More and more details keep coming out of the special Hyrule Historia book as fans of the Zelda series translate it into English. The Nintendo-dedicated website GoNintendo has released some new details that may surprise you and may get you thinking a bit differently towards the Zelda story.

 Coming straight from the Hyrule Historia are the details that Link isn’t necessarily called “Link” and that Zelda may have a name change, too. Tetra comes to mind for Zelda. But what exactly they mean by this you’ll have to decide for yourself. Could it have something to do with the titles that Link is given like “Hero of.” Also Marin and Tarin apparently were created through memories of the Lon Lon Ranch duo, Malon and Talon.

It was also revealed that the Link from the NES title The Legend of Zelda was supposed to be used as a sacrifice to help revive the evil Ganon in The Adventure of Link, and the monsters in Link’s Awakening were desperate to kill Link because the consequence for him to wake the Wind Fish meant their destruction was at hand.

More and more facinating information keeps coming from this Japanese book. Hopefully someday we’ll get it in English.

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Source: GoNintendo