The Zelda timeline, redone

Are you a fan of the recently released official Zelda timeline, or does its third split make you cringe like a Dodongo in a bomb factory?  One Zelda fan, Zac Gorman, has created a parody of the timeline, providing humorous commentary, references to both the old cartoon and the CD-i games, and even more splits in Hyrule’s long and mysterious history.  Read on to follow the epic journey of “The Hero of Stuff and Whatever.”

"Well EXCUSE me, Princess!"

The large, flowing graphic can most easily be viewed by clicking here.  Clearly the parody doesn’t strictly follow the parameters of the true timeline, but rather pokes fun at some of the moments in Hyrulean history that didn’t appear in the timeline, such as the animated series and games like The Wand of Gamelon.  Did you manage to understand many of the other references that Gorman made?

Source:  Tiny Cartridge.