A writer on Kotaku has released a new article that discusses 10 things that were wrong and stupid about Skyward Sword. Now I know what you are thinking, “this guy is an idiot”, “let’s go troll him”, etc etc etc. However, the article actually aims to be a bit offensive to Zelda fans, and is a good look at what people who are not your normal Zelda fans may think about concepts of Skyward Sword.

The article is fairly long so if you would rather just get the bullet points, then here is his 10 reasons.

  • 1. I don’t like the Wii.
  • 2. Seriously, why isn’t there voice-acting?
  • 3. The writing is pretty bad.
  • 4. Please, please, please stop talking to me.
  • 5. “It gets really good about six hours in.”
  • 6. Please pick an art direction already.
  • 7. The same old lock-and-key dance.
  • 8. I just don’t care about the Motion Plus.
  • 9. The default follow camera angle is too high.
  • 10. I hate the stamina meter.

As you can see, a lot of these points are not so much attacks on the game but on the Wii console itself. However, he does make some good points within the article so it is certainly worth a read.

Source: Kotaku

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  • joh

    i never liked Kotaku…

    • sen

      these are the dumbest reasons ever!

      • Shuu

        I bet hes one of those FPS types of people. Kids these days. Sheesh.

      • Chastity:)

        true but the stamina bar does suckkk

        • sino8r

          Yeah, it makes things more difficult but Link can finally run! Weren’t you tired of rolling to move more quickly?! I am really digging more agile Link! Am half way through “Hero Mode” and am LOVING it!

          • Gloamgl0zer

            I'm kind of curious; did any of you actually read the article? Cause it seems like you skimmed it and just assumed that the author hates the game.

    • tool

      the funny thing is, is that there IS voice acting in the game..

      • Nen desharu

        For exampel, Beedle says "Thank you" in English and Zelda sings the Ballad of the Goddess in proto-Hylian. If you doubt that there is voice acting, look at my username (which are the first two sung words that Zelda sings).

        See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ5BEn_TWeA

        • Nen desharu

          I meant "For example,"

  • Pedro B.

    In general he's only saying that he hates Skyward Sword for it being a Wii Zelda game with a stamina bar and a new art style.

    • RedBearLuX

      Yeah alot of people hate on the stamina bar it would seem…and yet Skyrim gets none of that hate and that has a stamina bar…. ahhh perspective ¬_¬

      • mphouston

        I liked the stamina bar made the game more challenging however I would say it was too short and he couldn't do anything after 5 seconds of running which made the whole thing dumb! I think it just needed some tweaking!

      • At least in Skyrim you can upgrade your stamina. I wish they had that option in Skyward Sword, although it isn't as bad as people say it is. :/

        • Eddy

          You can buy stamina potion to increase it temporarily, although I have seen no need to at this point. Being able to upgrade the short stamina bar would be very nice, I agree, though. elizabutt? hehe

  • The writer must be related to Tom McShea. Possibly his son.

    • TheMaverickk

      Agreed….. seriously it's a hard article to really say that "these are intentional humorous jabs"… I mean I don't consider it really funny šŸ˜›

      • Eddy

        It's about as funny as someone telling perverted jokes about your mom and saying, I'm only kidding!

        • ChainofTermina

          oh, no, it isn't the least bit funny. not in the slightest. but I still don't think it's meant to be taken seriously either. it's extremely stupid, but it's extremely stupid on purpose. at least, I think it is…….I certainly HOPE it is……

          • Eddy

            In that case they should make Ten Things Wrong With articles for Skyrim, Arkham City, and the other big releases as well

  • Ashmic

    yeah alot of ppl are wii biased, like on the G4 channel on demand, has no reviews or gameplay videos for SS but ofc for battlefield and Skyrim, they're so system-racist, all ps3 and Xbox, nothing on wii whatsoever

    • ChainofTermina

      last time I checked, all of G4 is biased against ANYTHING that isn't an FPS, or at least rated M.

    • Cinder

      X play on G4 did a review on SS.

    • sheikah98

      god, don't even get me started on G4. or game informer. my comment could end up doubling the size of this page.

  • I read this article the other day, and he does make a couple of points that I agree with (and a lot that I don't). Mostly point number 4 is the one I agreed with. That got obnoxious really quickly. Fi is probably my least favorite sidekick.

    • goonch

      havent you ever heard of Linebeck? He's obviously the worst sidekick of all the Zeldas.

      • I didn't mind him. At least he wasn't always by your side, telling you that you're running low on hearts or your wiimote needs new batteries. Jeeeez.

    • Craig

      Uhhh… Ezlo was frustrating, Midna had a nice story but was annoying, Navi got in the way… So Fi is the best one yet. I hate how people are judgemental about things

      • I wasn't frustrating! SQUAWK! What are you talking about?! Do you have something against old man bird hats?

        No but seriously, man. Think about what you just said. šŸ˜‰

      • Eddy

        hehe I was gonna say, Aren't you being judgmental about Ezlo, Midna, and Navi?

      • Stalchild

        I hated Fi. She was honestly no more annoying than Midna, but Midna had character, which made up for a great deal. I couldn't imagine playing Twilight Princess without Midna. Fi, on the otherhand, is annoying and useless on top of failing to make any major impact on the story OR an emotional impact on me, and so I think the game would be better without her.

        • NekoBoy012

          I actually liked Fi very much…I felt that even though it was her duty to serve you throughout your journey, she became more human like near the end of the game.
          Also, if you choose some of the bad/wrong answers when talking to Fi, she says some pretty hilarious stuff xD

        • Casual Vader

          I felt Fi was supposed to be like AI. What with the way she talks about % chances.

    • Gaepora

      I agree Fi is the worst sidekick in he series. More annoying than Navi by far, and only says the most obvious things. She didn't have a good story like Midna did either.

      • coop

        i agree with the no good storyline part. but she was supposed to be robotic/state the obvious type. It's annoying a lot of the time, but that's how she was meant to be.

        • Yaz

          I loved Fi.
          Her way of telling you the obvious useless facts annoyed me at first but I soon saw the lighter side of it.
          Navi was the one I hated…

    • Cyphros

      Well, obviously you find Fi annoying. I mean, you are Girahim after all.

  • ChainofTermina

    this is so obviously MEANT to get people angry and isn't legitimately serious.

  • Hyrule Town Resident

    Whoever wrote theese things should really be fired… I mean come on people, why are all reviers,bloggers etc. biased? Is everything on the Wii stupid? No, I love the Wii it's the only console in the main 3 I play because I love the games it has, it has more variety but noooo FPS is the only good type of gaming pfft I don't think I'll be going to Kotaku at all I never did anyways so meh. Besides it just frustrates me that people insult a good game because of the console it's in. And voice acting? Am I the only one who actually enjoys reading the text?

    • Rank

      Not only i don't mind reading text, but if they had Link talking, there would make a big fuzz about it and start complaining that it should be different! [just like metroid] So, it's better this way!

      • Megan

        I think so too. Everyone has a different idea of how characters should sound. And if you find something wrong with a character's voice, it can be really distracting…(especially English dubs…at least to me).

    • jon

      its the legend of zelda even the book link don't talk, if u what link to talk read the manga, i agree with u dude ppl are too in to fps that they can craw out of the hole thay are in to see a better game

    • seriously if nintendo gets voice acting 4 zelda that would be horrible i like reading the text it gives a chance to give link a personality

    • Faron

      Voice acting shouldnt even matter. We dont want the first words coming out of his mouth to be: "Well EXCUSE MEEE PRINCESS" I just dont think he was meant to talk. But I will agree that it was pretty annoying to have to pay $50 for the game and then an extra $40 for the motion plus if you didnt already have it. And the stamina meter…. Well if you try to run in the halls while its night at skyloft, it sounds like Link is having an orgasm XD I just laugh at that. Considering the fact that I will be a dedicated zelda fan no matter what, none of the things listed really bothers me šŸ™‚

    • Cyphros

      The silence is a major part of the franchise. -.-

  • chronohart

    I just want to point out that Tim Rogers, the author of the offending article, is not actually a Kotaku writer. I personally haven't found a great deal of articles I liked on Kotaku, but they shouldn't be COMPLETELY sullied by the works of another author.

  • Victor George

    I don't know. After playing Dragon Age games, I'm starting to think, "Nintendo, take a cue from BioWare when it comes to doing cutscenes!"

    • Craig

      I love Nintendo cutscenes… There's no way they should be pre-rendered and pure cinematics – It doesn't match up and looks out of place. You're playing the game and suddenly black bars close in with much better pre-rendered graphics and paler colours with some minor distortion and then it jumps back to the game which is visibly different. Not to mention, real-time rendering is more clever and incorporates the image of the character and what is attributed to Link at the time. I've played countless games where I'll be wearing one thing and suddenly a fake looking cutscene comes on and has a different look and feel. Zelda has it's own style… People expect games to be narrow (minded) and think only one way is the best. Truth is, if that was the way it was, the industry would seriously fail. A console that has variety and can expand the gaming population deserves all the praise and that's the Wii. Sony and Microsoft's attempts to reach out to some families are copies of Nintendo hardware in a different guise.

  • Gerudude

    I completely agree on the HD thing. It's a crying shame. Furthermore I think it was written pretty funny.
    The little vid of the author and his wiimote….ha ha close your eyes while running this vid, and you'd swear he's jerking off. LOL.
    And I'm happy to say I'm a psycho Zelda fan.

    • Craig

      HD is amazing and I love all the new technology, I always have to have the Nintendo consoles on day 1… but it does not influence whether a game is good or not. You could put Skyward Sword in HD but it really looks the same, other than sharper… It's in people's psychology to think it improves the actual graphics and all. Games like the Mario Wii and 3DS games and Zelda have proven HD isn't needed, as well as in the past when HD wasn't known about… Nobody cared then, so why now? I like that they're stepping into HD but really, it's not compulsary to the success of a game – only narrow minded people think that. I also want to say that I feel this generation's consoles from Sony and Microsoft jumped into HD a generation too early. When they arrived, HD wasn't big and it took 3 years after to take off… Technology doesn't allow HD to become a higher resolution, not to mention that the human eye can only see 1080p and after it all looks extremely similar. The Wii has made a huge success without HD with the biggest range of games on any console ever… It didn't need HD and the expansion of gamers has made the gaming industry huge now. I feel Nintendo have come into HD at a more naturally correct time period, as it's more likely that by the end of the next generation of home console, we'll be a lot closer to seeing technology expand into 1440p – even if the human eye can't recognise it fully or even handle it. Nintendo have moved at a more natural rate of technological progression… The only reason Nintendo is seen to be in the wrong is only because Sony and Microsoft did it, so it's their problem not Nintendo's.

  • KingOfHeart

    I agree with #4 and #5

    • guest305

      I kinda agree with 3. #5. depends on how fast you play the game

  • Megan

    I wonder…does the writing in the game deal with issues in translation from Japanese? I can't be sure. Also, I don't usually speak in full sentences most of the time…*shrugs* Also, can't you change the number of hints that are given in the interface? Or was I mistaken…(I just left it alone). But overall, to each his own. I think that the problems a game has can be fun to poke fun at, or commiserate with other fans. XD

    • Craig

      I think it's written perfectly… There is no correct way to right but Zelda does it on a personal and natural level in relation to events and characters/characterization (e.g. Ghirahim and Zelda and then when she remembers her memories from Hylia, she speaks differently). It can't all be "It's 2100 and machines have taken over" or "It's the war in Iraq" or "Blah blah blah, ye old thing thee dragons and all that thus, blah blah blah" or even "Kill the evil gothic vampires"… The problem they really have is that it's not a gory "manly" game, so they'll find something like the writing to complain about.

  • Agentbarto

    I fail to see how reinventing the Zelda "look" consistently is a bad thing. I suppose if you want to render the graphical depiction of the Zelda franchise dead then yes it is a bad thing. I also agree with #'s 4 and 5 and not a fan of the new sword feature, mainly because it only tracks "cardinal" movements; diagonal, up/down, left/right. I wanna swing my sword in whatever way I can…

    • TheMaverickk

      Apparently there is only room in the video game world for two styles of Zelda game….. cel-shading and realism.

    • Craig

      I think it keeps it interesting and each art style is representative of the story involved and there for emotive and geological reasons. Skyward Sword is an old tale from ancient times at the beginning – so it has the look of cave paintings and impressionist art from the 1500's onwards to give it that old look and feel, whilst being beautiful and breathing life into the world. I'd prefer that to having every game in a series look the same old… I bet if the same art style was used in Zelda all the time it would be accused even more for being the same old all the time, so there's no pleasing anyone these days. The newer generations and dickheads have no taste or sense of style – All they care about is "whoa, cool graphics, let's kill men, get chicks, race cars and see some guts"… I love arts and also love cool things like racing and Zelda's swordplay – I'm open minded about everything in life but a lot of people also aren't and are unappreciative idiots.

    • Vezwyx

      The new sword feature does NOT only track "cardinal" movements; if you played around with it for about 2 seconds, you'd discover that slightly changing the angle of your Wii remote swing will slightly change the angle of Link's sword swing.

  • in other words, he thought he bought Skyrim, accidentally bought SS.

    • Tenshi

      Still won Game of the Year award over Skyrim for 2011 ;p

  • 72hours192

    Whatever. He’s just another dick biased against anything remotely related to Nintendo.

    This is why M-rated games never should have come into the picture. They’re making Nintendo lose its popularity and turning children into arrogant bastards.

    • TheMaverickk

      It's a sad truth… the dramatic rise of M rated games in the last 10 years, and their popularity is alarming.

      I mean when I was 13-14 Perfect Dark had just come out… it was a racy game that barely anyone I knew had. You weren't allowed to buy it without a parent… it was probably one of 5 M rated games to be released that year. Now though M rated games are everywhere.

      Not only that it's actually come to a point that most devs actually aim to have an M rated title cause it will sell better.

    • Craig

      If you would have asked me about 8 years ago if games influenced people, I would have said no… but these days, Sony are like a cult and they even said they decided they didn't want "childish" and prissy games and that men should be real men and like all the things they put in their games today. The games along with Sony's blatant feelings towards how people should be really gets into young people's minds and they feel they have to become that way, it's sad.

    • Jarkes

      Partially true. However, Nintendo has had plenty of M-rated games, some of them exclusive to their consoles (No More Heroes, MadWorld, Perfect Dark, etc.)

  • jacob

    My turn
    10 Thing great about Skyward sword
    1.Amazing story line
    2.hours of game play
    3.the graphic's are real cool
    4.cool weapons and items
    5.loading screens arnt long
    6.the new battle system (using the wiimote)
    7.Flying is cool
    8.the temples are fun
    9.you really feel like part of the story line when playing
    10.it's incredibly fun

    • Superpokefan94

      Wow, a top 10 I actually agree with all 10 points!

    • Landrik

      Stop attacking people for no reason. He's right about this. Zelda gives us something the other consoles simply don't have…. Heart.

      • KitsuneFox

        I agree. All the Zelda games have a sweet touch that makes them a fairy tail, and that's why they're loved.

    • sovietghost

      agree with everything.. except the flying stuff

    • lipnox

      1ocarina of time has a better storyline,
      2ocarina of time allows for many more hours of gameplay then skyward
      3graphic style looks very dated in 480p and doesn't hold up well on big screen tvs at all
      4Hylian shield isnt unlocked til you beat almost everything, and there doesn't seem to be very many items or much variety amoungst them, nor is there entertaining ways to use them aside from secret ruppees as the beatle.
      5 skyward sword has the worst load times in the series from what I can tell
      6 The wii mote is fun in concept but to say these are "epic" zelda battles is hardly correct. looks more like 2 children play sword fighting with sticks.
      7 well thats a Lie, the flying is the worst part of the game by far, figures the one time a controller makes sense for something they add motion controls to break it, and cause that little extra bit of frustration
      8 The temples are easy and dont feel one bit enjoyable because there is no challenge. The only challenges came with fighting the motion controls during the rare instances the controller lost calibration.
      9 I suppose unlike previous games you get more then one chat option for what to say but compared to Kotor, heavy rain, or mass effect… lol
      10. its only fun until you relise you might as well just watch the game play itself because no brain action is required to reach the end of this one.

    • guest305

      what loading screens?

      • Zora

        Right, what loading screens? I have beated all the game, got the 20 hearts, etc. and never saw a laoding screen

  • ehlelel

    4, 5, 8 and 10 I agree with, though still, Skyward Sword is amazing.

  • Zak

    This guy sounds like a 4 year old having a hissy fit…

  • sfou89

    Hey. I just wanted to say I really disagree with this article being posted on this site… It's just not relevant. You say it "is a good look at what people who are not your normal Zelda fans may think about concepts of Skyward Sword." His outlook on the game and criticism both seem incredibly narrow. He complains that the game's lack of voice-acting forces you to read. Seriously, "reading is too hard" is one of his points. He compains that the game has too much text and dialogue, while SS is easily the most silent game in the series since OoT once you're past the intro stage (i'm not counting the sidequests and town exploration, since you can actually skip all of that if you really hate reading that much). I have like 25 other points to make against this article but this is already getting lengthy and I think you get the point.

    His points are weird, biased, irrelevant and inflammatory. Tim Rogers is just a bad writer, and an annoying person, who knows how to grab people's attention. If you want to link us to valid criticism of the game then by all means do some research, there's heaps of it around the internet, and for the most part it's much more relevant than this empty wall of text.

    • TheMaverickk

      I agree with this for several reasons…. it's better if Zelda fans aren't hearing these kinds of things. It's trolling.

      Gaming press sites are just as bad at trololololol-ing as any fan boy bases out there. They want to troll people so they get people reading and posting on articles and arguing with them.

      It's good business for them. Articles like this are created specifically to get people worked up.

    • Craig

      Unfortunately, people hate motion gaming because they're lazy narrow minded pricks. I even saw many people who do play Nintendo consoles say "Awww, does that mean I have to stand up or move around a lot when playing this game?", it's really messed up how lazy people are these days.

  • MDH

    Well, without reading the article, I agree with reasons 4 and 6. The rest seems silly though.

  • 4n 0n 0h mu5

    let's troll him anyway. šŸ™‚

  • Xosgni

    You find what you look for. And some people just need to find a new game to play.

  • whiteknights

    whiteknights everywhere o.o

  • MrDudeyRock


  • TheMaverickk

    It's simply a troll article. Gaming press sites do this all the time (most of them that is that like attention). They post and do article write up specifically meant to TROLL fan bases and feed certain fanboy groups and start arguements on their articles and flame wars.

    It's pathetic, petty and poor display in professional writing yet it's done all the time in video game sites.

    This was an article better off ignored.

    • cumster

      lol buthurt fanboy,

  • bastian

    Actually, the article writer makes a point of saying Skyward Sword is one of his favorite games and that he's just picking it apart into pieces just for the lolz.

    He does make some good points, even.

  • TectonicImprov

    Those aren't even good reasons.

  • BlairShadow

    Well regardless if it's a joke or not I like the wii, and zelda and still would play it over a 360 or ps3 game. everyone is too hooked on realistic graphics. personally i liked the art in SS and the storyline? AMAZING!! I could go on all day but bottom line is. SS is a win, his review is a fail

  • me man2

    i hate this guy already

  • Exolon

    Believe it or not, I actually agree with #4 and #5

  • Triphoria

    Er, Although I completely disagree with the person who wrote this, I don't think insulting them is the solution, because they probably won't see the comments…

  • Guest

    This article has some good points, but some of the reasons are pretty shallow. Those aren't the ten things wrong with SS. There's others.

    I didn't really like Skyward Sword (motion controls aside). I thought the world was empty in the sky and too confined on the surface. The new races were boring and not interesting all. The only good race was the Gorons. The NPCs, save for Zelda's father and the teachers (and maybe Pipit), were flat characters and boring (with how much they were praising SS, I was expecting MM-level NPCs).

    The best part of the game was the temple design and the music. But what good are temples if you don't care about the world they're placed in? It feel like Spirit Tracks for a home console.

    I honestly didn't like SS very much and don't expect to go back to it anytime soon. And I've been with the series since the beginning. It makes me sad. I hope the game for Wii U is better.

  • linkintime

    He did the same thing with skyrim. that guy does not deserve to write game articles. he is a profesional duche bag

  • Craig

    I do agree with TheMaverickk in a way… Zelda sites shouldn't make light of things like this, it only makes the narrow minded hardcore group laugh and say "hey look, they're not happy now, awww what a shame" and they bully more because they think it gets to us and they can break us down by making us argue. I think sites should just focus on the news… This site has gone down the pan without Cody and Jason being around so much, these new writers are terrible and all they seem to do is fill the pages with rubbish "just to have something updated". That's really bad presentation ZU… Post Zelda news that's relevant and stop spamming us with every tiny random news you can find. If you were really good, you'd know that. You can't just hire random people to write for the site just because "they're fans"… They have to have good journalism skills at least naturally and know not to spam the site purely to keep the site fresh.

    • wanderer


  • X-factor

    I stand by my original reaction, "this guys an idiot".

  • jeff

    i enjoyed most of this game, I also agree with 90% of his arguments

  • ijuin

    I would say that if he is trying to critique Skyward Sword specifically, then "I hate the console that it is released for" is off-topic. Saying "I hate the way that the controls feel awkward" is more applicable, but hate for the platform is a separate issue from hate for a particular game on that platform.

  • Emilie

    4. I agree a little, but not a lot (just Fi, sometimes)
    5.You don't progess very fast, do you?
    6. So you don't like anything new?
    7. I thought you didn't like new things (PS: this is the theme of the games)
    9. Yes, I agree, but it's not to the point where it gets in the way.
    10. It just adds challenge and speed, dude.
    I don't think the other points need comments since they are very shallow or off-topic. Some points are real critiques, but other wise, it's a very uninteresting critique.


    Remember people, it's only a satire. Chill.

  • Eximius

    2 things did bother me, and they were big.

    A.- Time with in the sand ship- You can activate switches in the future that will affect the past.
    B.- Akuma/ Ganon- Sorry but the final fight had a street fighter feeling, At least it keept me looking forward to see why Demise decided to take a human form, even after criticizing Hylia for turning human.

  • Axelink

    He really has played Zelda SS? Seems like he has been living in a dream: thinking Lego Indiana Jhones is Zelda SS.

  • Axelink

    I recognaise that I'm seeing this throw a Zelda Fan eyes… but, he is attacking no the game itself, but the plataform where you play it. And I suppouse Kotaku has wan lots of Literature Novels and it's the only 3rd person game that he has played in his hole life to affirm: "The default follow camera angle is too high".

  • HeroofTime

    This guy is just a fucking looser…

  • Leolanna

    About the Voice Acting… I didn`t ever think about it when playing myself back in the first games, never missed it, until reading in internet and wondering about how would it fit.

    I actually think it doesn`t fit at all. But I also agree something must be done as it would be way more exciting for some parts to have more than a grump.

    What I`ve been thinking lately, after listening to the 25th anniversary symphony, is if Nintendo has developed/been developing the Hyrulean language, as some parts are sang in Hyrulean and we`ve been all presented to this language especially in Wind Waker. So maybe Nintendo is making with Hyrulean what Tolkien did with the elvish, and so maybe that`s what would fit perfectly.

    Spoken in Hyrulean, with subtitles. Sure it would be way more exciting than any other language. And unique. As its always better to watch anything on it`s original language.

  • Sort of Agree

    I absolutely loved Skyward Sword. Beautiful game and so much fun to play.. But I think this guy has a point. I think Zelda does need voice acting. The grunts and the "ooohs" that the characters make make them seem rather unintelligent. And I know I'm gonna catch it for this, but Ithink that Link should have voice acting too. I have read a couple of the Legend of Zelda Manga books and Link having a voice makes the story so much deeper. You can more easily see his struggle with the quest that he's on. I know this violates the artistic direction of Zelda games… but maybe the fresh new look critics (myself included) are looking for is making the story a bit more animated through voice acting.

    • wanderer

      Screw off.

  • professor plum

    this DOES need voice acting šŸ˜

  • Lucius Optimus

    Just another Nintendo, Wii and Zelda hater. Very irrational

  • kooool kid

    must've gotten an arrow in the knee

  • sithlordcole

    Well someone has never played Zelda, half the stuff he mentions are normal things in the Zelda series and the console issues didn't bug me. I could care less if Zelda had an art style =P

  • jgkjg

    The only thing I dislike about Skyward Sword, is how Link's face looks; more so his weird lips…

    Also, I find this article very redundant, and unprofessional.

    • jgkjg

      And to clarify, I mean this exact one being posted here. Like, really…

  • Mellowman1210

    Those reasons don't count!

  • Naver.com

    I thought the stuff he pointed out was right, but all of them are just minor complaints.
    The greatness of the story, dungeon designs and gameplay just outweigh all that.

  • GamerRob1

    Umm.. Some of these reasons are invalid. There is a reason they dont have voice acting. They have said the reason why millions of times yet people still act like they have not responded to that reason. Even though hes aiming to offend us, he is still trying to make points. Which most are not even worth reading.


    He has MANY good points. I agree with 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10.

  • Tizzz

    Okay to be honest these are the stupidest reasons I’ve ever heard. “I don’t like the wii”? This is nothing more than whining. Hardly any of these reasons qualify as legit critiques, except for 2, 7, and 9. Even then I only agree with 7. Other than that, a real critique isn’t “I don’t like this” or “I hate that.” a critique is “I feel there is something off in this aspect” etc. I seriously hate this post.

  • meh

    Ok on the whole no voice acting thing. If no one remembers there were two zelda game that did have voice acting and they sucked (if you don't believe me look up the zelda games for the cd-i); So i would rather link remain voiceless.While i do agree with 6; and 2 is a moot point, the rest are a biased opinion. So a piece of advice would be to change the title of this thread to "Ten things I think are wrong with skyward sword". There is nothing wrong with the Wii i actually give nintendo props on going a different direction with gaming instead of the same old pad just more buttons and a different layout and plus they are durable (cant tell you how many xbox 360's and ps3's i have went through, but i have only owned one wii and still do since launch).

  • WhoTheHeckCares

    You're really screwy you know that. Nothing more than a flaming hater and a troll.

  • Raxaex

    This guy is really really mean how does he even dares to talk about that he must be a fat guy that doesn't like to move any way. and yeah i think we must troll him thumbs up if you think this guy is really dumb.

  • karla

    Lame !!!

  • Rocksor

    5 reasons why you should get peed on
    1. you hate skyward sword
    2. you dislike the wii
    3. you dont know how hard it is to get voice actors
    4. you tease us
    5. you just spit on not one game but all

  • Tony Iommy

    Hey listen noob i will give you the link to the ign review video about skyward sword

    i'm going to tell you some things, if you dont like the wii i don't think that your hate to the nintendo wii must be a problem for the nintendo company and just for that they are not going to release wii games, and the legend of zelda isn't a exception for a new nintendo console.

    And seriously why isnt voice acting? Are you kidding? The legend of zelda isnt the only game without voice acting in all the games for the nintendo company, and i must remember to you that if nintendo decide to made games with voice acting the language would be japanese and not your preciate english i think that is another reason for the voice acting.

    The writing is pretty bad? I want you to create a legend of zelda sequel and compare to the sequel of skyward sword.

    Please stop talking to me? Please dont press A in front of me.

    It gets really good about six hours to play with. Now i know your reason about your hate about the reading, and the hate about the history of skyward sword. I think that you are the kind of person that watch all the walktroughts and only finish the games once.

    Please pick an art direction already. Are you fuking kidding me? Skyward swor have the best graphics of the wii console taking the best of the wink waker and twilight princess. And tell me do you prefer a good looking game with a lot of bugs like xbox games. That you have to upgrade every month?

    The same old lock-and-key dance. Hey idiot there isnt another dimention after the tirht.

    I just don’t care about the Motion Plus, the wii motion plus is the next move on the videogame technology, nintendo was the first company on release that kind of technology for video games and the the other companies didnt get behind. And if you are talking about the same in the games this is new morron the wii motion plus is the new characteristic in zelda games.

    The default follow camera angle is too high, youre a woman that cry's for everithing.

    I hate the stamina meter, another new upgrade that you want.

  • KitsuneFox

    I only agree with one of those. The stamina meter is annoying and it gets in my way.

    I'm less than 6 hours in, and yes, I am perturbed by "I'm sorry Link, but your princess is in another castle" thing from Girahim, but it is a lovely game. It deserved all the top ratings it got, not this troll-y article that isn't worth anything.

  • FiLover

    OK, this guy does have his/her own opinion, but…

    1) The Wii has nothing to do with why you should hate the game

    2)If there was voice acting and people didn’t like it they would have to listen to that voice acting EVERY TIME THEY PLAY THE GAME

    3)You’d have to be in love with either Shakespeare or Barney to think the writing is bad

    4)The cut scenes for talking do get a bit annoying, but they’re not that many.

    5)I don’t even know what to say here

    6)It would be boring if they just stuck with one art direction. It makes the games more interesting.

    7)It’s a Zelda tradition. Do people complain when a Mario game just has the same idea of going through worlds and levels?

    8)Well, boo hoo

    9)After about five minutes of the game you don’t even notice it

    10)It makes the game more “realistic” for you “I just want proper logic in games” people. It would hardly make sense if Link could keep running forever.

    So ends my rant.

  • LAZERFire

    The only zelda games to have voice acting failed so bad you most likely never heard of them

  • Masta G


  • Lipnox

    #1 No HUB WORLD!
    #2 No challenging puzzles
    #3 480p
    #4 Lack of a real musical instrument like the previous games all included(waving left and right is not playing music)
    #5 Flying segments are terrible, and not fun what so ever
    #6 No secrets aside from things not worth existing
    #7 Stamina Bar
    #8 Game abandons its pacing once you start 2nd region, and becomes Super mario galaxy styled Zelda levels that dont feel or play one bit like anything previous in the series.
    #9 The Bombs (did they expect us to play this game standing up)
    #10 The ending (I wont spoil but seriously that was the worst zelda ending by far)

    • Are you serious or is this a joke?
      I played this game lying down in my bed, sitting in a chair, and with the Wii mote facing any other directions besides the Wii, and the controls were always working perfect. You don't need to be standing up for throwing or rolling a bomb, you just need to know how to do it, you just need to know how to play.
      And about the ending, you really didn't understood the game, right?
      Is one of the best storylines in Zelda's history of basic and cliché stories. I'll try to not publish spoilers, so I'll just say it explains the rest of the Zelda games in a very nice way. Demise is completely justified in the story and the ending is the starting point to explain the other games in the saga.
      I think people really should be gamers before playing this game or not playing it if they aren't really involved in gaming. There are lots of kids, fanboys and graphic whores out there who won't really appreciate the game because of the velum in their eyes.
      BTW, Sorry, my english is not as good as it should be, it is not my native language.

    • Zora

      I have some things to say to you:
      #1: Go play World of Warcraft, you d**k.
      #2:Well, maybe not as challenging as other games in some places, bu still challenging ain a normail level.
      #3:That doesn´t even make sense…
      #4:That is the worst one, I going to try to be pacient, the harp is actually not THAT important for thr story line, wait, TP didn´t had one(the Horse Call isn´t necessary for the completion, and a howl isn´t an instrument), neither PH(how do you play an houglass?).
      #5: That is plain stupid, maybe not the OMG feeling that gives you an orgasm but they aren´t terrible.
      #6:That does not making F*****g sense.
      #7:Is a god damn challenge, you critize that SS is not challenging and now you critize a challenge, God, please give him a brain.
      #8: What the hell do you mean? Besides SMG is a great game.
      #9: Just lift your fat ass off the couch and also it is not necessary to play it stood.
      #10: Just wish a thunder split you in two so I can take a crap on your grave.

  • Teb

    I am not even gonna pay attention to the 10 MOST CHILDISH COMPLAINTS of a troll about Skyward Sword, what are you like 5 years old? Skyward Sword is a great game GET OVER IT.

  • NAtaka

    the only reason i agree its the voice acting.

  • zabelin

    the point of view of someone ignorant about zelda, he even played it? the only thing what i dont liked much about this game is the blurry background(not really important), but who cares about that when you re trying to catch a thunder to vanquish evil in one of the most epics ways.

  • Diversity

    He can rant/ troll all he wants, it's not going to stop the game from selling millions.

  • liam

    it is me or is this guy a douche

  • Gloss

    I'm sorry but I disagree. I hate the stamina meter, too but it doesn't ruin my love for the game.

  • Dave P

    No offence to you guys but I think some people here are a little biased towards the Wii so how can you slag off this guy for being biased against it? He has a point that Nintendo continue to make consoles with crap graphical power which is a real shame since the team who make zelda could really make something truly stunning with the power of a ps3. I have all the consoles, I play them all and I love them all…OK i dont love the 360…if there was no mass effect, gears or fable it would be the most expensive doorstop I own.
    One guy up there asked why all bloggers are biased then continued to say that the Wii is the only console with good gaming?? Seriously? Read what you write before you post it dude. Engage your brain cells. I have been obsessed with Zelda since the very first one and literally get a nergasm everytime there is a new one but I REALLY would love to see it given the graphical upgrade that possibly the best game Ive played since FF7 deserves.
    yeh the guy who wrote that article is clearly a biased girlfriend-less loser who just wants to get people backs up but people arent just biased AGAINST the Wii.
    Do you only eat chinese food or only read books with red covers? That would just narrow down your possibilities for enjoying your life and by being so obsessed that the other consoles are crap just cos they are more popular or have the gall to try to have the best graphics or whatever reason you chose to love only the Wii is kinda sad. Just like those fat kids who only play 360, sat jerking off to Call Of Duty all night or those weedy spotty kids who only play PS3 and have EVERYTHING Sony so that they get a raging semi everytime they turn on their TV.
    This guy is clearly a moron. Seriously! he said that 'reading is too hard' WTF? He probably waits for the hollywood remakes of films that are perfect already in their native language like 'let the right one in', 'REC' or 'trollhunter' cos hes too retarded to read subtitles.
    Just so I can be devils advocate a little here and probably annoy some more fanboys Im gonna say 5 things I love and 5 things I hate about SS….

    1. The fact that in 2012 we have to play THE best franchise around in SD with graphics that cant beat the PSP which is a f**cking handheld console
    2. The dumbass Wii remote hurts my arm everytime I fly that freaking bird! Im getting w**kers crap without even doing the nasty and it doesnt even really get me more engrossed in the game since its not REALLY copying my exact moves…
    3….OK so i can only think of two and they are about the console more than the game….Zelda is LOVE!

    1.The storyline. EPIC BEAUTIFUL QUIRKY ENGAGING….everything COD isnt
    2. The characters…see above
    3. The art direction. the fact that the Zelda team have gotten everything they can out of a console that probably couldnt power my hairdryer
    4.The range of weapons and gadgets. Its like james bond with pointy ears…but cooler and less of a douche
    5. EVERYTHING.. (apart from the things mentioned in the first part haha)

    Im rambling but my point is that the guy some of you are complaining about is EXACTLY the same as you…he just has a different bias to you and sadly it is human nature to hate people who are different or who love different things… WE ARE ALL GAMERS!! cant we just all love games?
    TheMaverickk is so right. Hes just a petty little man and instead of getting angry about it just be happy that he is missing out on something amazing that you get to experience, something that could give his life a little more joy because of his stupid bias.
    I have trouble really sticking to one point here because I DONT agree with the people who blindly hate the Wii but I equally DONT agree with the others who blindly love the Wii and nothing else… At the end of it all you (and him) are just making your own lives less fulfilling like anyone with an irrational bias does.
    Meh ive said enough. Hate the haters

    • Zora

      Why did you bought the f*****g Wii is it hurts your little arms, ya bitch?

  • Link

    Why do u play the game if u complain :S

  • DanRendon

    OK……ZELDA is the most OVERATED game ever! I like Skyward sword. I dusted off my shitty WII to play this game, wich is good…But great? amazing? EPIC??? Yea freakin right! The WII sux! case closed! If the Wii had an actual controller (not that stupid nunchuku) you would be able to do so much more with gameplay. The WII controler limits you sooo much! O and the game is made for god damn 12 year olds (like every wii game) no HD? The graphics suk! I've played Playstation 2 games better than that shits graphics!. Every one of you people saying "omg how can someone say such things about this game!?" or "ZELDA IS EPIC SCREW YOU"…Your just a buncha suck ups! cause ur in denial. You know the game aint that frickin great, you know the wii sux (or maybe ur still a 5 year old and love it)…..Its pathetic how people are SO IN LOVE with this half as attempt to make a good game. I give that shit a 7 outa 10. Borrow it from someone if you love Zelda or new to it. Don't freakin buy this shit!

  • DanRendon

    By the way, Call Of Duty SUX TO!!!!!!

    • Zora

      Go f**k yourself.

  • DanRendon

    Hating the crap Wii system is not biased……The Wii sux, and the games suk! case closed!!! It is a FACT. The Wii is TRAAAAASH! Have fun all you little damn baby boys jackin it with that stupid controller and stupid boring baby games!!!!

    • Zora

      I heard your girlfriend, I mean b***h, saying the same about your d**k:
      "Your d**k is small and it sucks. Your d**k is trash! Have fun with your damn little baby d***o.

  • Morgstang

    If you were a REAL zelda fan, you'd know about the unspoken rule about NEVER, EVER having voice actors for Zelda (other than simple sounds, like a greeting, or Link getting hurt).
    You sir are a butthole.

  • Jordan

    Meh It is not trolling guys
    I play Devil may cry all the time ,
    What does that make me an obnoxious 8 year old boy because it is rated M
    no it means i like it and really if he has no right to insult Zelda than you guys have no right to insult shooters
    Personally i like both M and nintendo games ( Usually OoT when it comes down to nintendo)

  • mikutokory

    I just hate the Silent Realms, that's I all guess… I love this game!

  • RandomIdiot

    Judging by peoples reactions, I'd say troll successful… Heh… Gotta love how obvious mostly no one who had anything negative to say actually read the original or even this entire post before commenting for that matter. Heh Try it, you might just find it educational. (or at least sound like less of an idiot. Sorry, that was mean of me…)

  • link

    you who write this go to hell

  • BluePotionSmoothie

    He can hate the game if he wants, there's no reason to take it personally. If he hates it for stupid reasons, well that's his loss. There's no reason to get offended by someone not liking the same things as we like. Why don't we just enjoy a great game for ourselves, and not get upset by what someone else thinks? If people are stupid enough to not buy a game based on his points, they probably weren't going to appreciate it for what it is anyway, and probably were going to return it the next day.

  • Carl

    Ok all, so I am a noob to the site, but a fan of the Zelda since a LttP…behold my take:

    1. I would have agreed with you…I felt like I wasted my money buying the lack luster console…until Skyward Sword came out…
    2. I sometimes ponder this late at night, but I have come to think of it as a unique Zelda gaming-verse-thing.
    3. So as someone who usually only reads classical literature and the like (please, Shakespeare was sophomoric at best), the writing is not up to let’s say the level of Virgil by any means, but it is definitely better than some of the crap a certain George Lucas has tried to call writing.
    4. Mommy it tingles and I don’t understand…actually I don’t understand…unless you are talking about Fi, in which case I would complain that her personality is no better than that of a wet towel that has achieved sentience (at least for as far as I am into the game).
    5. I can see that…but I kind of liked it from the get-go.
    6. I kind of felt this way at first, but that was only upon seeing screen shots, while actually playing the game I have found that I kind of love it, or something.
    7. Ah yes, the crux of the matter is that this is what Zelda games are, you see.
    8. Agreed, but it is kind of interesting when it is functioning well.
    9. I never noticed, but I adjust the camera to my preference all the time.
    10. Me too! But hey, it makes it more realistic…

    Here are my two complaints:

    1.Adventure pouch slots?!!? WTF! You mean I can’t carry everything with me at all times? How can I survive?

    2.Why is Link right-handed….I don’t understand…

  • Syler

    Skyward Sword was a gift from Nintendo to Zelda fans who were desperate for an origin to put in their time-line.But Nintendo also included some inovations like the stamina and the motion plus.He may have his opinion about it,but its not on his place to judge the main characteristics of the Zelda series as a newcomer.You dont like the game?Fine.Just dont buy the next one and rage about it like an imbecile.

  • Just doin some stuff

    screw you kotaku the things you don't like about it are things that no one cares about. i mean really, the view is to high for you, and i like the stamina bar because it's acctually realistic. You try sprinting for that long and not get tired. The only time you've probably ran a mile is when they forced you to in 7th grade

  • Yuei

    The topics are too personal to be taken seriously.

  • Kawala22


  • silverstatic

    wow dude get over yourself, if you dont like the game leave it alone at "i dont like the wii." and the stamina meter is good because it limits you, and makes you go faster. the only one i could agree with is 4.

  • Ravenremy

    Personally… i didnt like skyward sword, i am a huge fan of the games and i do keep going back to skyward sword in hope of getting further through the game, on the plus side i really enjoyed having saweeet cutscenes and a solid story from very early on into the game, the animation is perfect i love how everythings so bright, colourful and full of life, i guess once i get used to the controls and get use to how different it is i might…. might just enjoy it!

  • Trevor Adkins

    You sir, are a dumb ass. None of these are good points AT ALL! "Ten things wrong with skyward sword" you should rename this "Why I hate skyward sword"

    • lizy

      Lolz but so true that guy has shit for brains

  • lizy

    Don’t be haten on skyward sword, everyone knose your just jelouse cause you ain’t as hot as link! Lolz but seareosly quite haten

  • brian

    Ahhh well my friend thats the way the cokie crumbles Ehhh :p

  • brian

    Here let me tell you ten things that r not wrong about zelda skyward sword 1.Nobody cares if you like the wii or not but i do 2.Voice acting nahhh its better that way because the series of zelda they never talk 3.writing is NOT bad 4.Whos talking to u 5.its very entertaining game i couldent stop playing since i ever got it 6.idk what a art direction is but i dont care i just go with the flo 7.that lock and key dance is qwite irritating but it lets you explore the dungeon more often 8. I think a lot of people care about the wii motion plus because you actually feel like your in the game and its better than pressing buttons to deplict the action when you can promote the action yourself 9.idk what the default angle has to do with the game 10. the stanima meter is qwite usefull than rolling all the time and every body has stanima just to let u know Even you do and link…. really he needs to catch his breath give the kid a chance !!!!!!!!
    I hope this comment is seen by every Zelda FAN Or this very website!!!!!!! šŸ™

  • Erion

    Honestly, I think people are getting a little too worked up here… I mean, its just a game… Dont like it? Dont play it. Simple as that. This guy is basically just nitpicking. It happens. There are people who will always have different opinions and share them in different ways. (be it “trolling” or whatever) Zelda fans shouldnt care about this article filled with insufficiant information and non-zelda fans should just play the games they prefer. Everybody wins šŸ™‚

  • Epic Zelda Nerd

    I didn't like the stamina meter but I feel it takes more skill to use. So for all the people that don't like the stamina meter either don't have the skill to use it or are just to lazy to master it.

  • Derper

    This guy has no idea what gaming is, Skyward Sword wasn't the best game ever, but it was a Masterpiece, he just doesn't know what the stamina fruit does, nor can he handle motion control.

  • SoulofDeity

    I agree with 1, 4, 5, 6, & 10. My arguments are this:

    1. If I wanted to play tennis, I'd go outside and play tennis. When I wanna play a game, I wanna sit on my ass an smash a few buttons for pointless fun.

    4. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to kick some ass and being stuck in an hour long unskippable bombard of text.

    5. The game took way to long to introduce it's action. The first 6 hours are people telling you "Pick up items like this", "open doors like this", "throw or roll like this", "ohp! Groose stole your bird to prolong the action even more! Go find it using this horrible map system!"

    6. Not trying to be offensive here, but it's really confusing jumping from art style to art style. Personally, I think it'd be best if they stuck with one; preferably Twilight Princess graphics with less bloom effects.

    10. Just annoying as hell. 'Nuf said.

  • M3troid123

    Zelda CGI ring a bell?

  • Is there supposed to be only two valid complaints in this article?

  • Anonymous

    OK i want to ask the PS3 and XBOX360 fanbase something. Why do you ALWAYS criticize nintendo games and nintendo games only? Ive never seen microsoft or Sony get a perfect score on any of their games. And if they ddi it was because the people that scored the game were biased. You should learn to deal with nintendo more and TRY IT OUT. i can accept that you have different opinions. I am a nintendo fan-boy and i have tried games from microsoft and Sony. I just dont care about them. So if you are biased to nintendo then DONT review them. cuz i can already see whats going to happen. Take the Wii U for example. When PS3 and Xbox fans first heard the name they immediatly assumed that nintendo was trying to rip us off with some add-on to the wii. But when microsoft announced the xbox360 you didnt immediatly think "OMG microsoft is trying to rip us off." why do you think this? becuz ur biased. Nintendo was actually creative enough to add a letter instead of a number from the name of the console before it. And now your thinking "well nintendo sucks at graphics" if you think nintendo sucks becuz they had OK graphics then you Sony and Microsoft fan-boys must ALL have bad vision. I mean seriously WHY DO GRAPHICS MATTER ANYWAY!!!!????

  • RoshiMonster

    I honestly like it, so far