Hey Guys! It’s five days (or four, depending on where you live) until Christmas! In today’s edition, we discuss the Guides in Zelda.

Twenty five years and many games later, we have had many different companions tell us what to do and how to do it. Some play an integral part in the story, while others are used as means of transportation. In our video today, we talk about our favorite companions in The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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Leave a comment down below or in the video telling us who your favorite guardian is, and who you would actually want as a guide in real life. Hey-Look-Listen! You have Just been ChrisCrossed!

  • MrDudeyRock

    As annoying as Navi is, I'd have to go with her. I think it's the childhood memories, but my favourites were Navi, and The King of Red Lions. Anywho, Merry Christmas to you ZU ! May Din, Farore, and Nayru bless you ;D

  • My favorite guide has to be Midna…for now. Many people see her as arrogant (and early she definitely appeared that), but I found her very concerned about the welfare of her people. Being ousted from her realm made her resolute in restoring her rule, even when she saw the perfect opportunity to exploit Link's destiny and the goddesses' chosen her. For this reason she came off as conceited, though as the adventure went on we noticed her to be softening up.

    Fi, on the other hand, is coming up fast.

  • Link and Cuccos

    Midna is my favorite. She and Link together were a great team, and I felt she was the best partner. She also had one of the best character developments in the Zelda universe. I am not surprised that in the ZU poll, she was the one fans want the most to be brought back. However, I'd actually rather they not bring her back because I feel that leaves a better lasting impression on people with fans missing her, especially with how TP ended (bittersweet).

  • Sanguiluna

    For a partner in fighting evil, I go with either Fi or the King. For someone to just hang out and have a few drinks with, I go with Midna

  • ijuin

    I liked Tatl–she had the most personality IMO, and I liked how she was so sassy, like "I'm in trouble here and the only person I can rely on is this dumb kid–WHAT did I do to deserve this?!"

  • matt17

    Why are these two ppl famous, they're given praise by you posting them on the main news.


    Navi for the win if only for nostalgia! Midna is also an interesting persona though. I'd refer you to his comment above.

  • cloverplayer

    Soo excited for christmas this year. know why? SKYWARD SWORD!!!

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    KING OF RED LIONS! He was so useful and he's a boat, with personality! How cool! For a second one, I would have to go with Midna. Fi could be another one of my favorites.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Midna for sure, everyone else here has already explained why so…

  • Guil.

    I actually like Fi the most. I mean the first time playing through the game she wasn't annoying popping up all the time but on the second ti trough the game it's starting to get annoying but after all is said and done she has the most pleasant personality of them all. I didn't find Navi that annoying originally but they did made her even more annoying in the 3DS version. And Navi wasn't as bad as Tatl who was an arrogant little prat that I would have gladly given to the researcher in Ikana Canyon for painful tests. The King of Red Lions kind of was annoying only when he wouldn't shut up but other than that I almost forget him so he didn't leave an impression on me. I know Midna grows as the game goes on and yes she is beautiful in the end but I would love to just see hes crash and burn in a horribly painful death Only one more annoying than her in TP was Ilia. And Midna was such a HUGE let down as a character. Nintendo could have done so much more with her and given her an actual deep personality but no. We didn't get that and that's why I hated her by the end of the game. Zelda in ST was a bratty little bitch that I hated every time she did anything. And even though as an old gamer I'm still dead set against a sidekick, Fi is the one I have liked the most because she was portrayed in the game exactly as she should have been. A magical spell that serves a purpose and she was perfect for that. Still hate the fact that Nintendo forces us to have someone to tell us how to play the game and not find out ourselves like in the old days, but some of the sidekicks have been good characters. Although I would have enjoyed if they had been just been characters and not the ball and chain that slows you down and keeps you for finding things out on your own.