Character artwork from Skyloft

Since its release in Japan, Hyrule Historia has been getting a huge response from the western world, with fans worldwide crying out for non-Japanese copies to be released.  Fortunately there are some great fan translations out there, but of course we’d all like to view the pages for ourselves, as well.  Unless you purchase a Japanese copy on a site like eBay, the best way to do this is to view these two videos created by MyGamingBoulevard on YouTube.  In a combined total of about forty minutes, he films a page-by-page walkthrough of the book in which every image and piece of text can be clearly and slowly seen.  If you’re at all interested in seeing the secrets of Hyrule Historia for yourself, grab a snack and a comfy chair, sit back, and hit the jump to see these amazingly detailed videos.

Character concept art, beta ideas, secrets that fans have been wondering about for decades–Hyrule Historia truly shows how much Nintendo cares about its fans, as this book is the ultimate fan service.  After watching these videos (or, if you’re short for time, skimming through them), what’s your verdict?  Are you content with seeing copies of the Japanese original, or are you in a blissful state of agony as you wait and hope for a version to be released in your own language?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on what you’ve seen!

Source:  YouTube