug catching. And their set-ups look fairly similar as well.

    • Link and Cuccos

      I forgot that both SS and ALttP have the dashing ability! Running into bookshelves and other things were fun in ALttP. XD

  • A Link to the Past is my favorite.
    Ocarina of Time is pretty much a 3D Link to the Past with less dungeons and items. Stop and think about it, compare the dungeon and item layout. Very similar.

  • Scytal

    MM > OoT> ALttP.
    nostalgia may have something to do with this, so this view is probably pretty biased.

  • Crassus

    LTTP is simple yet manages to feel quite epic at the same time. The intro is incredible and pulls you right into the story. By contrast, SS really drags on. I also love how each dungeon has a unique character. I can remember them 20 years later.

  • LinkofAges

    Agree completely. Even Zelda's Lullaby came from ALTTP (plays when you save her in the beginning).

  • mphouston

    MM>ALTTP Alttp and MM would tie if it weren't for MM's side quests. Those just allow so much more inclusion into the game than ALTTP. However ALTTP was the epitome of adventuring, I felt like it allowed interaction with the characters on a deep level and required actual thought and puzzle solving which later game leave out. I'm so happy my SNES still works because that will be the only thing I will play ALTTP on!

  • Link and Cuccos

    ALttP definitely deserves more credit. It was the game that got the Zelda formula right and made me really like the Zelda series. It also introduced the whole parallel world concept (the Dark World made such a huge impression on me). I don't know why people make it sound like OoT was the first in everything when OoT was built off of ALttP!

    ALttP defined the series!

    Skyward Sword is currently my favorite, but I will always have a special place in my heart for ALttP. That game, not OoT, is my childhood.

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  • Zachattack8888

    I absolutely love all the Zelda games (Cough cough except the DS games) with all my geeky heart but A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Skyward Sword, and the Wind Waker all have a special place in my heart. I can't decide on their order of favoritism but I'm going to have to admit, Skyward Sword officially too the cake for me.

  • Fizz

    I recently replayed this game before playing Skyward Sword, and while SS brought back some aspects that made the game feel closer to the fast-paced and addictive gameplay of ALttP (dashing, fast, decisive sword swings unlike TP, general art style and even some Hylian designs), it was still not quite enough to compare to the almighty SNES game. It defined the series, and until they make a game that includes just as many dungeons, enemies, items and puzzles and makes them as original as ALttP did, then it'll never be topped. OoT may of evolved the series in a glorious manner, but it didn't necessarily improve it, as certain aspects of gameplay got slower and less intricate just by nature of the 3D environment. Not its fault, it was still a masterstroke, but I never enjoyed every single tiny aspect of it, unlike ALttP.

    That said, Link's Awakening, its direct sequel, did a damn good job of nearly topping it. Nearly. Both games are pretty much on a par.