Zelda Triforce Ring

A Triforce Wedding Ring? Oh my...

The Legend of Zelda can make fans go to the extreme mile at times, even to the point of creating something out of it towards marriage.

A deviantArt user by the name of ushiyasha has managed to custom design a wedding ring through a professional jeweller that wields the Triforce as the main diamond centre piece.

The Triforce stones are made out of marquis stones, with the rest being sapphire stones and the band itself is made out of 14k white gold with yellow gold wings. The price of the ring comes to the total of $2,005.

She even made the blueprint for the design that she gave to the jeweller in order to make the ring happen which can be found here.

This would be quite the amazing gift for a someone special who shares the same love towards the Legend of Zelda series!

Source: deviantArt

  • Ovafaze

    I can see Princess Zelda herself wearing this. 😀

  • Did you guys notice the faint wings springing from either side of the Triforce? Even the minor details insinuate this was made by a Zelda fan.

    • Anon

      The wings were ON the reference given to the jeweler.

      • No Ma'am

        Goes to show how much you know, Anon. Read the article first before assuming something invalid in the midst of a reply. ;P

  • sm1130

    i want a ring like that!

  • DO WANT :o!!!!!

  • John

    This is awesome! And I'm getting married today!

  • Merq

    Awww, seeing this made me feel all warm and fuzzy. <3 It's beautiful!

  • Shasta

    That ring only cost 500 more than mine, I want to trade!

  • Jessy

    omg i thought of that like 5 months ago to do that except its gonna be top triforce red the left one blue and the right one green =P im have a zelda wedding when i get married yea ihad this planed out for along time this person is awsome =D

  • Cyber Falcon

    Too bad none of the Triforce pieces represent love.

    • Ataso

      No but if you want to get cheesy you could say that would be your wish if you found all three pieces of the Triforce.

  • Mental note: when it comes time to propose years down the road, I NEED to remember this.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      Yeah, but only if she's a legend of zelda fan.
      Note to self: now more than ever marry a zelda fan XD
      / /

  • avert_from_the_norm

    I know how to make this even more awesome.
    1.) if her favorite game is ocarina of time then you add tiny sacred stones.
    2.) inscribe it in the center "My wish is to love you forever ____(girl's first name)"
    3.) If you can't add tiny sacred stones, or something alone those lines, then just add gems for the colors of the goddesses, evenly spaced out.
    4.)tiny sprite link and zelda on the bottom holding hands if possible.

    I know some of these things may be a bit hard because it's a ring, but just think of how awesome and how much more she'll love you and the ring if you can do it.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      also, put a heart in the center of the triforce. and make it red.

  • Midnight C

    SO SHINY! If I had that kind of money burning a hole in my pocket, I'd totally buy this just to flaunt my nerdliness. xD

  • Jelly

    Oh, WOW! <3

  • Ashmic

    If i was getting married and the guy gave me that id marry him twice lol

  • Nikki

    I would definitely say yes to whoever proposed with that ring!

  • zangetsu

    Now thats an awesome ring!

  • GoldenGengle64

    Oh, I'd totally say yes!!!

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