SMOSH shows their Zelda skills

Zelda and Robin Williams are two of the most well-known celebrity fans of The Legend of Zelda, and certainly the most admired among the series’ fanbase.  In a video from last month, the father and daughter duo are recorded while watching a musical Zelda parody by SMOSH, a comedy group known for its video game endeavors.  Aside from getting to see this hilarious music video, hit the jump not only to witness the Williamses reactions, but to get a little insight into how everyone seems to think that Zelda Williams is named after a blonde boy garbed in green.

Once again, Zelda and Robin Williams manage to prove just how tremendously amazing they are.  They recognize the elements taken from the game that only people who have really played them would understand, and Zelda actually shushes the interviewer when she excitedly wants to here the Princess’s part of the song (plus, she’s seen this before!).  That, and of course Robin’s free-style rapping near the end, make the Williams, once again, awesome.  What are your thoughts on this latest interview with Zelda and Robin?

Source:  YouTube.
  • I love Robin Williams' reaction after Smosh's video was done.

  • firebunny

    LOL, awkward.

  • Draik41895

    Robin Williams is hilarious "Elves gone wind, Check itout! Boise!!!"

    • Draik41895


  • Superpokefan94

    I've seen this before, but it's still fun to watch!

  • ChainofTermina

    they should make a review of Skyward Sword. I wanna know what they thought of it.

  • Gabriel

    Watching this video made me realize that maybe the name Zelda stands for lovely girls…

  • I just woke up and watched this. And let me tell you, my day is already made. xD

  • CJ!

    I don't like it. I hate rap to begin with. and I hate it when the Zelda series is made fun of. just a game? I don't care. insaulting the Zelda series is insaulting to me. one of the few things I take seriousely. not bashing the video, just saying I don't like it.

    • Gorons4Sale814

      lol its not insulting zelda at all. it's poking fun at all the things that zelda fans have poked fun at for years and its very canon. its hilarious and ridiculously well made. i'm a die hard LoZ fan and this is the only rap song i can say i like haha

      • Dreginy

        There's another Zelda rap song that I love to death, which is Ganon Slayer by Mad Hatter 🙂

    • Soeroah

      Well, obviously you're welcome to dislike it, but I don't think they were insulting the Zelda series, it seemed more like an affectionate parody. The makers were likely fans themselves.

    • Jelly

      I don't really like it either… :/

      • prada

        i agree

    • ChainofTermina

      I don't like it but not because it's poking fun at Zelda. poking fun at something is just that, innocent goofing around fun. they're not serious about, their just teasing. they're just having fun with it.

      I don't like this because I hate rap.

      • rookie

        I utterly despise rap, and would take it down to the grave with me, however, this is one exception…

  • Sakume

    I loved it because of the obvious care and dedication that went into the production itself. This kind of thing is NOT easy to make by any means and even if I didn't care for it (let me say once again I loved it) I would show mass respect for the people who put so much work into it. Props.

  • April

    Ha, that’s great. I love the Zelda rap. It was so well done! Really funny and catchy… And I hate rap!

  • Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, they do stuff like this all the time.

  • rookie

    My LOZ nerd crew and I have been obsessing over this rap for weeks! I'm glad you guys (and the Williams) Gave it some recondition! And I quite like the ring to "Legend of Link."

  • Ashmic

    I'm sorry but i honestly don't care about the william's opinion

  • Dertly

    Why does it always have to be Robin and Zelda Williams. Its just a game like CJ said above. Everyone likes Zelda games and NOT just the Williams. Zelda Williams looks ugly anyway.

    • Ashmic

      why judge by looks whats wrong w/ u? everyone is beautiful

  • Connor

    Oh well

  • isha

    lol… are you good with swords zelda?

  • God… can't they ask questions AFTER waching the video?

  • triforce of laziness

    i love his reaction xD
    and its kinda cool that they like smosh ^^

  • 47iscool .

    Rap is a degenerate music style. Remixing Zelda music with it is insulting. The games are medieval based and have great music on their own.