More and more details keep coming out of the special Hyrule Historia book as fans of the Zelda series translate it into English. The Nintendo-dedicated website GoNintendo has released some new details that may surprise you and may get you thinking a bit differently towards the Zelda story.

 Coming straight from the Hyrule Historia are the details that Link isn’t necessarily called “Link” and that Zelda may have a name change, too. Tetra comes to mind for Zelda. But what exactly they mean by this you’ll have to decide for yourself. Could it have something to do with the titles that Link is given like “Hero of.” Also Marin and Tarin apparently were created through memories of the Lon Lon Ranch duo, Malon and Talon.

It was also revealed that the Link from the NES title The Legend of Zelda was supposed to be used as a sacrifice to help revive the evil Ganon in The Adventure of Link, and the monsters in Link’s Awakening were desperate to kill Link because the consequence for him to wake the Wind Fish meant their destruction was at hand.

More and more facinating information keeps coming from this Japanese book. Hopefully someday we’ll get it in English.

What do you think of these interesting morsels of information? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo

  • Guest

    I'm kind of confused… Wasn't Marin sort of based on Zelda? In manual of the game it describes her as bearing an uncanny resemblance to Zelda… So how is she (and her father) based on memories of Malon and Talon?

    • Craig

      Malon is meant to be comparable to Zelda though… Whereas Zelda is locked up and has to be a certain way and Malon is like the other half – the free one who is free to be friends with you and have feelings and all.

  • klz92

    I think it was stated in the Adventure of Link manual that they needed Link´s blood to revive Ganon or something like that.

    • matthewzfan

      It was, that's why when the game ends it says "Game over" the Return of Ganon" cause Link was killed.

  • ManofRedHelms

    We already knew about the motives of the monsters in AoL and LA. 😛

    • Soeroah

      I could have sworn the Ganon shadow even said as much in LA O.o

  • SIMulatedZelda

    Erm… don't most Zelda fans already know ALL of this? o.o

  • Tetra and Sheik come to mind when thinking of Zelda. She is a character whose name is able to be changed without much notice. But Link should remain Link, unless the player decides some other name for him.

  • Shawtybook

    "Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giviing." You forgot to put that in Timothy.

  • Linkdahero

    It's an interesting on Zelda. It could nice to see if Shigeru implements this in the future Zelda games.

  • Fraz

    On the GlitterBerri Hyrule Hustroia translations I read:

    "The heroes that appear in this chronology are all known as Link. It may have been their true name, but perhaps they were called something different. Some are the same person, but most were Links of their time: either different people entirely or the descendants of their heroic ancestors"

    I guess it means the heroes can have different names, and link is just the default name referring to the players connection to the game.

    • wind-mage

      What I think: At the beginning of the game, you pick your name, and back then, not many game producers did that. The fact is, link is just a general name in terms to use for nintentdo.
      'Link' isn't really link. Its YOU.

  • veeronic

    we knew about the zelda 2 thing

  • Rauru

    How exactly are Marin and Tarin 'memories' of Malon and Talon? Link in LA is a completely different Link to the one in OoT.

    • Sage of Hyrule

      Not to mention OoT came out after LA. Unless you're going by the timeline, I suppose. If anything I would think that Malon/Talon are "memories" of Marin/Tarin

    • Pat

      But Malon And Talon were on Oracle of Seasons