Zelda flipnotes from Nintendo's staff

Remember a few weeks ago when we reported that Nintendo had announced the winners of its Zelda flipnote contest?  Now they’ve released another piece of information to celebrate the close of the series’ 25th anniversary:  Zelda-themed flipnotes created by the staff at Nintendo of America.  Consisting of five short scenes compiled in a two minute video, these flipnotes are actually very good.  Maybe they were done by some artists on the marketing team, or maybe Nintendo’s American staff just happens to have some great flipnote artists.  Hit the jump to view the video and comment on these celebratory creations.

Zelda’s 25th anniversary year ended when we rang in the new year, and the series officially turns 26 on February 21, 2012.  Which of these five commemorative creations is your favorite?

Source:  YouTube (via GoNintendo).
  • Mr.Linkypoo

    what… the… heck

  • These are neat. I love how most move rather smoothly into a new area, such as the first one. Oh, and…

    @1:07: Why, Nintendo?

  • Awakeninga

    I would if they HAD flipnote on 3DS ):

  • Draik41895

    I thought the last one was sweet.

  • Rriillyy

    Anyone else think that that won with the WiiU controller is a hint at how the next Zelda will use the tablet?

    • Red Link

      It wouldn't be anything new though, in four swords adventures you could use a gameboy advance as a controller + screen when in a cave or dungeon.
      Would be nice if the same concept returned though

    • ijuin

      Could be, but I expect to see the WiiU controller used pretty much the same way as the touchscreen on the DS/3DS gets used.

  • Ashmic

    ganon nuuuu


    Pretty nice. This was a nice extension to last year's 25th Anniversary for Zelda!

  • DominionBlade

    #4 So thats how you beat Ganondorf with the fishing rod LOL