Link defeats Ganon, but what next?

In the original The Legend of Zelda, Link defeats Ganon, rescues Princess Zelda, and all is well with the land of Hyrule.  But what if it didn’t work out that way?  What if Link had defeated Ganon, rushed in to rescue Zelda, and got interrupted by…Zelda’s boyfriend?!  Dorkly Bits has created a minute-long video detailing what would’ve happened if this were the case, and it is definitely heart-breaking, as well as jaw-droppingly hilarious.  Hit the jump to view this painfully funny yet truthfully realistic tale for yourself.

As surprising as it would be, let’s just be thankful that this doesn’t happen when playing the actual game.  What’s your take on this hilarious meeting between Link and Zelda’s “significant other?”

Source:  Dorkly Bits (via YouTube).