Hey everybody!  Long time no see!  Well, if you remember me that is.  Long story short, I am James or Lozzie on the forums.  I used to post a lot around these parts and used to do a lot of mailbags to boot.  Well, I had a child almost two years ago and a breakup kept me off these parts for the most part.  But, I have a little spare time to kill, so I decided to hop back on ZU and do what I do best: mailbags!  So, I will be in the rotation to do the weekly mailbags from here on out.

But, you don’t wanna see me ramble about me, you want answers!  Well, I was supposed to do this last week, but due to some complications, I am here instead this week to answer some questions.  You may see a lack of Skyward Sword questions, mainly because I haven’t played the game yet.  I know, blasphemy.  After Christmas, that shouldn’t be an issue.  But without further ado, here are your questions for this week.



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Stalextana: Do you think Nintendo should develop a Legend of Zelda game based on the origin of Majora’s Mask?

James: You know, I never thought about it before, but I think that could be a cool little side story game that doesn’t even involve Link at all. It deals with the Imp, the Four Giants, and the tribes that hid away Majora’s Mask and the Fierce Deity’s Mask. But, that might be a difficult story to muster up considering that the story of the masks was really just backstory to hold the game together. Who knows really, I wouldn’t mind seeing it though.


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TheKaradom: In Twilight Princess, the map is flipped in the Wii version. What map is geographically cannon? The Gamecube version or the Wii?

James: Since the game was originally going to be a Gamecube release, then in my opinion, the Gamecube map is the canon map. Some may argue that since the Wii game was out first, that map is canon, but I still think that that map is just a mirror of the Gamecube map, and therefore not canon.


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Pieceseeker16: How old is Link?Is his age different in each game?

James: I figured I would just throw this in because I like answering this question. Link is a different age in all the games and each Link is different. Usually all the Link’s are between the ages of 10-17, which I believe Adult Link in Ocarina of Time is the only 17-year-old Link, however, I could be wrong.


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Kingmatt134: So majors mask took place after ocarina of time but when link was a kid does that mean during ocarina of time when link was an adult termina was destroyed by the moon?

James:Ah, time travel, you seem to mess up any logic ever. You could look at it one of two ways: 1) Your theory of Termina being destroyed while Link is an adult, but resets to being fine when Link is transported back to a child. 2) The events of Termina never happen until the end of Ocarina of Time, because that is when Skull Kid takes the Mask from the Mask Salesman and flees to Termina. Then, after taking the Ocarina from Link, sets the Moon to crash during the game of Majora’s Mask.


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Zero1343: Do you think we will see a return 2d Zelda game like alttp etc or do you think they will just continue with the ph/st style?

James: I think you have seen the last of the LA/OoA/OoS sprite of Link. I think that 3D technology has killed off the hope of Nintendo ever going back down that road, since they really don’t need to. Especially with all the motion control gimmicks and such that all the Nintendo consoles have nowadays.


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ZachJamesFriend: My question for you is. If you could see a revamp release of a Zelda game 2D only which game would you choose and why that one above the others?

Link to the Past is definitely the only candidate that can be discussed. It is a fan favorite among a lot of Zelda fans and sometimes ranks higher on fans lists than Ocarina of Time. So it is just natural that you would recreate a classic like that into 3D. My favorite 2D game is Link’s Awakening just because it was my first Zelda game, but I would definitely choose LttP over that game any day.


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Rarecandydealer: I always liked to think that The Four Giants were the Terminian counterparts to the Golden Goddesses while Majora was the counterpart to the Triforce itself
What is your opinion??

James: I do agree with your idea that the Four Giants are a counterpart to the Goddesses, but I don’t think that Majora, nor the mask, were the counterpart to the Triforce. Every land in the Zelda series seems to have one major deity somewhere, but not all have a relic like that of the Triforce.


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  • I'd love to see A Link to the Past revamped into a full 3D experience. I literally see it a lot like Skyward Sword. After all, ALttP had the Dash feature and it was brought into SS. Maybe an ALttP remake could use motion controls and other SS operations.

  • GuildedBlood

    One thing that would be cool that Nintendo could try to do: 1st person swordplay. It would be a huge risk granted, but seeing out of Link's eyes, you would really feel like Link and attacking with your sword the same way it worked in Skyward Sword would be amazing.

    It is just a thought, but it could be a great revamp.

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    question!! do you think we will ever get a majoras mask sequel, or a story involving the reuniting of link with navi? or do you think that nintendo just doesn't want to make another game involving the link from OoT?

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    question? here is a few questions in my mind over all these years. Do you think that Majora's Wrath from The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask will ever make his grand return? Who is the ancient tribe that created the mask in the first place will the ritual be the same like some of the other games ? final question wat will majora's wrath be in the next game and what form will he be like?