Season’s greetings Universe! Another week has passed, and you know what that means… Music Monday! Today, we are going to focus on a few things – The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword and Christmas! Legendary Hero, is in my opinion, one of the greatest songs in Zelda, so I am very excited to share this one with you, and after that we have the 25th anniversary Zelda orchestra, performing The Ballad of The Goddess. And we can all look forward to Christmas this Sunday!

This re-orchestration by DarkeSword of OCR (Over-Clocked Remix) is possibly one of my favourite re-orchestrated pieces of Zelda music on the internet, and to experience it for yourself, you can click the jump!

How can I truly sum up how I feel about this piece… it’s amazing. It starts so beautifully, with a harp, and then slowly proceeds into the heroic theme we all know and love. This is a masterpiece in remixing, and such a huge inspiration for me.

Sadly, due to some scheduling mishaps (on my part) there is no ZeldaTunes this Monday to share with you guys. There could be one later this week, but I really do want what I’m working on to be the very best it possibly can. So, because of this, I have another wonderful piece of music for you!

This comes from the recording of the Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra. It may be familiar to 3DS owners, as it was released on the Nintendo Video app. But whether you heard it then or not, it’s still worth another listen. They did a great job of filming it, and it’s really interesting to actually see the recording of this amazing song, The Ballad of The Goddess.

In case I don’t see you before the actual date, Merry Christmas everybody!


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  • Christopher

    LOVE IT! 😀

  • Vinicius

    Man, that's great! Seriously, i listen to the zelda cd symphony all day

  • I'm putting this on my iPod :3

  • I'm feeling the Christmas spirit with the first one.

    Ballad of the Goddess is my favorite song from Skyward Sword so far.

  • Aberrant Bliss

    OMG the Ancient Hero remix has been on my playlist for months–I listen to it repeatedly! It truly is amazing! Also, of course the Ballad of the Goddess is epic too. :3

  • zig

    A man is playing the harp?!?!?!? Im just so used to Zelda playing that part that it struck me that someone else is actually playing it!

  • Andrew J

    This is one of my favorite songs from OCRemix.

  • Craig

    Do people realise that the opening song to the Wind Waker was re-arranged into the Faron Woods music in Skyward Sword? I love it.

    • Lance9384

      What. How?

  • The first one is my favorite from OC Remix!! Since the video that DarkeSword make for his class, I really love that song.
    And the second one, just one word: EPIC! This is the best song ever in Zelda's world. Beside the fact that is Zelda's Lullaby inverted, I think I have not listened a song with that power, any version, any remix, the ballad of the goddess took my heart.

  • Great music. Orchestra sounds awesome, love the remix.

  • Love DarkeSword's "Ancient Hero," truly one of my all-time favorite Zelda remixes from OCRemix. The first time I actually heard it was in this YouTube CGI fan-made Zelda film called "The Legend of Zelda: Dark Sage." The animation was a bit stiff but the concept and the way the video blends so well with the song more than makes up for it. Check it out, I recommend it!

  • Leolanna

    I`ve been looking for this song for about two years now… You made me cry listening to it again. I used to listen soon when was realesed but then lost in my computer and never found it anymore. I had no idea how to find, amazing/.