Zelda Triforce Ring

A Triforce Wedding Ring? Oh my...

The Legend of Zelda can make fans go to the extreme mile at times, even to the point of creating something out of it towards marriage.

A deviantArt user by the name of ushiyasha has managed to custom design a wedding ring through a professional jeweller that wields the Triforce as the main diamond centre piece.

The Triforce stones are made out of marquis stones, with the rest being sapphire stones and the band itself is made out of 14k white gold with yellow gold wings. The price of the ring comes to the total of $2,005.

She even made the blueprint for the design that she gave to the jeweller in order to make the ring happen which can be found here.

This would be quite the amazing gift for a someone special who shares the same love towards the Legend of Zelda series!

Source: deviantArt