Not that we advocate excessive alcohol consumpion, but what do you do when you’re 21 or older and the party has gone on so long that everyone is bored? Bring this out! This table is a table designed just for beer pong, with a Zelda twist.

Hit the jump to see how this awesome beer pong table was made.

The River Falls Pong Table Company is a business local to River Falls, WI. The company makes custom tables and Battle Shots. The Zelda table is crafted especially for playing beer pong. It has 128 different shots of The Legend of Zelda, each combined to create a map of the large overworld from The Legend of Zelda. Its size is 2.4m X 1m and is covered in a protective lacquer to prevent damage to the map itself.

If you are interested in the process of building the table, here is a video of how the map was put together:

Source: Kotaku (via The River Falls Pong Table Company)