Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s revealed some amazing concept artwork including alternate designs for Tetra and Zelda in The Wind Waker, Ganon concepts, an unused Sheik concept meant for Twilight PrincessSkyward Sword characters… and there’s even a shirtless Tingle. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t quite call that one a gift.

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Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Source: Nintendo Everything
  • isha

    shirtless tingle was the best

  • Gerudude

    I'd rather have a shirtless fairy. Like the ones in the cave of ordeals.

  • SpaGheTTi

    I really want this book. As we probably all know btw: the unused Sheik design (meant for Twilight Princess) was used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which they had already said from the very first announcement of Zelda/Sheik, and is of course a good use of an otherwise unused design.

  • Mightyswol

    when oh when will this wonderful book come to North America

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Don't complain. It will probably take months – years longer to come to Australia (if it ever does).

      • ZeroBlade77

        Still, you’d be able to order overseas from America or even a fan-translation from anywhere else. Oh, and there’s the reading online, of course, but I’d recommend actually buying something like this.

  • Draik41895

    I really do wish thr Ganondorf page was an actual scan, that would be great. And it lookes to me that some of the Character designs on the Skyward Sword page are very reminiscent of some of the Minish, Does that mean there were going to be Minish in Skyward Sword?

    • ComplicitOwl

      No. As we were told after Ghirahim was revealed, a good chunk of Minish Cap staff moved onto Skyward Sword. That's why Ghirahim looks like Vaati, among the art you've noted.

  • aeolus

    I love the Tetra and Zelda designs. Zelda looks like a Greek goddess or priestess or something

  • Andres Arcia

    I love the concept art of Tetra and Zelda. Although, they look a tad bit older. If you remember, Nintendo originally planned Link to have an adult version of himself in Wind Waker. If my theory is correct, these designs for Tetra and Zelda could have been their adult versions? Very interesting if you ask me.

  • scyen

    Sheik….in….Twilight Princess……

    Why…why didn't…Nintendo…why didn't you…….why……….


  • jaruiz946

    This exactly ^

  • ChainofTermina

    …..{eye twitch}……………
    WHY!?????? WHYYYYYYY didn't they use that design for Terta?????Tetra is one of my favorite incarnations of Zelda. I lover her. she's awesome. but one thing I don't like about her is her goofy looking hair do. and yet they had a design that looked like THAT and decided NOT TO USE IT!?!?!?!?!?! Not to mention having Sheik in Twilight Princess would have made that already awesome game even MORE awesome. I……..I think I should…….I should probably………I need this book.

    • TheMaverickk

      I'm pretty sure the idea with Tetra was that they didn't want her to be IMMEDIATELY associated with Zelda.

      The green hued blond and the unique hairstyle helped to distance Tetra from being immediately associated with Zelda. Also it creates a lot more of a pirate feel to her. She's more tom-boyish in the final design. It made the reveal all that more special.

      I think the only problem with having Sheik in Twilight Princess is that there is no reason for Zelda to have the Sheik disguise. For starters the Sheikah have long disappeared by the time TP rolled around…. on top of that the disguise doesn't work when everyone knows that Sheik = Zelda. It was a bit of a twist in Ocarina of Time, but that's because most people thought Sheik was a completely different character.

      If Sheik had been in TP it would've made the game even worse and even more predictable, and it's only sole purpose of including it in the game would be fan service.

      Agree-able though is the fact that these designs are incredibly interesting, and make it well worth having it brought to North America full translated by Nintendo for fans to purchase here.

  • HeroOfTime98


  • Decimo anonimo

    First an awesome designe of Tetra wich could been add to the second quest with alternate outfits, then Sheik wich could have been used and show us a Zelda more active instead of pasive, later a designe of Ganondorf with an awesome hair designe and who looks more like a continuation of Ocarina of Time. Tingle shirtless… thank God is still a concept art and more characters who could been add through the world.

    Nintendo, whats wrong with you guys? are you really lazy? there is not enough time? enough money? whats the problem for you guys to not been able to add some of this designes? Men im sad and now i want more this book

    • TheMaverickk

      I'm pretty sure Nintendo could've duplicated and created any of these designs if they had wanted. They didn't though probably because of a need to keep Zelda feeling cohesive. They want the game to look and feel like you are playing a Zelda game, and not a title from another franchise.

      You can see the hints of influence from the concept art to the final product, but they've clearly gone and kept designs in check to keep them from being too outlandish for Zelda, or from being too similar to designs you would see in another game.

      They go all out in the concept phase cause they are trying to get a feel for what sort of style they want to have in the game. I mean look at all the crazy ideas they had for the potion making duo that we got in Skyward Sword…. everything from two gymnist men, to male and female fairies…. some of the designs even seem to have a more doctor like appearance.

      At the end of the day though they had to make the characters feel natural to the SS world.

  • Peter

    Is that Beast Ganon concept art underneath Ganondorf, or an unused Shadow Beast? Either way, it looks pretty awesome.

    Also, a lot of interesting characters for Skyward Sword…

  • Morgan

    Yeah…A shirtless Tingle is even more revolting than the origianl…..Tingle Tingle Koolimpah!

  • Young-Blossom

    Has anyone else noticed the guys in the blue and pink outfits (who are obviously concept art for the Potion Shop Sellers) have heads shaped like bottles?!
    Look at their head shape and their hats are like little plugs on the bottles.

  • tonyhost

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