The Group meeting in Telma's Bar

“The Group” from Twilight Princess:  they’re one of the most beloved organizations in the history of the Zelda series, and many people were hoping to see more of them in a future Zelda title.  While that probably isn’t likely unless Twilight Princess gets a direct sequel (which itself probably isn’t likely), perhaps Nintendo is aware of The Group’s fan popularity and gave certain members a subtle reference in Skyward Sword.  Find out if you agree after the jump.

In Skyward Sword, if Link flies over to the little island of Pumpkin Landing, he can enter the quaint bar known as The Lumpy Pumpkin.  Inside that bar are four usual characters:  Kina, Rusta, Keet, and the barkeep, Pumm.  They all bear a subtle similarity to certain members of The Group:  Ashei, Auru, Shad, and the barkeep, Telma, respectively.  Compare the images of the characters, below.

Ashei and Kina

Auru and Rusta

Shad and Keet

Telma and Pumm

Is Kina a reference to Ashei, Rusta a reference to Auru, Keet a reference to Shad, and Pumm a reference to Telma?  After all, in both games, the seperate groups of characters all hang out together in the local pub.  Perhaps Nintendo has added in yet another allusion to a past Zelda title, something that they’ve done a lot with Skyward Sword.  If the images above aren’t enough to help you make your decision, then start up your Wii and head on over to The Lumpy Pumpkin and decide for yourself!  For everyone else, what do you think–is this a subtle reference to The Group, or just wishful thinking?

Source:  Nintendo Everything.