In a recent interview with CNN, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that a focus on battles and sword-fighting was planned from the very beginning of the Zelda series, but that they were only able to start implementing more complicated controls starting with Ocarina of Time.

“When we started this project (Legend of Zelda) many, many years ago with the original NES, it was from the beginning about the sword fighting. Starting actually from ‘Ocarina of Time,’ the developers were more eager to make more sophisticated movements of the sword competition.” 

He also talked about the difficulties in balancing realism with fun and their goal of making it so that “you can feel as if you have actually shot the arrow with your bow.” You can read the interview here or hit the jump for thoughts.

For me personally, I loved the idea of more realistic controls – having to pay attention to the sword battles, and swinging the Wii remote horizontally and vertically. It wasn’t until I started using the bug net that the controls started to get on my nerves. It looks like as Zelda fans we are all going to have to learn to like the MotionPlus style of sword-fighting, though of course they will continue to be streamlined further in future games.

So keep practicing your technique, as Skyward Sword will surely not be the last motion-control battle for Link! How do you feel about the realistic motion controlled swordplay? Leave your thoughts below!

Source: CNN
  • Xosgni

    I said it before and I'll say it again-

    The motion controls are the future.

    They work too well for us to go back.

    • mcdude910

      I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • LeonardoBarbosa

    Xosgni is right, THIS IS how Zelda games from my dreams look like. Since TP I was expecting that, but sadly TP was just a port from the gamecube version so it didnt had motion controls so precisely. Then SS came. From the today games, I can say that Zelda is the one that the motion controls fitted so well, and I cant see another style of gameplay anymore.

  • Blend old with new and you get golden success.

  • Midnight C

    In general, I loved the motion controls in SS, especially the swordplay. The only thing that annoyed me to the point of detracting from the game were the controls for underwater swimming. Bring back the Zora-style swimming from Majora and be done with it already!

  • jeff

    If it actually had one-to-one motion control 100% of the time without re-calibration and having to center the cursor I'd be all for it!

    just don't mess with things that clearly don't need the motion, i.e. flying, swimming etc.

  • The motion controls have really grown on me. I hope they continue to use those for a long while before turning to something else.

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    I was so scared the Motion Controls would suck the months prior to SS's release… and then I was so joyful when I found out they were smooth like Lon Lon milk down your throat. The bug net really does get on my nerves some times, but I can totally live with it.
    Furthermore, SS-wise, art direction and look is amazing. Kind of sad to see Zelda go for a realistic-HD look. But they'll make me love it once again.
    (can't wait until Wind Waker+MQ and Twilight Princess for the GCN come through the mail!)

    • Banooru

      Are they going to go in an HD direction? I thought the Wii U demo was just demonstrating the Wii U's capabilities, and not showing what an actual Zelda game would look like. Either way, I know Nintendo will make the best choice for the style of the next game.

  • bob

    The battles in SS don't really have much more depth despite the 1:1 controls. Sure now you have to attack in 9 different directions instead of 3, but that's it. Nothing else was utilized, you could have made how fast you swing the controller matter and affect the recoil of incorrectly swinging. You could have made the direction you were holding the controller before you start swinging matter (instead, the first boss actually encourages you to hold the controller to the left and SWING to the left, which should be impossible if the controls were actually 1:1.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    I'm fine with SS controls. As long as you don't have to constantly re-center the cursor in the next game.

  • Link and Cuccos

    The motion controls in SS were awesome. It made the game even more interactive, and I really got into the battles and fights. And I agree about using the net – it got on my nerves trying to catch bugs and birds, but it also showed just how realistic it felt using it – I actually had to be precise and patient, traits you need when you catch bugs and birds in real life. XD

  • Handheld: Traditional (Like in Oot 3D!!!!)
    Console: motion (SS)