"The Graveyard" oil painting

Fan Art… Thursday? Well, not quite. At risk of stepping on Eternal Legend’s toes, I found some fan art that was just too good to not post about. You see, The Adventure of Link inexplicably holds a place in my heart. Well, not inexplicable. I’ll explain.

Despite all its flaws, The Adventure of Link was the second Zelda game I played, and for me it was only one of two Zelda games available for five years, so its story and quirky character had deep impression on my notion of “what is Zelda.” Frankly, I think that it would better suit Nintendo to try their hand at a remake of The Adventure of Link, bringing it more in line with modern 3D Zelda, as I’m sure it could be remade into one of the greatest Zelda games.

But we’re here to talk about art.

View the painting after the jump!

Artist David Palumbo is showing these two oil paintings as part of Chicago gallery OhNo!Doom’s February 11 gamer tribute show “Super Button Mashers.”

What I really love about these paintings is that the artist chose to capture that dark horse of the Zelda series, and did a fine and faithful job of it. He perfectly captures the design of that oft-overlooked Magical Sword. He shows a Link, haggard from two epic adventures in a row, looking more human than we usually see him.

The Graveyard oil painting

"The Graveyard"

The Ocean Palace oil painting

"The Ocean Palace"

If you live in the Chicago area, it would behoove you to mark your calendar as these paintings are probably even more amazing in person.

Source: OhNo!Doom