The mailbag is back once more and right on schedule! We plan to have a mailbag out every Sunday, and this week I have taken over the mailbag, discussing such subjects as M-rated Zelda games and technology in the Zelda series.

Leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comments here or on Youtube, and they will be answered by James next week.

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  • Xosgni

    Skyward Sword… M rated…. HAH!

    • Faleel

      Ghirahim….in M rated zelda….

  • I don't think Hyrule is advancing technologically; I believe it's already advanced. The technology was already developed, pretty much, but it's run by magic, which likely sped up their enhanced innovations.

    • somecrazyguy

      i like that idea. and ive noticed, from the two time periods in skyward sword, that it seems like technology is actually being downgraded alot. that being said, dont forget, the first game had magic stop watches, and LA had telephones.

    • Jason Rappaport

      The other reason why technology can be "advanced" while not being, say, a gun, is because there's an uncanny valley surrounding realistic weaponry. Nintendo will never add bullet-shooting guns to Zelda because it doesn't fit in the world – a highly stylized representation of a fantasy realm. When you've got magic, it's hard to imagine a need for bullets and such. There will never be a gun in the Zelda series.

      There will, however, be various incredibly "advanced" things powered by all sorts of fussed magic. Like electricity powering time shift stones powering hover carts. All ridiculous, but awesome. You won't ever see tech that isn't like that in Zelda. Even the train in Spirit Tracks is explained as only being able to move since it's on mystical tracks.

  • N. Greenway

    Is ZU working on getting the soundtrack to Skyward Sword?
    It being the first fully orchestrated OST to a Zelda game, I'm quite eager to get my hands on it.

  • Craig

    What is your theory on Impa? My idea is that she serves Hylia (or now Zelda) throughout her lifetime. As it seems Hylia is the Goddess of Time, it would make sense that all the Impa's we see are one and the same and that we see her life out of order through the games. If that is the case, do you think her old age form in Skyward Sword knew about all the future events? or do you have another theory?

  • Craig

    I also wanted to say about the Technology… It's kinda like real life, It's really new and all at the start but in time – those technologies get old. Ocarina – Twilight Princess relies on old technologies but at at time when they're worn and overused, so they don't look new. There's just not enough new technology to fill the gap like we see in other games… Not until The Wind Waker onwards.