Hyrule Historia

A French-speaking user on YouTube by the name of floshiden is extremely lucky to have a copy of the Hyrule Historia book in his hands, and he has provided some amazing insight into what is printed within the pages of this history-making  book for all Zelda fans.

Most importantly, he shows us the page that reveals the “official timeline” of the entire Zelda series up to date.

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Watching the video, there is a ton of never-before-seen concept artwork, ranging from landscape designs to characters, including some Sheik designs that never made it into some of the games.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think of the book so far in the comments below!

  • Firts!!! i want it!!

  • Well one way to get around that and actually have it make some sort of sense, would be to say that the MS since its tied up in the Triforce has a little of its power to make wishes come true. So basically, the legend about the sword is what is in the mind of the current Link wielding it and that is the ability the sword has. So basically the sword can have any ability and whatever Link thinks it does, that what it does. So OoT could use it to travel through time. TP Link could use it to banish the Twilight, FSA Link could split into four people. Rather ridiculous, but fills a hole.

    • RedBearLuX

      FSA Link used the four sword…. Not that Master Sword…. Completely different sword.

  • Exolon

    Too bad the timeline is in Japanese…it's kind of hard to read.

  • Rriillyy

    So, from what i could see, the timeline section clearly states how each first game in the split connects to OoT….. I wish we had good scans and an american version so that we could finally settle the "failed link" timeline

  • alilinsane

    I really want an English version of this! It looks so cool! Any word on whether this is gonna be released elsewhere? I'd still kill to get it even though I can't read japanese

  • alilinsane

    nevermind, just bought it on impulse off of ebay. Can't wait!

    • Ebay is selling it $40 more than amazon.co.jp

  • TTL

    Uh, who cares about the timeline? Did you see all that concept art? THAT is the story, people! Half of that I've never seen! That's amazing!!!

    • Soeroah

      Possibly the people the timeline was included in the Historia for?

  • Andres

    That'd be awesome if I understood French or Japanese!

  • Knight of Hyrule

    Yay!!! I'm the dude that found this video!! Thank you, thank you.

  • Exolon

    I really like Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass's concept art. It's amazing how Nintendo can create such a beautiful piece of artwork, even on the two DS games.

  • Aberrant Bliss

    LOL this guy is so funny! I love how he says "Ganondorf." XD


    I REALLY NEED THAT BOOK!! That picture on the left at 16:38!!! dammnnn

  • If he continues to turn the pages like that, He won't have a Hyrule Historia anymore.

  • Craig

    Woo! Timeline confirmed! and it actually makes so much sense!

  • Craig

    Yeah I find the french stupid… *cough* Oh sorry, I mean the french language :-

  • Eh?

    "Watching the video, there is a ton of never-before-seen concept artwork, ranging from landscape designs to characters, including some Sheik designs that never made it into some of the games."

    What do you mean? Every Sheik design looked standard, aside from a barely-visible glance of what was POSSIBLY a new piece of art on the same page as the duet image. Unless you mean the original designs of what is CLEARLY Zelda from LttP?

  • I wish a reliable English-speaker would get a hold of this so that they tell us what it says up front.

  • HeldigMelk

    I've been learning french my whole life, but that guy talks so fast! I hope they release an english one in North America.

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