Well hello there, Universe! It is once again Monday, and that means it’s time for Music Monday! Today, we are going to see some excellent fan interpretations of two of my favourite songs in Skyward Sword, first, Skyloft’s theme, and then, yet another amazing rendition of “Ballad of The Goddesses”!

Like always, I’d like to write a bit about one video in particular, and this Music Monday is no different! Today, getting the full beam of my spotlight is Skyloft. Skyloft is a fantastic location, I never get tired of wandering around the streets, and cutting all the trees down… And my personal favourite activity, falling off of Skyloft by “accident” and getting lectured by a stern knight. Better than all those good things, in my humble opinion, is the music. Like the Faron Woods theme, I never get sick of Skyloft’s theme. I really think it’s unique to the series, and I’m pleased with the variation I found on YouTube! To hear both fantastic songs, hit the jump!

I think those are amazing! I really love seeing Zelda music covered in such creative ways, and covered so well! But before this column is done, I have a question for all of you, down in the comments! What do you think of Skyloft? Do you enjoy it as much as I do? Thank you for reading, and I will see you all next week!

  • Loved how the Ballad of the Goddess rendition flowed really well. Capturing the same fluidity as an orchestrated track with a guitar and drums can be quite difficult, but was pulled off nicely here.

  • So beautiful! I MUST learn to play the music that plays when you're exploring the village in Skyloft! *begins searching for piano sheet music for Skyloft*

  • krissalad

    Oh wow, thanks for featuring my video! I had no idea about this. šŸ™‚
    To the post above mine, I put sheets in the description of the video page. Check it out!

  • Rocksor

    :0 oh my god