This is only a section of the beautiful full-length work

Every now and then there is a piece of fan-art that is so amazingly detailed and beautiful that one might mistake it for being a piece of official art.  Deviant Art user L-DAWB has created a long, flowing mural of many of the major characters and races in Skyward Sword, creating a work of art that is both breathtakingly gorgeous and incredibly detailed.  The best part is that what you see above is only a small portion of the overall work.  Hit the jump to see the huge, full-sized mural.

(Obvious warning: Spoilers abound.)

More fan-art of Skyward Sword

Due to its massively large size, the easiest way to see this masterpiece is to view it here, where it can be enlarged and panned for the best viewing effect.  Once you’ve done that, let us know what you think–what’s your opinion of this piece of fan-art?  Would you be happy if Nintendo began producing larger, more mural-esque pieces of official art for Zelda games, or do you prefer the current type of official art, mostly consisting of individual character models?

A race from Skyward Sword

Source:  Deviant Art (via GoNintendo).
  • ChainofTermina

    Awesome! I like Demise's Sword, it looks like an evil demonic Master Sword.

  • My day is fulfilled now.

  • Link and Cuccos

    This art looks so…legendary. :O

  • That's epic. Reminds me of this piece made for the Anniversary:

    • That's what it reminded me of, too! :O

    • occultfan

      thanks for reminding me of that mural!! I love that so much.

  • mustachedwaffle

    I love this so much! Some people are really talented.

  • So beautiful~

    Ah yes, I like the pieces of individual art – they're great reference material. But I really would love to see larger, more pieced together pieces of official art. Give us some variety Nintendo!

  • Ridiculously Insane

    Debbie's hair part is on the wrong side. Other than that, it's beautiful

  • eliot

    dudes, thi is old…check this out!

    • waa

      That is a nice piece of art, but you kinda killed the mood.

      • eliot

        I know!, it hurts to be thumbs downed, ouch!

  • occultfan

    Astounding. I'd be very proud if I had created this.

  • Disciple of Midna

    For a moment I thought Debbie was flipping me off….

    • Disciple of Midna

      Also, Doc, I appreciate the kikwi in this post.

  • vincent

    i could get this tattooed on my back its so cool

  • Jelly

    For some reason, Kaepora reminds me of Aang from the Last Airbender. O_o

  • Sizednochi

    Lovely, but still! WTF's that goron doing there? He's not even important. And the Mogma! How could he include two useless characters so big like that and leave Groose and the dragons out?

  • stormsinger

    Impa and Ghirahim are amazing. They look more like real people than animated characters. This art really brings out the personalities of the main characters. Again Ghirahim is probably my favoutite because his image really brings out his diabollical side which isn’t revealed until the end. All the awards!