In a recent interview with CNN, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that a focus on battles and sword-fighting was planned from the very beginning of the Zelda series, but that they were only able to start implementing more complicated controls starting with Ocarina of Time.

“When we started this project (Legend of Zelda) many, many years ago with the original NES, it was from the beginning about the sword fighting. Starting actually from ‘Ocarina of Time,’ the developers were more eager to make more sophisticated movements of the sword competition.” 

He also talked about the difficulties in balancing realism with fun and their goal of making it so that “you can feel as if you have actually shot the arrow with your bow.” You can read the interview here or hit the jump for thoughts.

For me personally, I loved the idea of more realistic controls – having to pay attention to the sword battles, and swinging the Wii remote horizontally and vertically. It wasn’t until I started using the bug net that the controls started to get on my nerves. It looks like as Zelda fans we are all going to have to learn to like the MotionPlus style of sword-fighting, though of course they will continue to be streamlined further in future games.

So keep practicing your technique, as Skyward Sword will surely not be the last motion-control battle for Link! How do you feel about the realistic motion controlled swordplay? Leave your thoughts below!

Source: CNN