Skyward Sword

Hey Guys! It’s three days until Christmas! In today’s edition, we discuss voice acting in future The Legend of Zelda games.

Something I constantly noticed when reading reviews for Skyward Sword was the mentioning of  how the game lacks voice acting.  Which is not entirely true because the characters in the game do have voices.  They just don’t talk or speak aloud.  It is something that irritates me quite a bit.  Why does there need to be voice overs?  Will it make the story any better?  Some argue it would.  We still know what the characters have to say, we just have to read it instead.  But that is something that I personally enjoy.  To me, it’s a callback to older games when there were no voice overs.

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But of course, this is my opinion.  Some would love for Link’s voice to be heard and for him to possibly have more character development.  Something that I found interesting in a recent interview with Miyamoto was that he said even if the characters talked, no one would understand what they are saying.  This is something I never gave thought to, but he is right.  The characters, or most of them, would be speaking in Hylian.  So would you want Link to speak Hylian aloud but still have text boxes with the translation?  Or would you prefer Link to just be dubbed in the language in which you speak?  Or would you prefer Nintendo to continue with the way they have done things for the past 25 years and have no dubbing or voice overs?

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  • Prefiero el juego con las voces OFF son demasiados años jugando Zelda y siempre a sido así no debe por que cambiar !!

  • X-factor

    I don't know, A voice would be nice, but not in Hylian. Maybe Nintendo can give everyone but Link a real voice, that could work. Oh, by the way, first!

    • X-factor

      Hmmm… hasn't voice acting been done in Hylian? Don't the characters in TP and SS all speak in Hylian and then we have a translated caption underneath?

      • Vale Lywoud

        Actually… No their not. They're actually speaking in Japanese. Though some of sentences are recorded backwards. And it's been that way since Wind Waker. Look at Aryll for example that shout she makes "Oiii!" is actually more or less a slang term for "Hey" in Japanese. So if we were to get it in 'Hylian" It'd be just like it has been but done full on instead of just little snip-its.

  • Evan

    LoZ should not have voice overs. Link especially. My reasons are as follows: It leaves his voice up to our imaginations, it is a consistency that gives that connects us to the LoZ series as a whole in each individual game, and most importantly it ruins our own part in the legend. Part of the experience in playing the game is becoming the hero yourself; taking on that role. With Link not having a voice over, you are able to put yourself in that position much easier. If another voice plays for Link, you will start to feel disconnected from link between you and, Link..

    • bob

      there was another article about this, all the characters have expressions and the like now (even the speed in which the text scrolls and its color (and size) is altered), even Link, so there's not much left to personal interpretation anymore, so its not a good argument to keep away from voice acting.

      If they took away some of the expressiveness from the game's characters and stuff, then maybe. But at this point, nothing would be lost by giving non-Link characters voice overs.

  • Disciple of Midna

    Having everyone be essentially, speaking like Fi and Midna, is an interesting idea. However, I predict that many would view it as a "first step" of sorts, toward becoming fully voiced like most games we see nowadays, and that could easily become problematic…

    Call me a hipster, but I don't think the Zelda series needs to become so "mainstreamed."

  • Danayru

    I don't think voice acting would be worth the risk. Especially in English. There would be too much risk, and it's also an expense thing with it, they would have to hire voice actors for every character, in more than several languages. Too many people would complain, including me. I'd be happy with Hylian or Japanese and then subs, but English/American accents etc would kill me. I don't understand why so many people want voice acting. People keep complaining about the lack of it, but they don't seem to have a reason.

    • Larwaa

      THIS. Is exactly what I've been saying over the years.

  • The Phi of Fi

    The Legend of Zelda just doesn't need voice acting. Since when did people forget how to read? I don't mean to offend those of you who dislike the text, but really the one reason i think voice acting woud be good is for cinematics, or maybe if someone, say Ganon, has a really good piece of dialogue and voice acting would just make the scene more epic. However Zelda is a game series, and Nintendo don't need to make their games like movies, which pretty much every game is doing these days.

  • Well in my opinion, I don't really care if it has Voice Acting or not. As long as the game itself is great, I'm not complaining.

  • maniozelda

    I think they could try to make them speak hylian (hyrulian) with the sub text.
    But if its not worth it to take risk that its going to suck then just keep it like its always been =)

  • Ganondorf

    Voice acting sounds like a great idea. However, I don't have a dying ambition to ruin the series.

  • Ganondorf

    Taking over Hyrule is also hard enough already. I cm just walk right in and no one says a word. Having everyone yell at me would just complicate things…

  • Joeshmo

    It all depends to me. If it has auto scroll text then I believe it would need voice acting. I'm sorry but I'm a slow reader and I can barely keep up with auto scroll text. In Twilight princess and Skyward Sword I have already missed out on text and important parts of the story. In the cutscene in Majora's Mask where the happy mask salesman tells link about Majora's Mask, I just barely got all the words read but couldn't make sense of it because my brain take in what the words were saying per say.

  • Corey

    I think I like the Zelda series without voice acting. It sets it apart from most games now, and for some people, it`s probably the only reading they get. As Thareous stated, I think it would make things seem a little less personal to the player, more like they`re watching a movie rather than being inside the game. Also, I really don`t like how they compared it to Halo -.-

  • Bgood

    No voice acting. Period.

  • Eh, it's my opinion that voice acting is not neccessary. I think they could make it work for other characters, but I don't think Link should have anything beyond a few grunts and the occasional shout of anger. I do like the fact that in Skyward Sword we had more of a chance to shape his personality by having options for his responses.

  • hylian translator

    you know i think link could talk REALLY RARE in the game in hylian like masterchief but really rare like if he gets the tri-force he should talk

  • Hyrule Castle Resident

    Guys we all know what it felt like to have voice acting in a game that has Zelda characters (you know what I’m talking about) Do you really want that? And I will never refer to those game as Zelda games ’cause they aren’t.

    • Victoria<3

      those werent made by nintendo, though, just liscenced..and the VA wasn't all that bad. JUST THE FRAKING GAME WAS SO DAMN HORRIBLE.

  • Victoria<3

    I want an actual spoken Hylian language =.= just in important cinematics, you know? Like in that one scene *SPOLIERS* when Zelda 'goes to sleep'? NEEDS SOMETHING.
    Obviously they'd give us good voice acting, I mean, listen to the people on Youtube. Heck, I think I do a pretty okay job at voice acting when I say the things out loud…and believe me, it's a lot more powerful. I teared up a bit.
    Maybe we could just be able to turn it off? i'm saying we keep the text and VA, (just in cinematics, and then little snippets when you talk to them normally, like what we have now) It gives the characters so much more personality…

  • Nen desharu

    Zelda's singing in SS is one of the most beautiful examples of voice acting in the Zelda games. There are many other games that are better examples for Zelda, rather than some burly space marine. For example, Dark Cloud 2 (released in 2003) is advertised as having Hollywood-calibre voice acting (though the voice actors for the two main protagonists are voiced by then-chlldren who voice in animated cartoons). However, Link should not have any spoken parts (grunts, giggles, and screams suffice).

  • GrammaShoop

    I noticed in Skyward Sword, when its Link's turn to talk, they actually show him moving his mouth and going through some hand actions as opposed to having the other characters instantly repeating what link "Said", giving him time to respond may not be the same as voice acting, but at least we know Link isn't totally mute.

  • Ruko

    I'd said let them speak full-on English.
    I don't really want a Star Fox Adventure-style crap (dat Dino language) on my fave Zelda games… -__-

  • Viktor Burke

    have them Speak only in cutscenes and have the cutscenes look friggin AMAZING like in Skyrim

  • Pat

    I think it will be really awesome a hylian dub and the text that we all know and love… think about it, it's actually the same, the voices will be just to emphasize the emotions of the characters.

  • ijuin

    I like the idea of them speaking "Hylian" (if Midna's lines are an example of that kind of approach).

  • Ctown

    I think I would accually like some voice acting. Except for Link

  • TTL

    The argument for having Link mute so that we can fill his shoes is, for me, absolutely bogus. It's a video game. I don't care what character you're playing, how well they establish said character, you are going to be you. Case in point, if you're playing a devote, moral man and you're capable of pulling a gun and shooting someone, if that's how you roll, you'll do it. You're controlling this character and you'll do as you want. This notion that Link having an ill-defined personality is some sort of open door to fans suddenly being able to put themselves into him is nonsense. Video games are, by definition, interactive entertainment. You put yourself into the character by how you move along and what you do, regardless of the established character.

  • Jim

    YES – all characters EXCEPT Link should be voice acted.