Ever since Hyrule Historia was released in December, we’ve seen plenty of the content that’s available in the book, from the Zelda timeline to scans of artwork. Now you will be able to view the entire book online. One dedicated fan painstakingly unglued the book from its binding and then started scanning every single page. These scans have been presented beautifully on her website. As of the time of this post, well over half the book has been uploaded and the rest should be up within a day.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at Hyrule Historia now! Don’t forget that a translation project is already ongoing by GlitterBerri. While it’s fantastic that portions of the book have been translated already, I know that many Zelda fans are crying out for an English (and other language) release of this book. A Facebook page has been set up for fans to show their support. If you’re on Facebook, you may want to consider liking this page so that Nintendo can see just how many people want this!

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  • GuildedBlood

    Too bad we can't read it. Some of the concept art is amazing, and the little blurbs on the bottom of every couple pages are obviously little "Did you knows" that relate one game to another.

  • Jeesh, it must've taken forever to scan all those copies.

    • themisssinglink

      Actually, just two days.

  • Gnossen

    I think it's already down.

    • Topaz Mutiny

      Yeah it is, I keep getting a "Forbidden" 403 error as well as a 404 error on top of that.

      T_T *sigh*

    • themisssinglink

      Yeah. I don't think HoH was originally designed to take such a hit from tons of people downloading big files all at once, and it sounds like the server got auto-shutdown by the admins. Hopefully it'll come back soon.

    • SilverArcher

      That is for a simple reason: Who is going to buy a book that is already free on Internet? It's possible that Nintendo themselves shut down the page. And I think they did right.

      • Fenris

        Who is going to buy a book that isn't available anymore, because it's sold out almost everywhere in Japan within a few days? Except for those overpriced copies snatched away by scalpers and offered on ebay and Amazon Japan. Nintendo doesn't profit from their sales.

        Also, not everyone has a credit card, Paypal or enough knowledge of Japanese to import a book. If Nintendo did something right, they would print more copies and make it available in English at least, instead of letting the publisher sell off their entire stock by preorder.

        For my part, I also enjoyed the fan scanlations of the official manga, but when I finally had the chance, I bought the books. Most people didn't get the chance in this case and they are desperately looking for a way to acquire Hyrule Historia. If you know a place where they can buy it, tell them, but please don't prejudge a voluntary project that's dedicated to spread the love for Nintendo and won't do any harm to them.

  • Soeroah

    Oh, god!

    I'm grateful, but the booklover in me almost threw up at reading "She first painstakingly unglued the book from its binding". I can hardly stand creases in the spine >_<

  • Ulises

    This is epic, this is very epic, I still can't believe we are living in such a time, such a great time to be a Zelda fan.

  • Gerudude

    Its forbidden… FORBIDDEN!!!!! Nintendo wants you to BUY the book. Thats : BUY.

  • Ahhhh error 403 forbidden. This makes me sad.

  • occultfan

    I'm interested to see how many fan speculations will match up to what the 'official' canon speaks to, and how we all feel about their explanations. Thanks a lot, scanslator friend of ZU. Kudos and thank you 😀

  • Baf

    Would be surprised if Nintendo didn't release this in the west, seeing as zelda is more popular here than it is in Japan…

  • iczesmv

    error 403

  • BetaDevil

    ^^^ Download in PDF-format here

  • Popero44

    This is freaking awesome! I thank Glitterberri for all the hard work!

  • lirin

    The megaupload link doesn’t work..

    • WickLTA

      Mega upload was taken down by the government during the SOPA and PIPA stuff….

      Anyone have the file so people can torrent it or something? I would be more than happy to help spread my fair share so others can enjoy…

      • NoeTheFace

        Im seconding this. I cant find a copy of this book anwhere :'(
        Even the one on TPB has no seeders.

        Why couldn't Nintendo take a less rarity approach to this. :<