What could possibly be better than finally knowing the official timeline to the Zelda series?  Having a set of figurines to commemorate the occasion, that’s what!  To celebrate, Takara Tommy A.R.T.S. is releasing a set of six figures of Link and Zelda from three of the most beloved Zelda titles:  Ocarina of Time, Phantom Hourglass, and Skyward Sword.  The art style is based directly off of official art for each of the games, and the poses are true to their original designs.  As of now, the only retailer that has the items listed is Hobby Fan, although more will likely post them as the release date, estimated at June 2012, grows closer.  They are fully painted, and imported directly from Japan.

Priced at $34.99 US dollars, they are currently on “pre-order” status, and may be subject to changes in the coming months of their creation.  What better way to close out the 25th anniversary and commemorate the release of an official timeline than to purchase this beautiful set of six Zelda figurines?  The predicted design can be viewed here, and pre-ordered here.  Whether you’ve got enough rupees for the purchase or not, it’s definitely worth a look.  Which of the figures is your favorite?

Source:  Video Game Memorabilia Museum.
  • Xosgni

    I WILL be getting at least two of these.

  • I might look into getting the SS set right now, because I'm loving the game so much right now.

  • Faleel

    Phantom hourglass on of the "most beloved Zelda titles"?

    • I swear to Nayru, I just KNEW someone would call that out. ^.^; I love it, at least!

    • hiro

      I know right? It should at least be Wind Waker D:

  • GalagaGuru

    The Phantom Hourglass figurines aren't anything new. If you go to a sufficiently nerdy store you can find Phantom Hourglass figurines contained in yellow balls. The idea is that you take one without know what's inside. I have the Link, Tetra, Goron, and Linebeck ones.

  • Zelda Lover

    I really like the Skyward Sword ones mostly, and the Oot ones are cool. Don't really care for the Phantom Hourglass figurines since I got them already!

  • TTL

    Seeing as I only have one of these figures, and the two sets I really desire (OoT3D and SS) aren't to my knowledge offered previously, my wallet is begging to empty!

  • Ashmic

    never ganon ones <: [

  • Keimori

    I want all of them so much!!

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  • Oh man, I really want those skyward sword ones! Hopefully the price will drop down.

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    These are cool! Probably getting the SS ones, the game is awesome! But to my disappointment, there is not a Lord Ghirahim figurine. That would have been cool.

  • Joshie

    No Ganondorf for the ocarina set, that is disappointing indeed.

  • ZeldaTGstudio

    I have a choice get pokemon black or get zelda figureines ……..*negative 2 seconds later* figurines.