Skyward Sword

Hey Guys! It’s three days until Christmas! In today’s edition, we discuss voice acting in future The Legend of Zelda games.

Something I constantly noticed when reading reviews for Skyward Sword was the mentioning of  how the game lacks voice acting.  Which is not entirely true because the characters in the game do have voices.  They just don’t talk or speak aloud.  It is something that irritates me quite a bit.  Why does there need to be voice overs?  Will it make the story any better?  Some argue it would.  We still know what the characters have to say, we just have to read it instead.  But that is something that I personally enjoy.  To me, it’s a callback to older games when there were no voice overs.

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But of course, this is my opinion.  Some would love for Link’s voice to be heard and for him to possibly have more character development.  Something that I found interesting in a recent interview with Miyamoto was that he said even if the characters talked, no one would understand what they are saying.  This is something I never gave thought to, but he is right.  The characters, or most of them, would be speaking in Hylian.  So would you want Link to speak Hylian aloud but still have text boxes with the translation?  Or would you prefer Link to just be dubbed in the language in which you speak?  Or would you prefer Nintendo to continue with the way they have done things for the past 25 years and have no dubbing or voice overs?

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